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  1. Hoarders: Aphex Twin fan merch edition
  2. hijexx

    Glasto 2019

    I remember hearing a lot of those trackisn in an Aphex @ Disco Assault Rome 2002 video and thinking they sound so future. Well future's here and they still sound future! Tom's treasure chest
  3. hijexx


    Catching up on AE warp tapes part 2 now, straight fire
  4. hijexx

    WARP 30

    Special guest Death Grips
  5. One alternative could be a drawing system. Have a window of time, say a week where you express your interest in purchasing a ticket. You get an identifier assigned. When the drawing occurs each identifier drawn is notified and has a window of time to execute the purchase. If that time expires, another drawing round occurs. If you keep the windows short enough, maybe you give each round 30 minutes to purchase, you could have it done in a couple of hours. Put the general onsale of any tickets not accounted for at that +2 hour mark. Still going to have a scarce product with more buyers than there are items to sell but it takes the race out of it.
  6. Yeah didn't work that well for me. I was refreshing every second and the button didn't change to "Book Now" until about 55 seconds after the onsale started. Got in the queue at 9:00:56, said I had to wait 5 minutes, 5 minutes went by then the selection page said sold out. Lucked out on the NYC show though so I'm still alright. Whoever got tickets have fun and hopefully there's some good recordings that come out.
  7. Probably requires some corporate busy work to be done on the Rephlex side of things which is now defunct which would mean someone would be paying with either time or money to make it happen instead of someone who's job it is to do it which is a run on sentence to say ain't gonna happen, just let it stand as a time capsule of music history.
  8. I'd be just fine with that
  9. Aphex Twin subreddit is where tracklists get made fast though, discovered a lot of new (to me) music that way.
  10. hijexx


    I don't really know about UK Euro politics. How many votes does this have to go through before it's settled? Seems like this has been dragging on for years now. Or is it done one way or another now? Hard to keep up without knowing all the nuances.
  11. I got a message that something at the record plant broke, going to be delayed for me
  12. Kinda wanted to hear this first on wax but yeah I'll be spinning them digivinyls tomorrow I guess
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