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  1. cern

    Vinyl Represses!!

    Yep looks really dope!!
  2. cern

    Vinyl Represses!!

    No it is actually a blue shirt with the real cover. There is also under lines in there.. What I mean boring bleep shirt is: Black T-shirt with a white small text made in Helvetica font saying: Quaristice
  3. cern

    Vinyl Represses!!

    If like this then I buy it! But it won't and we all know that
  4. Haha no because I didn't think it sounded like that at all but well 00:36 seconds vs 03:00 minutes maybe it is a little bit stretched yea thanks!
  5. Hello! In the comment section for this track on Youtube they say this tune is from the Mt. Fuji tape But I can not find this track from the all 45 tracks. Wtf what tune is this from the Mt. Fuji tape??
  6. cern

    Vinyl Represses!!

    Yeah those bleep shirts are really lame, just plain texts nothing more.. They could have done little bit of the Ae shredding on it special for the Draft 7.30 one.. That would be sick!
  7. Yeah people I know think Autechre are cool and all that but no one actually listen to their music
  8. cern

    Vinyl Represses!!

    Yes Im all over Confield, Not so much Draft but that cover is so insanely amazing. Shirts meh
  9. Which one is actually the best? Please vote! Motivate if you want and as you like
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