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  1. just listened to this and it was a great time. kind of sounds like something on analogical force or something.
  2. https://music-from-memory.bandcamp.com/album/oumuamua wooops you were talking about diff release
  3. 10 years geez. severant remains awesome. loved the follow up as well. a new album would be dope.
  4. finally got around to this. it is stunning. one of the best releases this year.
  5. i feel like lapsus should reissue this as part of their perennial series thing
  6. this is great. anything steven rutter is gold.
  7. rather - you have so many good reccos its hard to keep up 🙂
  8. @kuniklo those are great reccos. much appreciated!
  9. this is an extremely awesome release. not well versed in MLO and this is amazing.
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