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  1. Hey WAMM, Sharing a track here after 3 years :), I hope you likey... haha
  2. I really like your sound, I feel the energy, I think its quality, please send more ?
  3. Hey, I like Inside a lot the kicks are catchy, I would like to hear them more amplified though because when the melody gets in they are standing in the background, and only in the ending I felt a little bit confused with the sounds, in outro I didn't know what to listen, I like the intro though it really picks you up and make you want to listen the rest of the song.
  4. I'm not a drum n bass fan, but I liked the drums, choir, and where everything drops and the song goes mad, it was really great, I think you have a unique style, don't lose this, other than that chords could be more on the foreground.
  5. Hello dear forum members, this is a new song of mine, hope you like it, please give me some criticism, whether constructive or not, as to what you think of my music as I really want to improve my style ?
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