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  1. Feels weird, this is the first Aphex release I won't be picking up in any form. Maybe if it gets released on the Aphex Bleep site with some extra tracks I'll jump in.
  2. Nice to get these bonus tracks with the Field Day release. Keep hoping some more Tuss tracks show up under Rushup Edge.
  3. I have zero frollick rating for this release. Have I arrived at boomer status?
  4. I liked the old warp dot net flash based web site
  5. That would be a fun forum setting: [ ] Hide OP (only show comments)
  6. The agency that created an interactive installation for the Collapse release did a walk through of how the project was created and executed. Pretty cool to see the design and tooling behind the scenes. RDJ had sent them samples to work with but apparently Warp thought it was "off brand" so it was changed out last minute to use clips from the Collapse songs.
  7. I bought AFX Hangable Auto Bulb EP from Sleazy on eBay back in the early 2000's for a decent price. I left him positive feedback. He didn't return the favor. Didn't hold it against him though, good tunes. RIP bro.
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