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  1. Indeed.. So tired of Warps 1 track exclusive Youtube release before a 4 track EP coming out "soon" wich is 2 month and the leak is more imminent.
  2. "Adventures in Foam" is really the only thing I could get into by this gentleman so Iam looking forward to this.
  3. Check out Motionfield! He do really Biosphere kind of ambient:
  4. When I turn my MD on I always go to the IO part. That bass is so fucking huge even my Trap-head friends gets scared.
  5. Is it really possible that they working 100% in MAX? I mean patches, instruments, effects, mixing, sequencers for sure but how about really arrange,edit everything and record it? That needs a DAW in my world.
  6. I had that in mind also but even if took in the shortest track from S4 I will go over 2 hours and I dont wanted to lose something else.. e0 is the chill ending for me. BUT wow again! tt1pd just have it all for me and "all end" would make it as a best of album also.
  7. cern

    Track ID?

    Thanks alot! How could I have missed this? It is a pretty nice track. 🙂
  8. cern

    Track ID?

    Is this track really Ae? I Never heard it..
  9. Finished with Season 4 now like landing a trip and last track was so good and smooth! So I made a playlist for my favourites from the NTS seassons in order and with the rule: Under 2 hours. This is how it goes: 1. bqbqbq 2. I3 ctrl 3. elyc9 7hres 4. tt1pd 5. 9 chrO 6. fLh 7. four of seven 8. e0 Under 2 hours and ofc I wanted more like "gonk steady one" and "all end" but then it will never end.
  10. Yes Season 3 really delivers! I still think season 2 is a better album overall but YES! Track 3 "tt1pd" from Season 3 must be one of the best single Autechre track! It is like a dark dnb track in Ae-style.. Razzor blade sharp, fat, bassy, heavy, lazors, small rooms to big hall. What a fantasic sound journey! The only small bad thing about it is that just ends and the following track was not my cup of tea. Season 4 here we go!
  11. Wow NTS Season 2 was really mind-blowing!!! For me it has better flow than Season 1 thru the whole album and that opening track is really something extra together with e0 9chr0. Love NTS so far and the fact that most of the tracks are really long just makes it more like a bigger journey. It would be nice to see more artists do like this. I see every album is just under 2 hours long.. Im gonna make my own "Best of NTS" list with my favourite tracks and make it under 2 hours. NTS 3 and 4 left now.
  12. But there is V.Snares also singing and that is what he does now alot and this is the point his music turns to shit. I hope RDJ is smarter than that and let this be a one time only preformance.
  13. Thanks alot! Still in seasaon 1 and enjoying it so much! 🙂 I hope Season 2 also will deliver. 🙂
  14. This was the imminent Aphex Twin collab guys! A shitty facebook video recorded from an art gallary with a singing lady. Now we can go on with our lives.. see u in 10 years! 😘
  15. cern


    What Dub albums is the ones you need to have?? I have some Scientists albums but I hate when they sing. You know any good dub albums when the NOT singing?
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