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  1. Great interview!! loved the descriptions of his time before warp/rephlex. Just felt like Tom having a fun look back at a few things. usually he doesnt seem to have fun revisiting the past at all. He does mention that his anti-retro rule could be broken - that the spirit of the album is a bit retro in the last 5 min or so of the interview.
  2. Those Costco pics look like just a normal day at Costco.
  3. lol just order hand sanitizer on amazon or staples. 2 day delivery
  4. I wish i could watch the full or a more full video but all i can find are clips and people narrating thru it.
  5. idk about that sketchy lady twitter accnt. feels fake
  6. colunga

    Rob pls

    Rob solo album when dont tell me it already came out
  7. what is the poster of? it looks liek a present box open with magazines folded up inside? or are those dvds?
  8. So i guess Moby was convinced not to utilize the secret Intelligence. Nice. This is the only Moby song I like btw:
  9. damn we might have a full PBOD albums worth by the end of 2020. I wasnt into window peeper and pink floyd off the sc dump but these fit perfectly with those and make me appreciate them more. also i think i was focused on the stuff from 94 onward int he dump .
  10. those tears. This doc. corny and fake and played up but thats Corey!! 😎 I'd like to meet Corey some day but i doubt that'll ever happen. He's a Hollywood Legend who, if he were just a few notches more self aware, could really be coasting on his own past fame (more than he currently is). but its always bad faith weird exploitative gimmie gimmie type stuff. 😥
  11. I remember MC Spatula or DJ Spatula(?) was a young kid 14/15 yrs old?) making electronic tracks that werent bad for that age, from what i rememebr.
  12. WATMM is Dying thread was the first time i really noticed the bright orange "HOT!" tag
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