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  1. Weird... so the front has the logo from ON, the disjointed Aphex Twin logo from SAW II and then the back says "Selected Ambient Works" in the font from SAW I, but then has the "piechart" icons from SAW II
  2. great stuff! all of these recent remixes have been awesome!
  3. Okay I'll buy it but can someone leak 20 discs worth KID A sessions like they did for OK cOMPUTER around the re-release? Thanks.
  4. Are there any quotes from the 94 interview where he boasts about making down syndrome korean kids eat human feces?
  5. colunga


    Yeah DUNE and The Green Knight are my planned return to cinemas. Those are the only 2 i wanna see BIG and LOUD.
  6. damn that one sounds cool. you just reminded me to DL my "likes" list just in case vids like that get deleted. I had a look around and could only find this. looks like it would have been a great longer vid https://zh-cn.facebook.com/beattvofficial/videos/ecco-the-dolphin-drexciya-be-attv/382095795814380/
  7. so after watching it again I think the shoebaleader question and pause at 51:31 was less Tom having a longer answer in his head and more Tom thinking about/being amused by Anthony's description of it as "An era that excited a lot of fans" .
  8. Anthony is also a bass player so i'm sure his wang was activated during this interview just like mine was.
  9. 51:31 seems like he had a more interesting answer for the shoebaleader one question but chose not to say it.
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