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  1. hi 2 yrs ago i inherited a car i love (1999 xj308) from a 93yr old relative! I made some driving breaks for when we finally got it on the road. u can grab them here 12" and digital, Cheers, Scott. (OTOHIAX,Loops Haunt,ESK) https://concretecabin.bandcamp.com/album/skift-breaks
  2. RIchard Devines done some nice ice foley work to.
  3. ah yeah love this ice stuff, theres an amazing LP by Ludwig Berger "Melting Landscapes" you might want to check out. the LPs hard to get now but digitals available @ bandcamp. "Rapid ice melt has been profoundly shaping the alpine region in recent years. It has become an omnipresent and tangible phenomenon, and an iconic symbol of ongoing climate change. Over the past three years, the Chair of Landscape Architecture of Professor Christophe Girot and architecture students of ETH Zurich have been documenting the melting landscapes of the Morteratsch Glacier region, using underwater and self made contact microphones, as well as large- and medium- format analog photography. The sounds of the moving ice mass contrast with the eerie silence of the black and white pictures. The selection of works in this publication turn the evanescent beauty of the glacier into a strong sensory experience; they thus become meaningful witnesses of the rapid changes to comein the alpine landscape." – Christophe Girot https://landscapearchitecture.bandcamp.com/releases
  4. just realised this is a bit off topic - not meaning to jump the thread! apologies, cant see a delete?
  5. did a mix using memes and trance classics as all the source material , Scott.
  6. cheers. i know! seems mad. im working with a few people on various projects : OTO HIAX, ESK, YALES and releasing under my own name scott gordon. slightly more experimental stuff, similar to my pre loops haunt work - (audio installations - experimental instruments- leaning toward sound art i suppose).
  7. Made this about 11 years ago under Loops Haunt, it was released in 2009 on C8 Cassettes & Fortified Audio (one time 300 12" run) As its now 10! ive stuck it on bandcamp (free DL) for any nostalgic bass music fans. My grandad who is on the label is 92 now and still has no idea what the record is about or why he is on it. cheers Scott. https://rubbersungrenade.bandcamp.com/releases
  8. https://soundcloud.com/studioesk/mix-for-kit-records-on-nts-broadcast-14-october-2018?fbclid=IwAR2OrXEY-b6NRs4-9fCw_gwO-QBHnTQjD6J9yD9458fVOmPmdbDLtTWLlkQ mix with samples from all the locations including - Inchindown (worlds longest reverb)-
  9. pre orders for the first LP from this project are up now! https://studioesk.bandcamp.com/album/cupar-grain-silo https://www.juno.co.uk/products/cupar-grain-silo-saturday-21-may-2016/702242-01/ 9 tracks from sam and inside a 250 ft silo !
  10. cheers, i can vouch for the matthias urban release, its brilliant. you might like Semper libre , The Eternal Chord- collab of stuff on huge pipe organs. worth checking for sure. http://spire.org.uk/the-eternal-chord/ Eastly and Toop r great shouts. i think whirled music just got a re-relase. :)
  11. Sorry last Bump from me on this one, just got the press shots and totally chuffed with the way its turned out as we put a lot into it. each record is unique, one time pressing of 300, free digital, Cheers, Scott.
  12. ! Octobasse is incredible, reminds me of this sub contrabass sax. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0C8EkNeKJlo
  13. scott

    Sunday Playlist,

    cheers, yeah Roy Montgomery is a something else. His RMHQ boxset is incredible. Soo many good tracks.
  14. https://www.mixcloud.com/Exquisite_Pain/broadcast-05-sunday-13th-may-2018-mix-scott-gordon-oto-hiax/ thanks Scott.
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