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  1. Yep. Especially looking forward to Landscapes in Thin Air reissue.
  2. Just spotted Enno Velthuys' catalog will be reissued starting this year. First one is A Glimpse Of Light: https://www.soundohm.com/product/a-glimpse-of-light-lp
  3. VOD have sold out all 300 of their copies according to their Facebook, so it's removed from there. Bleep haven't received their copies, it's not listed on their site yet.
  4. VOD sending 200 copies to Bleep: https://www.facebook.com/vinylondemandrecords/posts/2462028263934407 https://bleep.com/artist/22668 Passing on this one too. Although I did punt for their Vanity Records Vol 2 box:
  5. https://www.residentadvisor.net/news/73456 Great tracklist on this. 4 LPs in total. 2 in Vol. 1 and 2 in Vol. 2. Clips: https://bleep.com/release/202991-various-artists-idmemo-a-future-of-nostalgia-compiled-by-vladimir-ivkovic-and-ivan-smagghe Tracklist 01. Cylob - Are We Not Men Who Live And Die 02. Chapterhouse - Alpha Phase 03. I.F. - Kisy Loa 04. Abfahrt Hinwil - Tech 7 05. The Marcia Blaine School For Girls - Sometimes My Arms Bend Back 06. Replicant - Analiz 07. Hurtz - Stokers Motor (Extended Mix) 08. Slowdive - In Mind (Reload Remix - The 147 Take)
  6. Thanks for heads up. Do you know if this link just went up yesterday? Or has it been on their website for a few weeks? Wondering if it's still early enough to get one of the 150 mix CDs with the first orders.
  7. Clips sound promising: https://www.rubadub.co.uk/records/crossed-wires Promo says "an eponymous collection of music salvaged from a dusty cassette in the depths of the archives from the productions of an 80s psyche-experimentalist."
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