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  1. new full length that sounds pretty dope: https://hardwax.com/27662/ekman/a-pastime-for-semi-gods/
  2. def one of the worst covers. not only is it dumb, it’s also ugly.
  3. is the fracture remix by a guy called 'fracture', or is it the 'fracture' remix?
  4. don’t really know this guy. but these samples sound SICK.
  5. not sure why i listened to this. cool clown music.
  6. as an album whatever. some decent bangers though.
  7. guess they swapped out the really awesome album art for some really bad album art
  8. call me impressed. this is his best shit since passed me by/we stay together.
  9. can’t be arsed to start a new topic. he’s back on trip with another one: https://bleep.com/release/155651-aleksi-perala-resonance
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