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  1. So weird that Q is still a thing... No Clinton Arrests, no military tribunals, No further anthony weiner reveals, no pedo evidence, no reveal that Trump or anyone near him was Q.
  2. Hey wait a minute! We never even got the remaining volumes of Teargarden By Kelideyscope! That was supposed to be a "44 song Concept album"
  3. The first WATMM memory I have is a user named PhillieT posting Ultravisitor leaks way before the album came out (pretty sure it was Nov/December of 03?) Specifically remember a clip of tetra-sync he posted. The only people I remember other than Joyrex was Fred McGriff (I still have a CD with BEAK stuff on it), MC Spatula (?) and Tauboo (We used to talk on slsk more than here).
  4. I thought the lyrics and melodies were generated by using other popular rap songs but i could be wrong.
  5. need a mIss america logo in there or a "Trump Models" logo in there.
  6. holy shit the comments on that reddit thread gave me a headache
  7. For years I've only used crypto to buy drugs and never even attempted to hold any of it. I cant really think of a better use for it really... but sometimes i wonder 'what if i had just held $200 in there back in 2016???'
  8. reminds me of this: KOOL AD getting high watching Action Bronson Getting high watchign Ancient Aliens
  9. 20 years later they went back and added CGI to the classic star wars. Why cant they go back to the trilogy from the early 00s and replace the dated special effects with current CGI? Im guessing because it was a stupid George Lucas idea to begin with and now that disney owns Star Wars they wont let Lucas anywhere near it to do something like that again. Also they probably dont want to remind anyone how bad the 00s trilogy was by putting it back in theaters.
  10. When I opened this thread I thought this was a pic of 12 more cover arts for Aleksi's next series that would begin releasing simultaneously with Cycles 😅😅
  11. Ive been playing Vampire Survivor also! Ive been busy recently and its so easy to pick up and play for 10-20 minutes here and there. Ive been able to sneak in some play time between waking up and leaving for work (something i never really do with games). Ive only made it to level 14 tho.
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