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  1. https://abc7.com/officials-engineer-tried-to-smash-train-into-usns-mercy/6069395/?fbclid=IwAR0ZxWMkn63f7p1Cq7cS3-rPEG3gv-qGZbxL9YfPwB6eKXeCsAHBzTApnkg Gee, wonder where he got that idea? DJ's, you have been warned
  2. Sorry about your Governor there https://mobile.twitter.com/CNN/status/1245494921936678912
  3. Eh I figure if it was Richard and/or Tom the joke would be over by now. I used to believe but not so much anymore. Still like the EP tho
  4. Thought I was getting trolled @ 22:15 with the vegan propaganda "documentary" stuff then it turned into a paid content plug for a "learning" company. So still trolled but just sorta?
  5. Yeah airlines have to use their takeoff and landing slots or they lose them. Looks like FAA has finally decided to waive that through May 31: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/economy/faa-waives-rules-that-led-airlines-to-fly-empty-planes
  6. Most of the doomsday prepper types in the US are basically cosplayers.
  7. Trump’s game now is to leave decisions about opening back up to each US state’s Governor. It’s a great way for him to avoid responsibility.
  8. FAG church. Not homophobic, that's actually the name of that church.
  9. I wonder what weird human breeds we'd have if aliens domesticated us and kept us as pets.
  10. Ghosts boxset was one of my best flips ever, more than doubled my money. Thanks Trent!
  11. Maybe we're already close to the end of this and the cases we see now going bad are the crescendo
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