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  1. Does anyone know whether we will be getting new VHS Head this year?
  2. If digit is like 70% there with the Nord G2 work on the live set replication then wouldn’t it make sense to allow him to finish it off? Does anyone know whether digit is still working on this? If he hasn’t had time to finish it off then perhaps he can share his progress with someone in this thread who has the equipment to finish it?
  3. Any update on how the live set is coming along digit?
  4. Dale


    There is some analysis on the tic tac video by the pilot that chased one (Commander Fravor) on the Rogan podcast. Another pilot that same day who carried out a separate interception caught the video we see in the press: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Eco2s3-0zsQ
  5. please do! need this during lockdown your time/efforts are greatly appreciated digit
  6. Is there a tracklist anywhere for the mix yesterday, 26th March? Need 2 x IDs on the following epic tracks: 57:03 01:19:39 Some of these tracks in yesterday's mix would have fit in very nicely with the Societas x mix by BOC as well - apocalyptic feels
  7. Is there any chance you could upload the live set as is digit even if the Nord stuff has not been completed? Really eager to hear how it is coming along with what you have done so far...
  8. How’s it coming along digit? Really excited to hear your final contribution to this collaborative effort
  9. Any news on how the final version of this is coming along?
  10. Sorry for being impatient but is there any news on when the final live set including the G2 may be completed? Appreciate it must be a tricky job but any news on how its going would be appreciated.
  11. Is there a ETA on when the final version of the set will be finished? The efforts are appreciated and really looking forward to this!
  12. Your efforts are deeply appreciated! I have now put your post at the top of the thread. Looking forward to listening to the complete set with the Nord G2 noodlings.
  13. Has the recreation of the full live aet (including Rob's stuff) been abandoned?
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