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  1. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/oil-tanker-attacks-gulf-of-oman-tanker-owner-seems-to-dispute-us-account-of-gulf-of-oman-attack-today-2019-06-14/
  3. ah nevermind I just read the whole thing in the googledoc and read the discord convo. I assumed the hacker held the sessions for ransom and made this known to the band - so radiohead leaked the sessions themselves ASAP. Turns out the person who had them never contacted the band and ended up releasing the leaks with no pay 🙂
  4. Yes I would buy the 72 hour Kid A Sessions. but No i would not pay someone to curate them. This is more just curiosity for me - im a big radiohead fan but not huge (never seen them live and dont think i will but i own all their albums except moon shaped). this shit is awesome to me. Huge awesome windows into the process with some gems scattered throughout. It's WAAAAY too much for a casual - but so was the soundcloud afx dump, no?
  5. Im curious where the leak first showed up on the net since it seems like it was the band themselves who leaked it.
  6. Im still at work but i will search for these tonight.
  7. colunga


    This one pops in my head a lot lol im gonna end up saying it out loud one of these days i know it
  8. colunga


    Ive thought about dumping porn in the woods so someone like 10 year old me could find it in the exact way i did, unfortunately i dont have any porn that is physical media and the only place I know where it would work is the exact place I found my porn at a young age - which is thousands of miles away from me now. It made me smile to see kids coming out of those same woods when i visited my parents place in december 2018
  9. colunga


  10. getting money outta me is hard and there always has to be collateral or something cuz ive been fucked over while young. At this point I only have one friend who is single and doesnt have kids. The others who were in my "crew" or whatever all have kids - I still reach out but I dont invite them out - seems like i see those guys maybe once a year. The one who is single is in a band and has only invited me out to shows of theirs recently. I went to one in Feb and we have hung out a few times since then, but ive declined the last two shows cuz theyre headlining and Im an old fart now (35) I just want to get blazed and hang out and got to bed at 1130/12.
  11. watched High Life last night. Despite some glaring holes I had a good time with it. I was very high by the end of it so maybe i was giving a pass to some of the obvious WTF moments. It had a lot of cool ideas. I can see why some people disliek it though. I enjoyed the girl from Suspiria's journey into the black hole - it looked horrible and painful and she obviously died before actually going thru.
  12. i added the exact text of what was edited as a lil joke since i dont like those "edit summary things" and often edit stuff 2-3 times
  13. Just testing this bad boy out damn i have zero rep
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