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  1. https://lontanoseries.bandcamp.com/album/dusk-to-dawn For fans of Tetsu inoue music. Digital download is offered as name-your-price till release date.
  2. "The Colours Of Silence" is a Bandcamp-exclusive monthly project.During each month of this new adventure, I will compose and upload 1 or 2 dedicated longform pieces.- -50% of the sales will be donated to "Gli Invisibili Sardegna":www.gli-invisibili-sardegna.itGli Invisibili Sardegna, is a small non-profit association born with the aim of giving to stray dogs and cats found in the territory of the municipality of Medio Campidano (Sardinia, Italy) a chance to have a meal, a place to stay and all the necessary health care.
  3. This is what I see every day from my little window,I savor the scents of every season,the wind touches my skin while the sky turns pink and orange at sunset.The majestic eucalyptus trees are home to thousands of singing birds.This is what I see every day.It's a beautiful return. Available for 1 week @ name-your-price
  4. out now: https://mforsleep.bandcamp.com/album/the-garden-of-treasures
  5. If you like William Basinski tape loop music.
  6. Cat.#: LONTANO-S-CD11 Release date: 22/05/2020 Format: CD, Digital Digital download is offered as name-your-price till release date. This is a short story of a man who tries to realize if the life he has fought for is really what he was looking for. So, one morning he decides to take an 8-day break from the everyday life, to reflect on what he has become, cause what he really wants as a human being, is just a little infinite shiny ray of true warm serenety. releases May 22, 2020 W&P, mixed and mastered by: Fallen (October/December 2019) Artwork by: Noah M / Keep Adding Record label: Lᴏɴᴛᴀɴᴏ Series Publisher: ROHS! RECORDS Copyright © 2020 ROHS! RECORDS, All Rights Reserved
  7. recent discovery, name your price. experimental, avant garde, ambient
  8. "Humans live entirely indoors, in cities enclosed in transparent material that serves as a window over their existence to an infinite sky, shielded from a world made mainly of sandstorms and empty oceans. People spend their time reflecting on the sunset, the stars shining and the moon rising every night. They have developed technology and consciousness but pleasures of outdoor life such as being on the beach, swimming in the sea or breathing real air, are just memories of the past. The incomplete puzzle of their lost world remains a treasure in the form of audiovisual reality, projected as a kind of cinema in the evenings. It is onto those screens where that generation lays its eyes in tears. Humanity has learnt its limits." Berlin, September 4, 2019 ... This is how the idea for this Album was initially conceived. I speculated on a fictional world in which, due to hostile environmental conditions, outdoor life could no longer be considered, and mankind would miss nature as we know it today. Little did I know in those late summer days that we would soon find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic. Today this work inevitably relates to the present situation on our planet. For the piece titled “Sky” I have created a video in which we see micro and macro elements of our natural environment generating random geometric organic forms or patterns in motion. The content comes from shots of landscapes I did and archives of the NASA public domain. Both music compositions and visuals resulted from the necessity of sharing my gaze about my present, our environment, its preservation and our condition as nature dependents. It is a production which I refer to as “cinematic of natural kinematics”. The word Cinematic in English is defined as anything related to cinema or cinematography, term that comes from greek kinema «movement» and grapho «to write» or «to describe». Kinematics is a field of studies in classical mechanics, that describes the motion of objects and systems of objects, without considering the forces that cause them to move and it is often referred to as the "geometry of motion”. The meditative sonic compositions run on tape, each one of which is modified in real time with analogue effects so to enrich with some sort of entropy their ecstatic minimalism.
  9. Digital download is offered as name-your-price till release date.
  10. Hidden harmonies behind distant voices suspended in the air,like faded memories in a slow reverberation of emotions.The rain and the waves of the sea cradle my path on this long journey.Silences that are struck along the way keep in me the curiosity to find out if there will be another wave after the next one.
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