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  1. How’s it coming along digit? Really excited to hear your final contribution to this collaborative effort
  2. Any news on how the final version of this is coming along?
  3. Sorry for being impatient but is there any news on when the final live set including the G2 may be completed? Appreciate it must be a tricky job but any news on how its going would be appreciated.
  4. Is there a ETA on when the final version of the set will be finished? The efforts are appreciated and really looking forward to this!
  5. Your efforts are deeply appreciated! I have now put your post at the top of the thread. Looking forward to listening to the complete set with the Nord G2 noodlings.
  6. Has the recreation of the full live aet (including Rob's stuff) been abandoned?
  7. Is anyone trying to add Rob's elements (MPC and G2?) In the LA live recording of the set, what is that melody from around 6-7 min mark? Certainly not from either of the elektrons... it sounds lush. Currently that segment is just a solo drum pattern in the MM/MD recording.
  8. Thanks sooooo much IOS! You have done an excellent job. If anyone can add the MPC and G2 sounds, that would be an awesome bonus.
  9. Amazing! Thanks IOS - your efforts are really appreciated. The 08 set is easily my most listened to ae live recording.
  10. Who here has all of the equipment to be able to replicate the AE LIVE 08 set? Please post your results asap! I cannot cope with short youtube video clips of either the wrong tempo, wrong length of the set or someone only having one of the elektrons rather than both! Thank you!
  11. So is anyone with both elektrons up for stringing everything together with same tempo as the live recordings? Otherwise we just have short youtube clips at weird tempos :(
  12. I cannot seem to play the soundcloud clips bitroast uploaded... are they set to private?
  13. Can someone with both elektrons please try and replicate the length and tempo of the original 2008 live sets and post your results? I'm sure watmm would appreciate, thanks. Also - thank you S & R!
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