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  1. I totally forgot but did I dream it or did he play a track by Rihanna in some gig? 🤩
  2. Indeed.. Just sitting down home in the night and listen to this album while Im thinking of all the dead empty streets and closed bars and stores makes a perfect fit. Yes and sunny days for me is totally The Campfire Headphace.
  3. wow hello spiral I need to check that out! Hit us up with the link if you dont mind. 😀 Is there a e1?? Ive only heard g1
  4. Great list there. I know AE is really fan of the Mego/Edition Mego label and I also love the glitchy abstract Hip-hop-style. It is so strange that Xanopticon just stop realeasing.. Really talent guy and his "Psicicite" EP has the best Breakcore stuff ever made.
  5. Do they talk also or is it just big mixes they put up?
  6. Ahaaa okey thanks guys 🙂
  7. What does "revamped the system" mean?
  8. He just need to stop singing(so annoying) and focus more on a deep level because talent he sure got.
  9. Indeed 100% The build up in this track is so classic VS track: String orchestal intro turning up to odd signature beat and intense samples and breakcore/hardcore madness then fade it out to some mystic perc sounds and finish. Spot on!
  10. cern

    Untilted Tattoo

    WOW Thanks for info Iam staying in Asia for a while so I maybe go there.
  11. cern

    Untilted Tattoo

    I wantet to do the cover art on my body! But the Tattoo-artist said: Impossible because that is Computer graphic. ☹️ I had painted some other stuff into it also. What should I do now?
  12. Im listening alot of Synkro tracks lately. So good music really! Thanks for posting this.
  13. Just love this style a bit more and Saxophone also can be a bit much for me sometimes even if it is beautiful.
  14. Anyone have recommendation of Jazz-bands they are only 3 people and only playing drums, electric piano/piano and bass?
  15. Indeed.. So tired of Warps 1 track exclusive Youtube release before a 4 track EP coming out "soon" wich is 2 month and the leak is more imminent.
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