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  1. Just revisited boxenergy4remix1, dern what a tune! Would be nice to have that on wax
  2. Good luck! I’ve hunted for that one since early 2000’s, same boat I don’t want to pay Discogs price.
  3. I used to make tracks with Acid 2.0, really liked that software. RIP Sonic Foundry. (Yeah i know SOFO still exists but not the same post Sony leeching)
  4. I'm just buying the yellow 303 to flip it.
  5. No There are YouTube channels I want to watch for the info but the creators’ voices annoy me to no end so I turn on auto captioning instead and mute it.
  6. I eat a plant based diet. Animals eat plants, I eat animals, thus I eat plants. It’s only logical.
  7. Thanks! Pre-ordered. Hopefully won't get cancelled or take 3 months to fill.
  8. Nah 2 min seems reasonable, I just have Slack habits at this point, need to remember the forum post context when posting lol
  9. Let me know when that yellow 303 preorder goes up
  10. Gesetz Der Oktaven - Buendelungsmass https://third-ear-recordings.bandcamp.com/album/klirrfaktor-ep
  11. Yeah dealing with each individual sale plus people who flake out or say they didn't get their item etc, it's worth it to just get rid of it all at once with a single transaction. I did a big purge a few years ago on Ebay and while I felt like I got fair prices for things it was a lot of hassle.
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