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  1. haha, i knew i was taking a chance with the title 🙂 thanks for letting me know what stood out to you and what was less interesting! i really enjoy hearing people's reactions to my jams.
  2. Although it's only on Bandcamp for now, it'll be posted to the other major platforms shortly. I hope y'all enjoy!
  3. some great stuff here as always, fxbip. however, i'm wondering if you mistakenly uploaded the same .wav file for both "analogos" and "pretense".
  4. thanks for the link, i had totally missed this. my favorite track so far is Untitled21
  5. i may continue to edit the first part and add on to the end, but i'm pretty happy with this
  6. internet culture in general right now seems to have a disappointing sort of "edgy" quality to it where people needlessly treat each other people with a sort of cynical masochism for teh lulz. people are all trying to be so clever and funny, but so many people don't really understand context, comedy, and how to treat other people, so it all comes out in a unnecessarily snarky and mean way. some people are genuinely smart and funny on this board, but they're the exception rather than the norm. mostly, it seems that everybody wants to be some sort of jaded cynic, but that's such an annoying and negative archetype to play into. i do think things are slowly moving the other direction across the internet in general, but if people started treating other posters on this board as actual real people, i think a lot of the stupid middle school behavior would disappear, and everybody would benefit. but that's just me..
  7. the universe hath bestowed some beautiful music to me on my birthday. i had no idea there was an unreleased plone album
  8. https://snackmaster.bandcamp.com/album/summer-heights Although the EP is only four songs, I feel that it works well as a release as the tracks all share a sort of relaxed / open feeling. edit: it'll be on the other major platforms soon as well.
  9. "come enough" is my favorite and has some pretty cool things going on. i also like STP917B but find the other two tracks to be on the weaker side of things (with east of eve needing a better mix IMO). however, this is all subjective, so i dunno how useful this feedback is.
  10. i've been riding a productive kick over the past few days, so here's another new track:
  11. may as well share this one too: the drums could use some more work, but i'm pretty happy with the melody, especially towards the end.
  12. hey everyone, i have a more relaxed track for y'all today: it's got a similar vibe to aphex's "ibiza spliff".
  13. i mean, watmm has had incredible longevity all things considered. with how rapidly things are changing now, if this board is dying, i'd say it's because of larger things in play than anything to do with the board itself. it kinda feels like the IDM community struggles to maintain itself nowadays anyway, and we're a small subsection of that already small subsection. that said, this board did feel a bit difficult to approach at first, but that probably had more to do with me than the board itself.
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