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  1. Out now through Pr0gramma. "In true Rephlex fashion, Snack Master unloads nearly an hour’s worth of eclectic bass heavy work. Breakbeat Lifestyle really pushes open the theme with clean smacking breaks spliced with a catchy and drifting melodic RPG battle sequence. The wide phasing basslines, dissonant FX, and chopped drummer takes slowly swell through the Snack Master namesake sampling “Bass Work” and “Aggression” to a precipice, the banger of a techno track, “Mysterious Journey” opening up to some BOC-leaning raw melodic experiments. “Music For The Car part 2” takes a bit of a detuned percussive detour exploring an early 90s Universal Indicator-like experiment. This is clearly a very serious collection of tracks that will surely help usher in new obsessions to some now dusty essential listens."
  2. i ended up resampling reaction for another track. this one is likely still a draft
  3. sounds like a banger in the making
  4. hey, thanks! i'm pretty sure that i achieved that sound by hitting the kicks pretty aggressively with ableton's amp simulator and then finishing it off with a gate to trim off the rumbly tail.
  5. hey, thanks for listening. i'm not sure what you mean when you are using the word "add" (as in the add being too loud). are you talking about the bass?
  6. another compusonics track, this one kinda gets weird in some nice ways i think
  7. Whoops, I meant to post this in "Your Latest Creations".... I got inspired by late '80s - early '90s aesthetics recently and decided to make a music project out of it. So, i set up some of my hardware from that time (Roland D-110, Kawai K1m, Roland Alpha Juno, Casio VZ-1, Ensoniq TS-12) and made some tracks based on exploring that era's sound. Here's some early work out of all that:
  8. hah, that's interesting because i feel like i really like the beat but feel meh about the melody. thanks for the feedback tho 🙂
  9. Here's another painting I finished somewhat recently. I think I'm calling it "Synthesis" (no, that's not a reference to twiddling knobs).
  10. looks great. the ink stands out very nicely against the watercolor.
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