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  1. my future egypt arrived today.. got a slightly cracked case on the way to australia but the tape's fine. fave track so far: bonk. sweet bonus stickers too 🙏
  2. eryngi


    thanks much pplz = )
  3. eryngi


    new one i did this weekend.. came out less strong than the last one maybe. a different vibe..crab style impressionist acid/lounge? perhaps i should have edited it down shorter but, nahhh 😄i was having a nice time..
  4. no idea if it's obscure or not but i love plux quba
  5. it's nice. i'm a fan of plinly plonky things. doesn't immediately grab me like some of their others..less spectacle..but some bits are really lovely.. gonna keep listening until i Know it. second go now. (next up, quaristice and exai, my other two big blindspots, though i have at least listened to them before.
  6. i used to use it a lot for recording bands.. it was really good. my fave DAW for that kind of stuff. i've not done any electronic musics/midi/composition etc with it tho, so dinno how it is for that..
  7. i'm going to listen to this for the first time, tonight.
  8. eryngi


    cheers Spiral!🙂 LP5 eh.. hmm i can't hear it.. but, makes sense, that's seeped in deep..by far my most listened ae.. really have to do something about that. i somehow never find the time to catch up. maybe this week..! yeah i'm gonna make that my mission..
  9. watched Embrace of the Serpent the other night. i loved every minute of it.. seriously captivating film.
  10. eryngi


    thanks ecz! your recent tracks have been especially inspiring to me, sort of thinking like a language of movement and sound shapes, more than beats n tunes.. this was a beginning attempt at moving in that direction, tho hopefully with my own flavour.. so anyway, glad you like it 🙂
  11. eryngi


    thanks very much auxien ❤️
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