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  1. nah - shred is an amazing album. iss002 is the best of the skee series. but these latest ones don’t feel fully realized.
  2. stoked to check this out today. surprised at the immediate disappointment in this - the hype was large in this thread!
  3. weak stuff. it’s ok warp - you can drop them.
  4. this is out. sounds p great.
  5. yeah, they've been ok. plaid remix was the best thing. new skee mask is always dope.
  6. i'm guessing the boxset is bleep exclusive, and the individual lps will be available elsewhere. who knows. or its 'bleep exclusive' to induce panic buying. regardless, looks really awesome and purchased.
  7. was referring to the nonstop wacky samples. I found it was exhausting. what can i say - they corned me out.
  8. pretty corny tbh. give me an ‘instrumentals’.
  9. vinyl available again from redeye. WOOT. https://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/85591-bbb006-eod-swurlk-ep
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