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  1. dial has always been consistent. looking forward to checking this out.
  2. just got around to this. dig it!
  3. new one from leif coming on whities. should be dope: https://whities.bandcamp.com/album/loom-dream a small snippet can be heard over here with this interactive thingy: https://whiti.es/020/
  4. also looking forward to the new techno leaning rod modell album coming out on tresor
  5. nothing revolutionary here, but it is fucking solid!
  6. I bought it recently here: http://wil-ru.com/shop/cn-the-derelict-lp-black-vinyl/ appears to still be available.
  7. it’s available over at redeye if you wanna lock one down.
  8. really want this. will have to be quick. samples sound sweet.
  9. never heard of this guy. thanks for the recco.
  10. yeah, the last time i saw him he played dubstep bangers, and wore some angel wings and posed in front of his computer like god. never really listened to him since.
  11. never heard of mad zach. just youtubed. who the fuck is this dork?
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