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  1. Been shopping politicians lately. They're such awesome source material, because HD pics are readily available, but unlike actors/singers, they're not cute. This one is entitled "Clay Higgins & Goons". The moon man on the left is packing a Glock. He may be a goon, but he's chill af. The ogre on the right obviously wields a club. You're in good hands, Clay.
  2. Nice, this old post is still pinned. I've got some catching up to do. Been into Bowie and T-Rex for a minute, and have no idea how I missed Sparks (especially as an American, didn't know we had it in us back then). Kimono My House has been on repeat. Male vocalist, effortless falsetto, cabaret delivery, dramatic af. Sure as fuck doesn't follow verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus. Structure is all over. Favorites include "Falling In Love With Myself Again", "Talent is an Asset", and "Barbecutie". Anyways, hoping to get back into WATMM. I fucking hate Reddit.
  3. Well shit, that's a lot more info than I knew. Thanks for the clarification. I guess all we can do is wait.
  4. Sorry to bump. I assume that any remaining AB6 tracks are located somewhere in "The Joyrex Tape". Other than a few odds and ends it's made up of Ventolin outtakes and AB6 tracks.
  5. And I don't know where to begin to look, but there's some crazy shit coming out of the Ivory Coast. Upbeat as hell. What I heard sounded border-line Omar Souleyman. In Ghana they just call it "Funky" or "French", and doing google searches for those terms ain't gonna get you anywhere.
  6. Azonto makes me want to die. Blessed Africa indeed. Though I can't say anything positive about the U.S. Pop Music scene. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s46e0bbc0Ik https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gru0jE3_e00&list=UUMrF2afqvVAuatyQnJKMBOA Though I did hear that that be-afro'd comedian (Lil Wyn I think) is really funny. Wouldn't know since I don't understand a lick of Twi. There's still great stuff coming out of the country, but it's definitely not in the pop scene. King Ayisoba is pretty cool but you sure as hell are not going to hear him on Ghanaian radio.
  7. I don't know if I'd equate "most aggressive" with "most balls-out in-your-face retarded". Winnipeg is definitely up there though. Yea. On first listen it has about as much attitude as one of Cex's raps. Love Winnipeg.
  8. "Where's Bill" from the "Infolepsy EP" is about as aggressive as it gets (besides maybe "All of the Children are Dead"). Haven't listened to "Making Orange Things"; ya'll got me excited.
  9. Love that song. Lord Sutch And Heavy Friends - 10/10 Someone posted "Flashing Lights" in some thread devoted to rocking songs and I am so happy that they did. When I'm shit-faced this is the album I will flail around to all-night (along with Neil Young's Re-ac-tor). Jimmy Page provides some fantastic guitar work as well. Milton Nascimento & Lô Borges - Clube da Esquina - 10/10 Fantastic Brazillian Rock/Pop(?). Milton's voice is beautiful and Lo's guitar work is hypnotic. Single songs will go from slow and melancholy, to percussive breaks, to pure rock progressions. "Dos Cruces" is probably the best track to start with, though I fell in love with "San Vicente" (My girlfriend thinks that one's just plain goofy though). Os Mutantes - Mutantes - 9/10 Their second album and my personal favorite. Brazillian psychedelic pop that the Beatles made so popular in the late-60's. They remind me a lot of "The United States of America" but 10x better. The tracks are all over the place, but the album is still cohesive in my opinion. Gonjasufi - MU.ZZ.LE. - 10/10 It took me forever to warm up to this album, but now it's easily my favorite thing Ecks has ever released. "Nikels And Dimes/Rubberband" was all I listened to for a week-straight a few months ago. The beat-work and trip-hop basslines are gorgeous. Bassline in Rubberband might be samples from Portishead's "How can it be" or whatever the fuck that songs called but whatever. Less sample abuse than Gaslamp Killer's production in Sufi and a Killer. Spectral Park - Spectral Park - 10/10 I can't remember if I already gushed about this album the last time I posted but it is so fucking cool. Poppy, overwhelming, distorted, perfect. I've never heard anything like it. Beck - Modern Guilt - 10/10 I was one of those assholes who only liked Guero, but Gamma Ray is even better. P-Model - In a Model Room - 8/10 Some damn fine Japanese New Wave. Julia Holter - Loud City Song - 5/10 She's talented, but I get pretty bored with the album quickly. BUT, "Horns Surrounding Me" is amazing; a weird cross between Beach House, Portishead, and a small orchestra. Glad I held onto it for these shitty winter months. MC5 - Kick Out the Jams - 9/10 Some White Panther hardcore proto-punk rock that exploded out of Detroit in 1968. Sampled by Alec Empire in "Alec Empire vs. Merzbow". Oval - Pre-Systemische - 9/10 My favorite Oval tracks have always been "Commerce Server" and "Shop in Store". I recently found out that they were from recording sessions before 94diskont and Systemische. Grab it if you like his early stuff. Todd Rundgren I have the same opinion of Todd as I do of Richard D. James. They are kings of energy-filled hardcore, but their releases in the style are few and far between. With Richard we have "54 Cymru Beats", "Cock Ver 10", "Flow Coma Remix", "Box Energy Remix", some random song I found called "Crappy", "Omgyjya Switch7", "AFX 237v7", and I guess "Carnmarth" and some other tracks from the Richard D. James album. Todd has "You need your Head", "Rock-n-roll Pussy", "Everybody's Going to Heaven/King-Kong Reggae), and "Heavy Metal Kids" (that fucking guitar solo). If ya'll know anything by either artist that is as energetic and hardcore as the tracks I listed PLEASE tell me. And don't go sending me links to Steinvord, that stuff is dull. No Joy - Negaverse - 9/10 Good upbeat shoegazey stuff. And last but not least: Akiko Yano's song "Rose Garden". The rest of the album was really shitty 80's J-Pop, but this song is something special. 10/10 And if Kung-Fu Blaxploitation movies with a Soulful 70's soundtrack is your thing, get your hands on "Black Belt Jones". If you like the Black Dynamite movie you will like this. I've watched a good 20 or so Blaxploitation films in the past couple of months, and this is the cream of the crop. Now I gotta check out all of the shit Beerwolf and VerticalHold posted.
  10. murve33


    Oh yea, correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't see any mention of David Bowie. Buncha crazies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5YJ-BjcXBI Fuck Ziggy Stardust. I mean, yea it's a good album, but not Man Who Sold the World good.
  11. murve33


    Nice picks, Usagi. "I Found That Essence Rare" is hands down my favorite Gang of Four song. Neil Young's Sedan Delivery & Todd Rundgren's You Need Your Head are as good as it gets in my opinion. Fast paced. Electric Light Orchestra's first two albums were killer. I also love the poppier stuff, but this shit's so much more raw. Bauhaus can be hit or miss, but Dark Entries rocks. Tubeway Army - My Shadow in Vain Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Loose Change (The single-note bass line for the last 7 minutes gives it so much drive). Can't find a good video. I like the Broken Arrow version, and the one on Youtube is pitch-shifted to C#/F# instead of C/F. Fuck that. The Stooges - Little Doll (I live for the ending guitar solo. It's a bunch of wah-wah and it's nothing technical, but it sounds so cool). As far as new stuff, the Mexican Summer label pops out some good one-time artists once-in-a-while. I love Beaches and Bipolar Bear. Beaches - Eternal Sphere And maybe I'm just a poppy motherfucker but I love Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Fever to Tell", the Strokes' "Room On Fire" and Franz Ferdinand's "You Could Have it So Much Better".
  12. Too many to mention, but my worst on Vinyl is "Burl Ives and the Korean Orphan Choir". The album cover is awesome.
  13. I'm sure it's been answered, buy I can't be assed into reading 60 more pages of this thread: I missed the kickstarter, how do I buy this? I can wait to pirate it I guess, but it's not like I'm adverse to throwing my money at Rephlex. Edit: Oh, just saw the other thread. Guess I'm pirating it. Dumb.
  14. Huh, didn't notice the Rephlex Records subforum. Bookmarked, thanks. Now I just have to hunt down these files. My tracklengths are a mess. It's definitely my favorite of the UI's as well. Also, for those who haven't seen it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=finErQL9YS0 Read the comments (Bottom to top).
  15. Those Burma albums are crazy. I gotta keep frequenting this thread for Nebraska's international music finds.
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