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  1. i love the urgency and joy when he's delivering the milk
  2. "Across The Sky"--not the most recent, just the most recently documented
  3. Just released a new collection of ambient tracks. Cheers. https://snackmaster.bandcamp.com/album/transcendent-moments
  4. hadn't heard this before, hell yea.
  5. 2021 plans: - continue to refine my craft as an artist and musician, including the development of my artistic and professional networks, and what i do with my content after it has been made. - continue to scale back on my exposure to unnecessary "entertainment". i want to create more silence and space in my life for my own consciousness instead of turning on mindless noise (like youtube videos while cooking or stretching in the morning). meditation will be a part of this shift, for sure. - pursue a deeper level of health and connection with regards to my food and my own cookin
  6. decided to make that last ambient track into a video
  7. i've also thought quite a bit about these hi hats. i love how they switch from playing normally to playing in reverse (or whatever it is they're doing to get that sound).
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