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  1. agreed. lot of shit in there that really isn't that great....
  2. grabbed phex and boc. box is not for me. where the hell is chre?
  3. what other electro albums do you think fall into this category? love me some reccos.
  4. given all this high praise after my initial disdainful comment, i will revisit the album for good measure.
  5. new follow up 'butterfly arcane' is out. it rips! love what this guy is doing.
  6. after i saw them live for the moon shaped ass tour, it was striking how boring the new material was. night and day compared to the old stuff, it really stuck out like a sore thumb. its not terrible, its just boring, and i'm old and probably don't really care about radiohead that much anymore.
  7. i got the vinyl but does suck there is no dig. there is an excellent rip kicking around if you look in the right places. would be extremely happy for a repress of convextion self titled. long overdue.
  8. messages from za bible yo: https://mozex.bandcamp.com/track/luke-22-67
  9. i had not heard this. it is incredible. early release under a different alias. bandcamp here: https://vladislavdelay.bandcamp.com/album/kemikoski-ep i just spent more money than i should have on a bunch of his stuff on discogs. also mentioned in another thread, his 'untitled - circa 2014' is getting a vinyl release soon. he is also working on a new stuff that should be out soon according to a bandcamp message.
  10. i disliked this album. something about it sounded inauthentic or something. maybe just not for me.
  11. will all of these be available digitally at some point?
  12. recent chrome upgrade site running all choppy and assy, with this staggered loading stuff. anybody else have this?
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