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  1. Since the official albums connect with certain points in my life, I've been returning to these playlists on Youtube since they are mostly stuff I havent played to death:
  2. For some reason i cant add any text to that post -any way - the vids above feel like NSFW stuff to me since i could straight up masturbate to them. 😅 My tastses are a little more complex so I dont usually visit youtube for ASMR. I get my ASMR from PornHub.
  3. Yes but purchasing your FLACs makes them sound a little "heavier" than pirated FLACs. I guess what i mean is they FEEL a little heavier. Feeling the weight of the music on your wallet AND in lossless quality simultaneously makes the tunes SOUND better. I guess the short answer is: It's a feeling.
  4. Kind of a reach once i listen to it but when i read this thread the melody for Cichli came to mind.
  5. They already changed it I noticed it on the logo they use for Avatar in Disney+ Its too unique for them to just use it once so I'm expecting for it to replace the delightfully shitty papyrus on future sequels.
  6. ya some squelches sounded a lil ufabulous - i also hear the Cymru similarities in the beats
  7. This roll out is fun! I was expecting some trolls like 6 more Vacuum Trax or a "single EP" that's literally just the one song that's already available on the preorder album, or Squarepusher shot glasses and mugs, or a contest based off something someone from warp thoguht up off the title. lovin this stuff
  8. listening to this album in reverse order helped me get into it.
  9. Anyone got timestamps of where u think the tracks begin? lovin this
  10. " Squarepusher goes all out from Phil Collins to Breakbeat in a genre-busting 20 minute mix." timestamp for when that 20 minute segment starts? I'm guessing the Kanye song? jk idk
  11. Ive been taking CBD as a sleep aid and also as "anti-anxiety" medication when im travelling and wont be smokin for a while. Not that i get bad anxiety, just usually have some sort of negative mental state a few days into no smoke - also have trouble sleeping a few days into no smoke. I've noticed that the Vitamin shops that sell CBD in NYC only have 5, 10, 15 mg options and they are all mixed in with some sort proprietary supplement to "help" you sleep/relax even better. ugh. There is also a CBD store in soho called The 420 that looks all sleek and white inside like a gallery (they call it The Sephora of CBD). That place had some CBD buds that seemed way overpriced so I didnt even experiment. That place at least had tinctures and SOME higher potency stuff like 50mg Capsules - but it all felt very "curated" in that they only had what was available (like if you wanted a higher or lower potency tincture, too bad). just look at it! The store is kinda bare bones - I have a hunch they are placeholding until weed gets legalized recreational in NY???? I really like Lazarus Naturals and I have been ordering from them for a while. They have a great range for each of their products. for me 25mg is the sweet spot. 50mg is good but pushing it for me. leaves me a lil sleepy and out of it. but strong coffee will usually push me thru that.
  12. I would love to hear Jesus is King Remixed like this
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