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  1. cern


    Blasting this album very loud today and o wow! Can this be Autechre happiest album!? It is pure joyful bouncy rhythm focused with catchy melodies all over the place! The Trees has the perfect ending and that track is so good but Sublimit takes the cake!
  2. What is the best FM VST out there? I heard that the FM8 is very thin and disappointing compared to a DX7.
  3. Exai is really a class AE album! It has deepness, darkness, beats, bass and ambience at is finest (Bladelores)
  4. This comment is so underrated Gonk-tracks are very tasty and sweet for my soul. I wish they continue with Drane-tracks aswell! I wonder how much unreleased stuff they got from the 90's.
  5. fuk! I hate Jay-Z! I will be so pissed 😡
  6. I hear you but I think strings from synthesizer like Juno-106 is the tits still! But boy I miss the broken beats by the fuckin Techre! Jam like A teh teh Krr Why? Hear 04.00 in Cchli.. That orchestral sound that fading in to the mix.. Is not beautiful as fuk or what?
  7. Sign and Plus took a different direction from the heavy NTS/Onesix black hole! What way will they go now?
  8. Happy birthday my little Drukqs! My little 20 year old Drukqs! The koncept of doing tracks with prepared instruments, harmonium and beautiful piano pieces surrounding the melodic total complex electronic music must be one the best idea for doing an album. Timeless classic and perfection!
  9. Yeah this sounds better then the vocoder stuff! Cylob is cool!
  10. Yeah that fit perfect for the traditional beat making. My Octatracks kills it 🖤
  11. Max 8.2 Released! https://cycling74.com Now also working with Apple Silicon and my MBA M1 yeah! 😃
  12. Oh man thank u so much I thought I was going nuts there for a While. Finally something that works! 😃
  13. The right-click Transpose-option is a joke! Either you change all the notes in the track or you change all the columns in the track! That is like you want to loose weight and the waitress says: "Do you want a fat free meal with a Sugar drink or do you want a sugar free drink with a meal with lots of fat?"
  14. As u can see in the option all those commands is what I'm trying to apply on the note but ALL the other notes changes in the same time..
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