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  1. Agreed, It is cool to hear about good old times but more intrested in whats going on with their work right now, tour climate, influnces atm etc.. And what keeps them driving their sounds towards certain dirrections. I would be the best interviewer ever really. Sean and Rob: Fuck the open AAA Watmm and the magazines.. PM me and I will deliver the best god damn interview in the world. Peace
  2. Not a shit happening today except Warp celebrating a track called Avril 14th by the Aphex Twins
  3. When I posted the track to Aphex he said "you got some good shazam in your head" that made me smile! Petter is really a good techno guy from Sweden.. Love his stuff.
  4. I asked Richard if he remixed "Petter - These Days" but he denied it and never heard it.. I think he actually did a ripoff HEAR THE DIFFERENCE OF THE SYNTH IN THE BEGINNING
  5. That was hidden in that NTF-crypto file Somethings gonna happen and Im almost sure it has something with drukqs a re-issue
  6. cern

    SIGN or PLUS?

    Now Im just dying to hear how their live sets are gonna sound now! We will sure hear some amazing bangers! Covid-19 can go to hell!
  7. cern

    SIGN or PLUS?

    Sign is still better than Plus but Plus has the x4 killer track.
  8. Yeah and 80% is about the hate of Known(1) m8
  9. You guys discussing tracks from other albums in the Oversteps thread.. That is a sign of that this album is pretty weak. Can someone here tell me one mindblowing track from Oversteps and why it is so good?
  10. Most of the time when I have been on the clubs and his old tunes turns on I had been coked out lika a UFO high as fuck.. The irony of him dying of crack cocacine His music was totally for the coke heads
  11. I just bought some news shoes.. Now I just need trucks, bearings, wheels and bolts to go but it is difficult to find and need to order expensive. Shoes was cheap tho!
  12. Chad Muska re-released the Muska boards and signed some boards also.. The boards sold out just in some hour. Probably one of the most good looking boards.
  13. Average NFT prices are down almost 70% from their recent peak https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-04-03/nft-price-crash-stirs-debate-on-whether-stimulus-led-fad-is-over
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