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  1. Plaid and Autechre really smashed this show so far!
  2. This Plaid Inner Sound Set was really a powerful and long ambient tune.
  3. cern


    Seattle I see most of you like ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. cern


    What is the best live track of them all?? Talking about best tunes, mix, parts etc.. Is it Krakow?
  5. Hello! What happened to this? Where can I find this mix/track? Cheers
  6. One of the best live shows I ever did see. That it's rolling up to 10 years ago now is terrifying. Yes indeed! I remember when It got up on youtube like it was yesterday and I was blown away from the first track!
  7. Wanna hear those nm2patches so badly.
  8. They need to stop the max sound then they can get relevant again.
  9. Okey Im at work now so can't check but really corious how that LCC-snare was programmed? Wich machines was it?
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