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  1. Be funnier if he set his CAT23 on fire IMO. Doesn't comon lore have Mike P having one of them?
  2. hijexx


    I'm trying to slog through the 12 Monkeys TV series right now, it's like 30+ hours lol
  3. I did the trial of Go thinking it would somehow give me fast forward/rewind when using the SoundCloud app with CarPlay, like maybe it was a pay only feature. Nope! Still can't. I didn't renew it.
  4. hijexx


    Nah I'm just saying I first saw the Lynch version then read the book and my third experience will be the Villeneuve version
  5. hijexx


    I tried to read Dune a couple of times but kept losing interest. Finally got an unabridged audio book and knocked it out in a couple of weeks during my commutes to and from work. Pretty cool story. For me it'll be Lynch Dune -> Audiobook -> Villeneuve Dune. I heard the Sci Fi Channel series version is really good for the budget they had to work with but haven't seen it. Yeah it's a shame, BR2049 is so well done but the masses basically want super hero movie sequels from here to eternity now.
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