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  1. simple house/deep album i really enjoyed. found it by way of the recent remix album album that has a great cast. martinou, his masters voice, ben kaczor, carsten jost.
  2. seinfeld larry davids old boomer ass gets too annoying
  3. new ep. some more upbeat material here too. very good. https://suzi.bandcamp.com/album/downstairs-j-too
  4. there is a previous thread on this album. but yeah he’s a great producer and it’s good - but something about it is a bit stiff for me. also bjarki ftw
  5. i would say the year long wait was so the cd release would coincide with the vinyl release? which is dumb. def feels like people who initially bought this - like myself - got burned. but whatever. new old nuron for everybody. would say the sound quality was not great on the files I was sent. but they were just demoes. but seeing this is a legit release now here is hoping there is an improvement.
  6. brand new artist to me. this is really excellent. little bit of breaks, techno, idm. kind of skee mask vibes. really great artist/label discovery!
  7. hmmmm. no wonder the cds took so long. i definitely fall into the annoyed camp - as i don't even buy cds but was under the impression the material was exclusive.
  8. been a while since i checked moire. last was prob the ghostly album. but this sounds interesting. tip.
  9. in amongst this deluge of creative output i still hope for an ambient dub techno release. but it seems he has moved on. and that is ok.
  10. interesting: Sasu Ripatti, now sporting the new "Ripatti Deluxe" moniker, presents his very own abstract take on early rave and happy hardcore. "Speed Demon" marks the first release on Ripatti's newly launched label "Rajaton". "I randomly stumbled upon some early rave stuff, happy hardcore and other stuff I'd never really heard before," he said. "And now I started to hear that stuff through tons of effects, looped and turned upside down. I thought it sounded really inspiring and interesting, and after that things just started rolling naturally." Looking ahead, RAJATON will release two series of EPs in 2023. It's the Finnish artist's third label, following Huume Recordings and Ripatti.
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