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  1. it seems perfectly fine to me
  2. Snack Master - Hardware Love Vol. 3 features some jams that I recorded for my YouTube channel and felt were worth releasing. Without intending it, all the tracks here have a focus on acid. Cheers!
  3. this is a more refined edit of something i posted here a few months ago
  4. this is still kinda rough in how fleshed out the overall ideas are and the arrangement in general, but i'm happy with a lot of what i have going on here, especially regarding the drum patterns
  5. early MTV was weird--here's more from that beck interview with thurston moore:
  6. listening to it now, it's an interesting blend of things. i feel like the juxtapositions within your instrumentation is what stands out to me the most. my personal favorite track is "centurion". nice work.
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