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  1. Yeah I like him, Christ. good BOCish nomnom yum music. Lovely!
  2. It's more like some old dudes reviving their teenage kicks by rerecording the first and worst demo, which is ok but whatever. Yeah, those 3 Mr Bungle albums are gold, was hoping for more like these, that's the eclectic Mr Bungle sound I love. Tomahawk is really great minus "that native american chant" album, which was/is just a failure. Agreed. As long as you don't look in the mirror, it's as the '90s never ended. I still like to put FNM on while cooking sometimes, the soundtrack of feeling young, strong and beautiful, anticipating that really good meal.
  3. oh, I checked their discogs yesterday, cool!
  4. Cool, I enjoyed the release on Occult Research! "There will be no digital" ... argh why SELEKTOR55 😢
  5. yah forgot about this one, me love some new Badun, thanks man!
  6. the only great song on a weak album ... some of the tracks have horrid vocals 😕
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