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  1. That would have been so fucking Warp thing to do init? Holy shit they are so cringe!
  2. Can not find any info about this 105 one.. Not uploaded on his Bandcamp either. Where did you get it?
  3. Finally a merch with some decent graphic on it.. Hope it will be out in the Ae store!
  4. Starting to get bored of that long beat with the scratching thing and then that track Sean streamed from his system and uploaded. "oh here is the scratching thing again: heard on early Gescom leaks, mentioned in AMA, uploaded in a video recording, heard in Barbican -2022 (set released already) and then heard from all other sets the last 2 years. But sure would love to hear that Australian set
  5. USA sucking the Israeli cock now and giving them more weapons to destroy Palestine. Fuck USA
  6. I found the album in lossless also! Assembly Line 11 Tracks 1. Acid Rodeo 2. Acid Stetson 3. Armageddon 4. Fossil Funk 5. Here We Go Again 6. Jamaican Panda (Ceephax Remix) 7. Jolomo (Ceephax Remix) 8. Sho U Rite (Ceephax rem) 9. St Vincent Lespinasse (Ceephax Acid Crew Remix) 10. Station To Stars (Ceephax's Turkish Bath Mix) 11. Time Of My Life (Ceephax Acid Crew Remix)
  7. I strongly believe that psychoactive substances like DMT, Shrooms and LSD having a major impact on people with depression in a positive way.
  8. "A full Remix album can be found on May-Ling's Myspace or Ceephax webpage." I Have search the whole web for this but I can't really find this Ceephax Remix album! I can not even find this track except this very Youtube upload. Anyone having more info or maybe have it and can re-upload it? Cheers
  9. Nice, he says it is straight from the tape and un-mastered. Maybe someone here could give it a go? How can we even keep up with his posts.. He seems like more willing to give us some old tracks now even Rob is cool Only Warp that gets in between I guess but man what I want the rest of those early gems
  10. Im sure the book is all good and can guide many for more inspirations! Problem with this tho is that u can get stuck in a Self-Helping-Training-Guide-Loop and all it gets is your to-do-list getting bigger! I bought a super good book for Ableton Live but the only way I have learned the DAW is just using it and google the stuff I don't understand. I guess it was little bit of waisting money for that in my case.
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