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  1. Always had a soft spot for tigrics, I'm a fan of his drawing art too and this sounds very nice and "pure".
  2. Great stuff, heartily recommended!
  3. I bought this too despite having a vinyl rip of both. But who does not love the smell of fresh bandcamp flacs? Anyhow fresh digital files always taste better to my ears because they still have all the bits.
  4. Squarepusher’s sonic masterpiece and debut mind-melter of an LP Feed Me Weird Things returns, reissued on double vinyl for the first time since its release on the 3rd of June 1996. Originally released on Rephlex, Aphex Twin himself noted on the sleeve notes of the original that Squarepusher makes “sound like sound never sounded before… Squarepusher gives us the SOUND of SOUND.” Now released on Warp 25 years later, the original album has been remastered from the original DATs and features two extra tracks on a 10 which were first released on the B-side of the Squarepusher Plays… EP and later fe
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