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  1. Great to hear, how time flies It’s been over 3 year since I released that album.
  2. And thanks Intratone much appreciated
  3. Tried it did not work just got raw html code
  4. After 3 years I've finally recorded a new album " Rainbow Drifter " I cant figure out how to add a youtube window but here is a link to the full album preview https://youtu.be/kRMbjGXEv2I Available on Bandcamp Out Everywhere else next week Cheers LK
  5. Anyway I've just released a new album " Rainbow Drifter " on bandcamp now and all major retailers next week
  6. cant figure out how to add a youtube window here anyone help me out?
  7. https://youtu.be/kRMbjGXEv2I
  8. Thanks JoyrexYup you've been on my soundcloud right from the start , greatly appreciated Also thanks again Cribbins Feel free to ask any question Cheers LK
  9. Hell yes, I've loved your music for many years. Definitely gonna purchase thisThanks man for supporting my music I means a great deal to meMuch appreciation LK
  10. Here is the full album preview and thanks for the shout out
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