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  1. should probably spice this up more, could benefit from some acid
  2. Got another one: Calling this one "Autumn Exchange"
  3. trying to make my youtube videos more visually interesting
  4. thanks! it's not too complicated. it's just a chord played by operator with one of the operators getting fine tuned up along with the pitch bend.
  5. a version 2.0 edit of a track i posted here a while back
  6. thanks, that's the evolver by dave smith. fantastic little synth, lots of great sounds.
  7. https://youtube.com/c/kidbowman my channel has a big range of things, honestly. i post jams mostly nowadays, but i also have a bunch of content from other projects as well. i'm actually curious what some of you might think about the "new age video aquarium" collaborative project i have with my best friend. we take weird vhs tapes we find and run them through our individual rigs (his covering video, i cover audio) and get some cool results.
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