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  1. Never heard of this genre before until random video popped up on YT recs. Way off my radar. Is this pop music now? I'm not even really hating on it. Other than Sophie I've never heard of any of these acts. I figured Sophie was kinda leftfield but apparently she's done production for big name pop stars and brands. I feel old and out of touch lol
  2. Yeah prob be a little bit before most of the audio apps get a universal app rewrite but from what I've seen from the gaming side of things even games going through Rosetta translation are playing pretty snappy.
  3. The missile knows where it is at all times
  4. Casually chilling next to his Synthi 100, nbd
  5. printf shiver was prob my fav snares but i can't really listen to that kinda stuff anymore
  6. Prob gonna pick up Reason 11 Suite upgrade, it's 30% off until 11/30. I'm still on 10.
  7. Just flipped back through this thread wondering how I missed it. It delivers 👍 Need to get back in touch with drone.
  8. "Cleanse my creative burden" Reminds me of when Trent (NIN) auctioned all his gear and said NIN was done. That lasted a year or two lol
  9. Washington Examiner is a conservative outlet. They're saying Trump needs to tap out. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/editorials/its-time-for-trump-to-concede-and-move-on
  10. Sounds like Trump got trolled by the Michigan legislators that he summoned. They showed up with a letter asking for more stimulus and said their elections were fine.
  11. Kinda wonder if this was just someone trying to figure out what a current market price would be. You figure eh I want to sell this thing but I'm not sure what somebody would pay so you list it with a crazy reserve so nobody actually buys it. "Oh, someone would pay 20000 for this, that's cool!" So next time the opportunity comes up to sell it you know that number and can just say "I'll sell it for 25000" then you negotiate and sell it for 20000 and the buyer thinks they haggled you when in reality you saved the 13% ebay+paypal fee on 20000. SMART
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