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  1. high praise! will have to check this out.
  2. ambient black magic was good shit. will be checking this! lots of good tunes today geez…
  3. new ep - https://sambarker.bandcamp.com/album/barker002
  4. still think crush is a solid album … but his jazz shit is pure corn dad
  5. always been a fan. hits the spot. cool sounds cool grooves.
  6. big fan! stoked for this. Following 2019’s Inside, VC-118A returns to Delsin to present his fourth album, Spiritual Machines. It marks an exciting shift in focus for Samuel van Dijk as his flagship project nears a decade skirting the deeper ends of techno and electro. Over the past two and half years, van Dijk forensically reviewed the key aspects of his production process as he dug down in search of the essence of the VC-118A sound. By creating his own complement of sample banks, software racks and devices, van Dijk was able to work with a hybridised analogue-digital system purely o
  7. last one - though not mind blowing - was super listenable and enjoyable. i revisited it quite a bit. looking forward to checking this out.
  8. https://bleep.com/squarepusher-feed-me-weird-things-warp
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