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  1. Just discovered Sienna Sleep and fell in love with the super fast trance style. Been running and working to some of this mental shit. https://soundcloud.com/sienna-sleep https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YboC8syCUbQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=650LNisrRkU https://youtu.be/UgElBnIjw3g EDIT: jfc how to embed YT
  2. Makes me think he has new album to promote
  3. im not much on video games but this lockdown has me checking out some modern sidescrollers. currently really enjoying INSIDE.
  4. some brief text on the screen at random times the only ones i caught was "what is the meaning of meaning, anyway?" + "TBH youre better off not trying to understand the world thrupohg language" or something liek that. really digging this stuff
  5. lovin the stuff today
  6. o man thanks for these!
  7. Great interview!! loved the descriptions of his time before warp/rephlex. Just felt like Tom having a fun look back at a few things. usually he doesnt seem to have fun revisiting the past at all. He does mention that his anti-retro rule could be broken - that the spirit of the album is a bit retro in the last 5 min or so of the interview.
  8. Those Costco pics look like just a normal day at Costco.
  9. lol just order hand sanitizer on amazon or staples. 2 day delivery
  10. I wish i could watch the full or a more full video but all i can find are clips and people narrating thru it.
  11. idk about that sketchy lady twitter accnt. feels fake
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