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  1. its not better for your 'eye health'. thats just a thing people say for some reason. its also a pain in the ass to read if you have an astigmatism.
  2. barf mode but for real - is there a setting where i can pick my own theme? i can barely read the site now.
  3. yes - this album is great. the experiences ltd full length - sibling - is amazing as well
  4. you are over thinking it. buy the colour you want. who cares about resale value. cancelling your bleep order is as simple as sending an email. as to how you weren’t aware a new actress album was announced is baffling. it’s was on the front page of nearly every music publication. also - follow your favourite artists and labels on bandcamp if you want to be in the know.
  5. beltran has quite a few little eps just released on a bunch of different labels. this one is the best. tiger (detroit) is so good. record shipped - looking forward to that magnet.
  6. new ep on delsin sounding deep and tasty: https://varuna4053.bandcamp.com/album/mantis-04
  7. not too familiar with this one. huge recco coming in from extralife. digging in now - def on a psychedelic tip!
  8. its tiring hearing arguments from either side to be honest. spend your money on whatever the fuck you want. from the environmental perspective - vinyl and cds are the least of our problems.
  9. lets see peoples hot takes on vinyl and physical media!
  10. species8472


    i wanted to enjoy that more than I actually did
  11. not too fussed by superficial marks and sleeve damage - that’s part of buying records. but does this remastered by the artist straight from DAT sound better or worse than the “pressed from cd” mov release which turned out to not even be true? that would be disappointing. and yeah vinyl vs cd - they both look good on the shelf and are both useless at this point. but i still buy them.
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