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  1. i would be very happy if burial dropped a surprise christmas release and it was as good as all of his original surprise christmas releases
  2. drinking a few beers and blasting this now
  3. oh great - did not know the digis were available. would also love some digis of the forces hypnosis.
  4. i so want discovery to be good - but its bad. even picard was pretty bad. watched about 30 seconds of lower decks before turning it off. new trek kind of sucks.
  5. terrence dixon is the shit. looking forward to this. i never did check his previous album on axis this year - will be doing that today.
  6. available to order from the regular shops now. just grabbed a copy from redeye.
  7. all his stuff is good. traumprinz full length 'mothercave', prince of denmark 'the body' i would say are classics. people went insane for his dj healer album from the other year. he works under a bunch of dif aliases, all his stuff is vinyl only.
  8. i'd say it wasn't the metatron album i was exactly hoping for - but it has grown on me a lot. records just showed up yesterday. woot woot.
  9. i fall into the devout traumprinz fanboy group. and these do not disappoint.
  10. a selection from all the seasons was packaged up and released by delsin recently
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