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  1. oh yeah, this amiga was modded with a CF card as a hard drive, so i copy files over on that via a CF card reader.. works nicely! your tracks even sound great blasting out of CRT telly speakers ? goteks look good. though i have been enjoying using actual floppies just for fun...
  2. these are rad!! yeah awesome stuff. and thanks for uploading the mods.. i just got an amiga, gonna check em out =o)
  3. i like that, especially the bit in the middle from 1:40 or so, really nice sounds!
  4. cheers darrei! ? i think it gets worse as it goes on, haha.. track 1 had the most attention paid to it..
  5. hi for the first time in awhile! music hasn't been coming easy lately.. too busy with stupid life n stuff.. but i did this ep the other day- https://eryngi.bandcamp.com/album/phonegg-1 getting back to my roots with some lite IDMish cheesiness done in Buzz tracker. just a quick little thing.
  6. really love this one.. eod keeps outdoing himself.. so good!
  7. i really liked this.. nicely atmospheric and interesting all the way through.. it was cool reading the little mini stories about the samples in the bandcamp text too
  8. my future egypt arrived today.. got a slightly cracked case on the way to australia but the tape's fine. fave track so far: bonk. sweet bonus stickers too ?
  9. eryngi


    thanks much pplz = )
  10. eryngi


    new one i did this weekend.. came out less strong than the last one maybe. a different vibe..crab style impressionist acid/lounge? perhaps i should have edited it down shorter but, nahhh ?i was having a nice time..
  11. no idea if it's obscure or not but i love plux quba
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