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  1. holy hell i didnt know this was a thing - that DM songs sounds funny
  2. made me fantasize about a afx autobiography that ends when him and grant start rephlex
  3. blah tried for both bk dates sold out
  4. ultra trump move would be to just claim Greenland has been purchased and run with it,
  5. lol someone added an "s" to "become" to make it look even more stupid. but yeah if trump wins again he would still be 45...(but i have a hunch trump wont even be on the ballot)
  6. dudes this track is pretty bangin
  7. cool move to have reunion tour to only play your first demo -
  8. i think the only true way into deep, spiraling TOOL fandom is to discover them as a TEENAGE pseudo-intellectual stoner who hasn't had a girlfriend.
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