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  1. i was listening to Breath Bird again and i'm not really happy with the tape version i'd put on bandcamp.. sometimes get good results recording stuff to tape and back - bit of a silly affectation, i just do it for fun and flavour - but this time i don't like it as much. for whatever reason it's got a nasty high freq edge i'm not into, and instead of just a bit of hiss the tape has this boomy noise floor i didn't notice at the time cuz my ears were very tired. probably shouldn't have used noise reduction, i think i prefer the undolby'd sound..


    so i replaced the tracks with the normal laptop versions. download again if you want. sorry for hassle. =)

    gotta give myself a cooldown in future and not excitedly upload & release as soon as things are done haha..


    question - is going back and changing things bad, do you think anyone would be sad? should i attach the original tape version as a bonus .zip.. or just not worry... any opinions? 


    PS thanks very much to the ppls who bought it and who left reviews! <3


    I remember running ping attack scripts on mIRC and thinking I was a hacker. Then came the nukes. Such idiocy. Such joy


    I once sent an email to my ISP to ask how I could get one of those cool shell addresses to appear in IRC instead of the usual IP.ISP.org.au.



    i somehow got into an ANSI art group as a coder one time. they gave me a shell account with one of those cool addresses haha.. IRCing from lemon.ice.org, so 1337.. got chucked out of the group a couple months later cuz i didn't actually do anything except leech stuff via the shell... where'd you guys IRC at.. anyone else used to hang out in efnet #music? that'd be weird.. =)

  3. nearing the end of John Varley's Gaea trilogy..




    scifi. these got pretty good as they went on! some unexpected directions.. lots of centaur sex.. quite reminding me of Terry Pratchett's stuff in some ways, though these are much less explicitly humourous..

  4. another good listen!

    thanks spiral and andi and ahhh. and triachus. :D


    it was really cool, as a watmm newbie, to hear older tracks from ppl who maybe aren't around much any more etc.. get a bit of some watmm history flavour that i had no idea about... i particularly liked that silver trifolium track. whyyyy not released!

  5. i listened to Avocado Drill and Roots in the Frost, really like em both!


    the large bassy pad that starts Avocado and goes all the way through, i think might sound better to just turn it down a bit in the mix. like everything else would pop out nicely then maybe - feels like it's a bit on top of everything instead of under/around. same thing with the similar pad in the first half of Frost. (i am listening on quite bass-heavy headphones tho, and, personal taste obvs)


    i feel the quiet drums work nicely :) and love that guitar-ish sounding arpy stuff that comes in, sweet sounds!

  6. This EP is really good... Any sources of inspiration in particular?


    Bizzought btw. Thanks for sharing. =)

    thanks!! <3


    yep, it was specifically inspired by the track Toucan Ocean by Jon Hassell... not that you can tell :) made track 2 after listening to that, then got further and further away but tried to stick to a vaguely tropical island birdy vibe of wind, trees and sea..

  7. found a little old 34cm CRT TV.. i've been wanting one for awhile.. plugged in the PS3 and it works, yay! got a nice collection of PS1 stuff on there and now it looks beautiful. Umihara Kawase! G-Darius! Chrono Cross! LSD DREAM EMULATOR. also a couple PS2 games i love which i was halfway through playing last time i had a tv- SMT Nocturne and Baroque. glory be.


    (also loaded up Demon's Souls, lol.. so cute on this telly..)

  8. Lately I've developed a thing for kick drums that are almost no kick drums. Very mid-heavy kick drums with not that much bass in it or kick drums that are almost bass notes. I think these kinda kick drumse are really good drumse

    yes this!

    i keep trying to achieve this sound but usually accidentally make the kick too big. not that there's anything wrong with that. but it's always pleasing when someone pulls off that sound well.. i think it kinda relies on the interplay between kick and its surroundings, like, reverbiness or sidechainediness or whayever that make a clicky little kick fit and seem powerful instead of thin.

    eg afx - tha. good kick!

  9. this is sweet. IMO the voice sample kinda detracts from it.. like it's a bit waffley? also doesn't quite sit well in the mix somehow..


    apart from that, sounds pretty good! understated and quite dry sounding. it's got a great flow to it except the twinkly little musicbox riff throughout could maybe do with more variation - it has a slight awkwardness to its rhythm, which i like, but it'd be cool if it shifted around more..


    a lot of the bass has gone away in the second part?


    i like how there's a quiet clicky sound that sounds like it's part of the musicbox sample(gives the impression of mechanical noise lile, a glockenspiel bar moving slightly), gives it an almost live recording vibe

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