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  1. L'amore è l'unico rimedio al male https://mforsleep.bandcamp.com/album/lamore-lunico-rimedio-al-male "L'amore è l'unico rimedio al male" has been recorded live during the "Infinite Tape Loops" concert @ Neo.Stone Jazz (12/08/2022). Luoghi della memoria: Nuraghe Su Mulinu (Villanovafranca, Italy) Intro voice sample: Alda Merini - "L'amore è l'unico rimedio al male"
  2. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of rohsrecords all (digital) releases are available for 1€ each until 30 September 2022 -> https://rohsrecords.bandcamp.com -> https://lontanoseries.bandcamp.com -> https://mforsleep.bandcamp.com Thanks for your support 🖤
  3. Mind over MIDI - Offgrid (Album) (💿) Offgrid by Mind over MIDI Release date: 22th July 2022 Format: CD, Digital I'm fascinated by TV shows like Mountain Men, The Last Alaskans, Alaska the Last Frontier a.o. They are masters of independence and living offgrid and off the land. This album is dedicated to the men who make their living off the land - hunting, fishing and trapping to put food on the table. For Mountain Men, survival is predicated on using ancient skills perfected over hundreds of years. If you can picture the very furthest, coldest, darkest part of Norway, that’s where Mind over MIDI resides. If you want to get an idea of what it’s like there, and can do without the frostbite, then this is the perfect solution. Helge Tømmervåg produces sweeping, icy synthscapes, with digital snowflakes since 1995. Copyright © 2022 ROHS! RECORDS, All Rights Reserved
  4. Lorenzo Montanà - Aural (Album) (💿) Aural by Lorenzo Montanà Release date: 22th July 2022 Format: CD, Digital Aural is a latent sound vision, which manifests itself with the contrast of minimal geometric structures, apparently devoid of life, inserted in an arid nature without borders. A surreal mind journey into a dimension made up of elaborate acoustic elements and a deep electronics imbued with sound design. Lorenzo Montanà is an Italian soundtrack composer, sound engineer and producer. Started in the 90s producing & arranging more than 40 albums across the electronic, ambient, IDM, jazz, classical and rock genres. He released his first solo album (Black Ivy, 2009) and the 5-CD Labyrinth collaboration series with Pete Namlook on the label FAX +49-69/450464. His work as soundtrack composer landed in the trailer of The Hunger Games 1 & 2 (which won an Award as the best original music trailer for 2012), Blade Runner 2049, Coriolanus and more. Lorenzo develops the most visual aspect of ambient, trying to translate real emotions and sensations through sounds and melodies. Copyright © 2022 ROHS! RECORDS, All Rights Reserved
  5. https://rohsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/ital-swing Music by Helge Tømmervåg Vocal and lyrics by Paul St. Hilaire Produced by Helge Tømmervåg & Paul St. Hilaire Mastered by Ian Hawgood Record label: Berserk Fabrik, ROHS! Publisher: ROHS! RECORDS Copyright © 2022 Berserk Fabrik / ROHS! RECORDS, All Rights Reserved
  6. https://lontanoseries.bandcamp.com/album/colla-double-album This is how my dream world should sound.. - Carlo Giustini Imagine waking up in the middle of the night, looking outside the window and noticing that something has actually changed. The world is still there, it sleeps but it is present, mocking you constantly and slowly showing itself . Anyway now something seems to cover reality with a thin layer of bright glue, an ambiguous material that hides the features of things and that unfolds the world under a different, bright light. You walk, this concrete is soft, the walls of the houses are covered with morbid, viscous, beautiful materia. This world speaks to you, it tells you a different story. You could stay here forever and forget an imposed, harsh past. In this new vision, however, the past coexists, it lives and it embraces you, forever wrapped in a flaming rodeo loop. A giant puppet show put up by family and friends. “Colla” is a metaphor, a hope for a different dimension, where thought generates tangible content without too much effort. The streets of Sant’Angelo are now populated by salt cats, pink powder, brass concerts, acousmatic voices without a source. The toxic dust of my city is now fog that melts eternally and will never return. This album was recorded with precarious instruments: a hissing behringer mixer a partially burnt Korg Poly 800 An old Taya tape deck The cheapest guitar pedals A philips microcassette recorder All of this to obtain a completely imperfect, fragile sound, muffled and worn.
  7. Each track was inspired by the experience of the landscapes connecting the body and displacing it into a sound. Track1: La Paz (Bolivia) Track2: Eduardo Avarua Andean National Reserve (Bolivia) Track3: Machu Picchu (Peru) Track4: Buenos Aires (Argentina) Track5: Atacama Desert (Chile) Track6: São Paulo (Brazil) Tatsuro Murakami is a guitarist and composer, based in Tokyo and São Paulo. Since 2014 he has been studying the roots of Brazilian popular music from Choro and 7-string classic guitar. Besides ambient music, he works with soundtracks for movies, art installations, and his own creations on sound art. (tatsuromurakami.com)
  8. "One day, my piano (a nice upright Feurich made in Langlau in 1984) was opened because the hammers had to be repaired. The strings were visible and the cylinder was removed. Like this, the piano looked like a boneless animal with his skin removed. Like the Beef Skinned from Soutine, or an anatomic picture from Vesale. I started tapping on the strings, on the wood case, scratching the keys and the strings, to bring life back to this carcass. It was the beginning of the first track, L’allégorie de la Carcasse. This album is like a reconquest of the keyboards and a tribute as well. Synthesizers, piano, pump organ and even the computer keyboard, are the principal source of the tracks. I tried to keep a pleasure of playing, of improvising, in the spirit of jazz music which I love. I used other instruments and objects, like shakuhachi and turntable. However, the composition process needs to go back and forth between instruments and computer, analogic and digital, improvisation and editing. Sometimes, the computer and the machines makes you do things that you didn’t expect. It’s the life of the music and the creation. And it’s the dimension that I want to keep with Véhicule: not a dogmatic way of composing, but just a journey, always surprising, in the sounds.."
  9. Based entirely of tape loops and microcassette recordings, "Vuoto a perdere" could be the follow-up to "Music From A Sinking World" album released in 2021. "Vuoto a perdere" consists of 9 tracks all composed taking as inspiration and sound source the 1938 ballet "Billy The Kid by Aaron Copland". It is a warm steam, marked by bright, distant and delicate harmonies, what radiates, rarefied and enveloping matter that gradually evolves following a slow and light path of ambient sounds. Reinterpretation, tape loops processing and imperfections by Andrea Porcu (Music For Sleep). Original drawing by Aurélie Salavert. www.instagram.com/aurelie.salavert/
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