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  1. holy moly. thought it was 2 new full lengths at first. but this is cool. firescope is absolute best.
  2. drank a bunch of beer and randomly put this on and am thinking this is good shit
  3. i don’t know it. but bought it. tell me things about it.
  4. the previous ep was good. looking forward to this.
  5. got around to these. both are excellent! enjoyed the ambient one quite a bit. lushed me out. and 008 is pure bangers and is top notch. went back and listened to "pool" front to back while on a long drive the other day. its even better than i remembered.
  6. bit of mystery artist this one. apparently made some stuff in the 90's now he is back. doesn't really matter. ambient dubby droney stuff. i haven't heard much but he has piqued my interest. boomkat laid it on thick describing it as "a figment of the pre-internet era tapping into a similar consciousness as Biosphere, Chain Reaction or early Fax +49-69/450464”. discography is mostly vinyl only and hard to come by - but a new album is available on bandcamp this week.
  7. new air texture comp from the big boys. last 2 in the series from martyn/steffi and rrose/silent servant are great. this should certainly be cool.
  8. super pumped for this. all of his releases are excellent.
  9. thought this piece of shit newb thread was deleted - glad to see it was renamed and still here
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