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  1. NYC man sells fart for $85, cashing in on NFT craze https://nypost.com/2021/03/18/nyc-man-sells-fart-for-85-cashing-in-on-nft-craze/ Sad that you can’t smell them, that’s half the fun
  2. You are creating your own definition of what an ad hominem is lol, man you’re just trolling me at this point. Have at it.
  3. Ad hominem is attacking the person not the issue. When you said I’d look at a dog take a shit and I’d say “Now let’s wait for evidence” you are attacking me. That is an ad hominem. You saying “that dog took a shit” when a dog took a shit is a fact. I would not argue with a fact like that. Your opinion on the shooter’s motive is just an opinion.
  4. I’m not trying to insult you or even debate you. We have a difference of opinion and you seem to have a really hard time accepting that.
  5. I’ll let you have the last ad hominem dig, seems like that is what you enjoy.
  6. I think we’re just talking past each other at this point. Police response is terrible, I don’t see how you comeback from saying a mass murderer “had a bad day” then express zero empathy for the victims. As for shooter my opinion is I don’t know enough yet to jump to the conclusion that he is an evil racist who had premeditated a hate crime. The case is brand new and we will learn more. That’s about all I got, sorry I don’t see it exactly like you do bro.
  7. It only matters what the jury thinks. If a racially motivated mass murder carries a stiffer penalty than one that is not racially motivated that will be for the courts to decide which punishment he gets. That will depend on evidence.
  8. Your bias is that the murder’s actions don’t match his words. It’s fine to have that bias but don’t go putting words in my mouth that I can’t believe he’s a liar. If there is evidence that he is a white supremacist, like he’s a member of a bunch of WP FB groups or wrote screeds about the stuff I’ll believe it. Until then the only fact I’ve seen is his statement. Still not sure why you had to take it to an ad hominem attack but whatever makes you happy.
  9. Why are you so bent out of shape over this? All I said is the guy said that wasn’t his motive.
  10. Kinda seems like the tail is wagging the dog here with all the media and SJWs latching onto this being about anti Asian sentiment. The suspect was asked if his killings were racially motivated and he said no. He said he did it because he has a sex addiction and he wanted to eliminate places that tempted him. I’m not saying he is justified at all for anything he did, regardless of motive. But in this specific instance he said that wasn’t his motive so that’s all we really have to go on. Never let a good crisis go to waste though. Andrew Yang already said: “Make no mistake, these women were targeted on the basis of their race.” I guess Andrew got to interview the suspect and personally made him change his motive and confess eh? Fucked up situation all around. This country is sick.
  11. Yeah to me it has parallels to fiat money in the sense that we all believe money has value so it does.
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