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  1. huge fan. but agree. my enthusiasm is non existent at this point.
  2. Rakka II https://boomkat.com/products/rakka-ii
  3. was not expecting this - but this is awesome news! beltran is definitely one of my favourites - he has a had great run lately - and the last placid angles album was awesome. really looking forward to this. "When the first Placid Angels album dropped in 1997, Jon Beltran was already an established force within dance music’s then-emerging scene. He had a knack for both the melodic side as well as intricately designed rhythmic programming. A signature style that went for his early records in the 1990s as much as it does for this new installment of the Placid Angels series (set to drop
  4. i also approve. been listening since it came out. all tracks are really nice. new label from the head of whities/ad 93 seemingly with and “idm” focus.
  5. https://bleep.com/release/220802-nuron-fugue-likemind-06
  6. this out now. i have not listened but am looking forward to it.
  7. discovered this australian label daisart. this release by haji k is a wonderful ambient trip - really nice. their other new release by "picnic" is quite nice as well, in the west mineral / experiences ltd / motion ward vein. a label definitely worth exploring and this release is a good place to start.
  8. new one on acting press. great label. thought the INTe*ra ‎– Aqueduct release from last year was excellent. this sounds like a spaced out trip. "public static v. is an a/v performance that was written, performed and recorded live by PLO Man & C3D-E at LINECHECK, on 23.11.2019 in milan, italy. it was originally to be released late 2020, but due to delays in the production of the disc, it is now available as one piece in 10 parts."
  9. know nothing of james bernard - nice little wormhole to explore. atmospherics is dope!
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