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  1. I got a message that something at the record plant broke, going to be delayed for me
  2. Kinda wanted to hear this first on wax but yeah I'll be spinning them digivinyls tomorrow I guess
  3. ^ This. I already own Rushup Edge on vinyl and CD. Rich got me to buy it a third time with those extras. They're great.
  4. DJ Pierre by chance? Heard something about a possible collab a few years ago.
  5. Almost got it right SO CLOSE
  6. Not saying “best” but Phineus II slaps https://youtube.com/watch?v=crgeITyWCyE
  7. same Probably going to be 30 more thread about this before the year's over tho
  8. Still haven't gotten tired of this. I want more channels with different genres.
  9. Still waiting for MFM
  10. Don’t remember but they posted a clip on SoundCloud Just remember they said they would share after they touched it up a bit
  11. Still listening to this today, I think I hear it evolving
  12. Sounds pretty good to me
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