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  1. Shit so hot! Ae was more handsome than the fucking Backstreet boys! 😍
  2. Breakcore is just a trend that really came and died out fast. The really most amazing artist that only released some few albums was Xanopticon
  3. Why did they not make Sign and Plus as a double album? They go hand in hand together like Exai and everyone here on WATTM has 50/50 feeling of wich of em is the best. Was it about the money you think?
  4. Music like "Autechre" well that depends totally in what period of Ae's work: If Incunabula than everything on Toytronic is close: If you are intrested in Autechre's more abstract and concreete musiq I would go for Mego and the stuff there for sure:
  5. A switch 360 flip is i think the best trick I have done with a Skateboard and Im happy that I recorded it.. Took a long time to nail it! I really want to learn a Hardflip and a fakie bakside heelflip!! uut.mp4
  6. Im totally with you there! Late 90 and early 00 was top quality releases from everywhere really!!
  7. Why did they made it so dramatic? Like are they not friends anymore?
  8. I understand people who does not like it.. It is all about the production quality in the end. You can sure hate this but this is pure musical skill in my judgement:
  9. OT: the term ambient is a very diverse concept. In it's beginning Eric Satie called it "Furniture music" and he wanted it to be background music and not music you actually listen to. So: "ambient sucks balls" yeah if you really sit and listen to it, it can lead to that direction or put you to sleep in no time.
  10. Clark: “Even though I’ve taught myself how to read and write sheet music, I’m not putting that genre, or any other genre on a silver platter. I’m not from an institutionalised contingent who deem a narrow range of instruments ‘the real stuff’ and everything else worthless commercial pop. I take what I admire from that world and then move on. I’m just using it as another colour.” Wat a fucking douche.
  11. Sean mention they turn all their system into Live for the remix and he didn't like it (the Live system, not the remix). If they have something such their own hardcore player that they have build for decades why not use it for the remix? SOPHIE - BIPP (Grænulator Mx) 🙃
  12. Every track is solid except that un dna track
  13. Hello! Can you recommend me any Alva Noto albums without lyrics? Thanks!
  14. It is too bad Youtube got rid of the PM function. I uploaded some Bloc 2011 videos and weirdcore contacted me and was super nice like "Hi man love your videos, I did the visuals.. Is it okey if I take some of your movies and paste it on my website" like ofc go ahead. He would totally give some updates in this.
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