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  1. thats a cool design did u make it?
  2. awesome! Thanks for all your invesitgative work. I'm not even all the way thru and know for sure there's already a bunch i dont know about. I do have a few of these releases tho. So many mysteries!!
  3. hah! I was just listening to the 2013 mix this weekend after not hearing it for years...
  4. El Camino was okay. I dont think it was necessary but I think if you REALLY care about Jesse and want to know what happens then watch it. other wise it is skippable. Sort of like Godfather III I think it should only be watched if youre genuinely curious about what happens to the characters. El Camino was better than Godfather III tho. I liked it tho. Glad it was told in movie format instead of a mini series or installments. Good little send off
  5. went to see el camino in theaters on Friday evening and forgot he was in the show at all. After the movie my gf and I got to talking about how his character in BB could have been a continuation of his character in Jackie Brown. She suggested we watch Jackie Brown some time soon. When we got home I was still thinking about him so I looked up some interviews with him and watched about 2 or 3. Then woke up to news that he had passed away. RIP
  6. Damn I actually secretly want a signed MAGA hat to have for the future... but no way im payin 5k for it... in fact... in the "SHARPIE SPIRIT" of our Prez - it might make more sense to forge his signature and just claim it was actually signed by him. I think DT would have done the same 😁
  7. owen wilson needs to play trump at some point in the future. age him up, fatten him up all that
  8. colunga

    The Tuss

    the bonus tracks really flesh it out to make it a nice album (same as the orphan DJ bonus).
  9. pic of himself as the background on his comp
  10. Ive got some fakies before - i hope they were fake cuz i threw them out after they tasted like shit and didnt get me high. Mario Karts and DANK Vapes were the two fake brands that i remember. I know there's been more. Im keeping the vapes that taste good and get me high tho... 😅 I wish I could buy legit carts like Raw Garden (got one when I was in LA and it was great also the info on the packaging made me feel safer). Anyway stay safe out there my blaze bros ✌️
  11. idk about being "propped up" - this was an actual album that was rumored to be coming out and its in the upcoming releases section... Personally, I've gotten some lols off this thread so all of it's two pages dont feel completely useless to me.
  12. I'm sure it can't compete with the completely necessary Fuller House and the Gilmore Girls reboots, but Netflix seems to have put some effort into this looking cool as hell at least.
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