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  1. So you're cool with racists threatening people then, it's just a free for all. Got it.
  2. Washington Post doing their part in fanning the flames of race war: https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/07/02/michigan-woman-gun-video/ They don't even pretend to accurately describe what happened in the video. It's framed as if this is all the white woman's fault.
  3. I've given consideration to wearing a bodycam when I'm out. Not kidding.
  4. I think it's good to be aware of what is happening in society. By the time these things make it into the regular media channels it's all chopped up, edited, and packaged with each channel's respective narrative. Seeing it raw lets you make up your own mind. I'm interested to see all of the spin on this incident: liberal, moderate, conservative, the whole spectrum.
  5. The white people took their tongue lashing from the black people and also the threat to beat their ass. They were leaving. The black woman decided to provoke them further by obstructing the white people's vehicle that was already in reverse and leaving. Getting back out of the car and escalating force might not be what you had done at that point but they had already been threatened and were being threatened and attacked at that point. Camera goes shaky and can't really see what happened between the part where the black woman moved in front of a moving vehicle, hit it, and said "oh you gotta hit me?" You can't expect to go around threatening people with violence then doing it and not have some sort of consequence. The white woman had the ultimate playing field leveler at her disposal and used it. Black woman mouthed off a little more after that but the point was made and the white people got to leave with no more harassement or physical provocation by the black woman.
  6. Apparently black folks are coming for light skinned blacks too: "You acting like you white but you really black"
  7. They were able to leave without having the instigator block them from leaving again. Nobody was hurt. I say it worked out pretty well.
  8. Black people starting shit with white people is what I see there. "THESE WHITE PEOPLE THEY SO RACIST!" Whatever.
  9. NYT putting out the SJW bat signal to go start shit over nothing. Can anyone find an article where people were authentically mad/feeling oppressed/whatever about Mt. Rushmore say, 10 years ago? I think monuments and statues are stupid in general and I wouldn't care if Mt. Rushmore goes away but don't replace it with something else if you do. Just try to make it look as natural as possible. If they do it, do it with a private fund raiser not tax dollars. Anyway that's all I got. Seems like people wanting to be offended and going and finding something to be offended by and I don't want to pay taxes to "fix" something that's not broken. I'm cool if SD wants to do it with private money or their own state tax money, no federal money.
  10. Bacon Tomato Lettuce Mozzarella That's one of my favorite sandwiches
  11. The "summer of love" is coming to an end. Let's shed a tear for CHAZ.
  12. I said I wasn't going to buy the Peel Sessions thing because it was a cash grab but I went and did it anyway. Paid for a glitchy version of Pancake Lizard, yes I did.
  13. Messenger vs message. I just think it's funny how the mayor of Seattle seems to be fine with CHAZ but it's a different story when they show up at her house.
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