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  1. Probably not but you never know. Always thought an Aphex Twin + NIN tour would have gone over pretty well maybe late 90's era. Had a lot of fun doing Aphex Twin + NIN mashups/cutups in Traktor, NIN textures on top of AFX beats makes some interesting sounds.
  2. Ah gotcha. Nice that this is being released on wax. I'd like to hear more Donkey Rhubarb EP era style stuff, Vaz Deferenz with that off kilter squiggle sound and when that 606 comes in is one of my favorites. Also Pancake Lizard is great. While I've got those songs on the brain, I've always wondered if the song between Vaz Deferenz and Neuropolitique - Mind You Don't Trip was an Aphex track or not. Could also be an unreleased Cylob jam maybe, starts coming in at 5:00 min mark
  3. Go get sweaty for a few days and don't bathe. Work up a real good stinky musk and just march right up.
  4. Nice to have a reference copy of the set, thanks Red Bull! I was recording the set ghetto style yesterday from analog out of one laptop into an audio interface on another laptop trying to keep the levels from running red hahaha. Still kinda like my recording a little better since it comes in hot.
  5. Prob get taken down but here's the set https://soundcloud.com/neontotem/aphex-twin-london-2019
  6. Reckon we'll hear SOUNDLAB20 maybe in the mix somewhere?
  7. Put the Red Bull TV app on my Roku, able to browse to the event and see the countdown, hopefully that means I’ll be able to stream it to the US.
  8. Dern, hope there is somewhere to watch it from the US, that’s what I planned to do later
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