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  1. Aren't Aphex Twinks just basic music done with basic electronic gear in a basic detuned way? This is it! Im gonna head over to the Squarepusher section. At least he can play a fucking bass guitar
  2. Don't support Behringer, They are the asshole company.
  3. It feels like Sean is looking down on people who is controlling their software instruments with MIDI-Keyboards. Sean pls Im sorry 😪
  4. Well not so much gear like that and maybe sequence more, layering, sampling. The concept of the whole jamming with gear is really an awesome art itself tho.
  5. This is true inspirational stuff done with hardware.. A lot of feelings and passion evolved. Sampling, playback jamming and record it!
  6. Is it true that the black guy who started BLM took all the charity money and moved in to a rich white ass community? His life really matter a lot.
  7. "Read The Rules!" - Everyone from watmm.com
  8. I don't know about those illegal rave parties in UK and no offense here but UK people have a reputation of being the worst when they drinking, taking drugs and all that. In Sweden when it was rave party some people get caught by the police for smoking weed and the neighbors near the woods complained about loud music that's it!
  9. Today cruising in the sun 😎 20210716_134734_1_1_1_1.mp4
  10. BoC's last album before they quit. Still good to this day!
  11. Sad is that we have barely scratched on the surface.. RIP all the people drowning in Germany. 😞
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