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  1. pretty happy with this, especially the acid part in the middle ish.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm looking for new ways to process audio within Ableton Live. Currently, I make heavy use of time stretching, grain delay, auto filter, the Paul Stretch VST, flanger, reverb, redux, and the other modules to a lesser extent. After using Ableton for over ten years now, I'd like to add to my toolkit and am curious what people within the IDM community are using. Bonus points for free software, of course.
  3. A little EP of some bangers. I also made a quick video to accompany the jams:
  4. i'm very excited to see my own set among so many other talented producers. this is an exciting little community we have going here.
  5. i use ableton as my sequencer because i'm used to writing music within it, and it enables me to work with program and control change messages with ease. as far as my process, i usually futz about until i find something i like, then loop that for a bit until i can add something on top of it. from there, i try to build until i feel like i've gotten all i can out of that idea, then if it feels like the song isn't done, i try to take what i'm working with and create new parts until it feels like a complete song. sometimes that process is more smooth, sometimes it's more challenging (like the track i'm working on now).
  6. Hey, check out my acid tracks: Snack Master - Acid Jammers Just some simple acid tracks! Cheers!
  7. got a guitar and made some guitar jams, hope it doesn't ruin my idm cred too much:
  8. i'l probably work on chopping the breaks up more and i may end up playing with the 909 kick somehow
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