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  1. I'm so happy right now. Thank you x infinity!!
  2. Goz Quarter samples Kool Keith saying "Jam like Autechre" in the song No Awareness from Dr. Octagonecologyst
  3. so it is fake? even if so I like it a lot. more than anything from the actual ep. I thought it did sound like richard though
  4. has anyone else come across the alternate version of this on soulseek? anyone know if it's fake or not? it's got a 4:27 version of CHEETAHT2 [Ld spectrum] and an additional 30 second track at the end. a couple of the other tracks are different too, but some are the same
  5. does anyone else think 18 (keyosc) sounds a bit like a remix of Medrey?
  6. Acrid Avid Jam Shred. runners up are Tassels and Mt. Saint Michel + Saint Michaels Mount https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfYVUIUxToc p.s. I have not used watmm forum for very long, how do I attach a video?
  7. Incunabula (rarely listen to this one) Kalpol Introl Eggshell Bronchus 2 444 Amber Foil Glitch Silverside Yulquen Tri Repetae Dael Rotar Overand Rsdio Chiastic Slide Cipater Recury Hub Nuane LP5 Corc 777 Rae Arch Carrier EP7 Netlon Sentinel Liccflii Maphive 6.1 Left Blank Confield (wish I could include Sim Gishel) Cfern Bine Parhelic Triangle Uviol Draft 7.30 (my favorite) Xylin Room V-Proc IV VV IV VV VIII Surripere Untilted Pro Radii The Trees (apparently underrated. one of my absolute favorite autechre tracks) Ipacial Section Sublimit Quaristice (too many amazing
  8. I think the Utrecht set has my favorite ending. Still need some time to process them all though.
  9. the Quaristice artwork is already blue and white....
  10. Let's be honest though, anything they release is going to be amazing.
  11. not really slowed down. it has some elements removed
  12. avagantamos

    draft 7.30

    This is definitely my favorite, although I think Confield, Draft, Untilted, Quaristice, and Exai are all on the same level. The beginning of Surripere is fucking sublime!
  13. I'm dying for a Quaristice soundboard
  14. I saw autechre for the first time at the Chicago show this tour, and it was incredible obviously. I'd love to have a recording. Could anyone get it to me?
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