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  1. I would love to hear Jesus is King Remixed like this
  2. ah so it only shows up if u have an account?
  3. LOL the guliani shit is so interesting - im guessing one or all three: 1. His cons to make millions are getting exposed so he's desperately trying to cash in if it's not too late already 2. He's there to try to keep any other co-conspirators quiet 3. He's there from Trump threatening them to keep helping him get these biden investigations going...or else!!!
  4. Im still enjoying it but yeah last episode felt the closest to filler so far. Also - were ages of creatures mentioned in the Original Trilogy? saying the child was "50 years old" made me wonder what planet he was from and if it had 2 suns and how u would count a year
  5. colunga


    just to be clear I would be disappointed if that was the actual announcement... I just remember a similar thing happening on the afx store i think, then the bonus cuts came a few weeks after everything was up (i think?). I also feels a bit like squarepusher to just have the store be a normal web store that sells his official releases and that's it. nothing live or one-off or bonus. Same if BOC had one. hopefully they're at least remasters or something.
  6. Nice ! Ive only heard avanti which i liked a lot. already liking this first single too
  7. colunga


    damn i coulda sworn i saw a T.I. Meme here that said "HYMEN CHECK" and then had that hand coming toward the viewer... now i cant find it!
  8. colunga


    I have a hunch we will be 'teased' with a new 'event' coming soon on the site - which will end up being all of Squarepusher's old albums up for sale !!
  9. Ceephax's older brother is putting out another album!? i might just listen!
  10. beck fucking HATES tea bec: "produce my album?" Rich: "im busy - maybe come 'round for some tea?" bec: "no way" it went on like this for two years! Beck was dead-set to have afx produce, but would not, under any circumstances drink tea. Negotiations fell apart from there.
  11. my co worker used to watch a ton of those Nollywood movies at work i started liking them the romance ones were the best - we didnt really watch any of the action ones tho those look fun from the trailers
  12. reminds me of a few years ago when people in NYC got zombified off spice/K2 and others around the country had hospital visits. It's so wild that the knock off shit is way more dangerous than the authentic illegal drug. Ive only ever bought black market carts. I've def got some sketchy ones - only 2-3 have made me throw them out from the taste. I knew the "branded" stuff with cartoon characters and cereal characters was mostly fake so i was off those about a year ago. EDIT: Shit im high - i didnt realize i posted basically this exact same thing a few posts up in october lol
  13. TO be fair... i think it's less Kanye's own DIY attitude and more just hiring this company to do the designs: https://www.cactusplantfleamarket.com/ Yeah listening close makes me feel like Ye doesnt have a grasp on his own concept. have you listened to these recent interviews? Ideas that go in circles.
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