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  1. https://snackmaster.bandcamp.com/album/this-path-of-mine ^^ I'm trying out the pre-order thing. Cheers! ^^
  2. Here's a quick little sampler of the tracks: I've decided that I'll be releasing it first on Bandcamp on the 26th with it coming to the other major platforms on November 16th.
  3. Coming soon at some point within the next two weeks or so, I'll be releasing an album of some tracks that I've been working on. The title of the album is "This Path Of Mine", and here's the cover: Containing 7-8 tracks (still sorting out the final edits), I would use adjectives such as "cool" to describe the songs. In anticipation of this album's upcoming release, I will be exercising, eating well, and getting good sleep.
  4. just a little ambient jam with my emu mp7's internal synth engine
  5. https://snackmaster.bandcamp.com/album/compusonics I got inspired by the audiovisual aesthetics of late '80s - early '90s pop culture and technology, so I dragged out some of my synths from that era (including my Roland D110, Alpha Juno, Casio VZ-1, Kawai K1m, and Ensoniq TS-12) and wrote some this album. I kinda started these tracks wanting to make some kind of lo-fi techno (as evidenced by "Sunset Aesthetic", the first track I wrote out of the album) and ended up making music that might best be thought of as background music for science documentaries or demoscene videos. Although
  6. might add another part in the end, this is it for now.
  7. more seriously, this is the most recent art i've made:
  8. hey man, thanks for the excellent critiques / feedback, i really appreciate it.
  9. took the beat from Xper (posted on the 26th), developed it a bit and got this out of it
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