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  1. i dig it. what synth did you use for the main line?
  2. dunno what you mean by freeform, but yes, i'm working on some more jungly kinda tracks, such as this one i just posted yesterday
  3. ๐Ÿ˜Ž always appreciate your support, homie. i'm willing to chip away at relevance in the community in a slow and consistent fashion ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
  4. pretty straightforward dnb track here. i've been working on taking my drum work to the next level while also trying to avoid compositional habits i sometimes fall into, and this is one of the first tracks to come out of it. i hope y'all enjoy
  5. thanks for posting, your feedback is right on regarding the high passing. i probably go too far with it sometimes, so i'll try to be a little more subtle with it in the future thanks to you. also, i haven't dipped my toe into the world of panning much, so it's probably time for me to do so ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Snack Master - On My Way 'It'll be on the other major platforms as well this July. Cheers!
  7. back with another track today, this one very much not ambient: FM Jungle Breaks FWIW, i may end up extending the track a bit more with some parts added on at the end.
  8. Here's another ambient track looking for feedback: Snack Master - Expanse
  9. Thanks for the feedback! Adding more chord stabs to the acid workout is definitely on my list of planned revisions ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. Hey everybody, I've got a couple different links for y'all today: River Rock: ambient Snack Master's Acid Workout: acid madness "River Rock" comes out of an ambient album I just stared recently and the acid workout is an early draft of something I'm developing for live performances.
  11. i'm a little confused. are you specifically asking for my thoughts on your track? i'm not sure why you posted this in a thread devoted to reviewing my tracks.. that said, the track sounds fine, though it's not so interesting to me--it doesn't really seem like it goes anywhere.
  12. thank you for the feedback! getting nitpicky is kinda what i was looking for :)
  13. hey everybody, i'm curious what y'all think of this track: thanks
  14. hey everybody, i have another track that i'd like y'all to hear: "See It Through"
  15. I used to not put much time into track titles, but lately I feel like having a relevant title does add a bit to the enjoyment of the actual piece. So, what I do now is listen to the song, try to get a mental picture or a sense of the emotions / feeling of the track and then go from there. I like it when Aphex does stuff like providing gear information in the title, so we can get a sense of what he used to make the piece (like the GX1 Solo Tuss track).
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