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  1. Pretty standard vocoding but I really dig this track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzstD9U6lvU
  2. Here's a demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vh56cEx2r2o I used to be excited for this box...
  3. The number could represent the format, e.g. A2,B2,and C2 are CDs, D4 is a tape, E1 is vinyl. Just speculation.
  4. This is all good advice. Compose is a loaded term but I'm assuming you're talking about composing electronic tracks. (If you're talking about composing classical music you really need to go find a comp teacher. Not an online course, a real human that you can interact with.) I think if you want to write some cool tracks you really just need to start writing tracks. There's not some step by step program you can follow where you do little exercises and when you're done you write the best tracks ever. A world class violinist doesn't learn to shred violin by reading books or blog posts, they become badasses by playing violin every day. Learning the tools of electronic music isn't any different. Music theory can be helpful in getting ideas more easily out of your head and into the real world but I don't think it's completely necessary. Use your ears. Just find whatever kind of stuff you like and write a track like that. Listen to music with an analytical ear. I'm not saying make a direct cover of a track you dig (although that isn't a terrible idea, especially if you're starting out with no experience), I'm saying find a track you like, figure out what the basic elements of the track are, and then make a track using those elements. For example, if you like BoC, lay down a hip hop beat, throw some warbly ass synth lines on top, and sprinkle in a some sampled kids voices. The track will probably be shit, but the experience you gain making the track will be super beneficial for future tracks. I wouldn't worry about being original, eventually your music will become the sum of all your influences (all the people you choose to rip off) and that sum will be unique. There aren't any shortcuts. If you want to write good tracks, just write a lot of tracks.
  5. http://www.vintagesynth.com/yamaha/rm1x.php
  6. Sonic Lab reviews are generally pretty insightful. Also, Nick Batt did this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffdWUvxyB_c
  7. It's not (yet) full of people arguing about noise music and definitions.
  8. Grischa Lichtenberger's and IV Inertia album is amazing.
  9. I have an EM 1 mk I (which is basically and ER I and EA I combined) and an ES I mk II. The mk I and mk II of the electribes are almost exactly the same, the only differences being (I believe) the mk II's have a metal front plate and one of the effects is changed (I think the auto wah of the mk I was changed to a delay). For $250, you could find an ESX or EMX, or even 2 of the first generation boxes. People really seem to dig the ribbon controller on the X series. I've never played one, but I'm sure they'd all suit each other just fine. I think for that amount of money and your goal of being computer free, a Yamaha RM1X is a much more powerful machine (I think its still one of the best hardware sequencers you can get), and you can easily sequence your ER with it. But I recommend you do some research and figure out what you're really looking for rather than taking advice from random people on the internet. Here's a video of a chick going to town on a bunch of electribes:
  10. "When you get a patent, you gotta patent in over 1000 countries." Over 1000 countries.
  11. The first three semesters of music theory are really just a summation of the "common practice" period of western art music (read: old white Europeans males writing classical music between 1600 and 1900). If you actually write music like that you'll be taken seriously in a very small number of circles (if you plan on sticking with it, during the fourth semester you basically study how composers in the 20th/21st centuries completely disregard and actively rebel against that kind of stuff). Theory classes are useful for understanding why things sound a certain way, like your example of parallel 5ths, but I don't think they're particularly applicable to pop music. Theory isn't necessarily going to make you a better musician, it's just going to give you more tools. Also, your teacher sounds like a dick. On topic: I remember reading a book by Charles Wuorinen called Simple Composition and early in the book, he talks about the sort of raw materials of music. He had pitch and rhythm lumped into the same category, because it turns out both pitch and rhythm are the same thing (oscillations), rhythm being around 0-5 hz and (audible) pitch being between 20 and 20,000 hz. That was sort of a mind blowing concept when I first read it.
  12. Just go to goodwill and buy every album that has black people wearing jumpsuits in the 70s on the cover.
  13. I've been on a Merck kick recently so this is great. Just ordered Morphing into an Angel.
  14. I'm not trying to sound like a dick or anything, but make sure you're using the regular output and not the trigger output (maybe try the headphone out as well). Trig out will just give you a click. It's probably not too far gone if it powers up and you just aren't getting any sound. If there isn't anything obviously broken when you open it up, e.g. loose wires/bad jack, it shouldn't be too hard to find the problem with a multimeter. Here's the schematic (red circles are individual out points): http://sslstudiodesign.free.fr/110/DR110mix.jpg
  15. Well, I like to mod stuff. As it is, the 110 isn't particularly useful to me. There isn't any way to sync it up to other gear, so adding midi will make it slightly more useful. And it has great sounds in it (I'm pretty sure it was the last analog drum machine Roland designed), but who doesn't like having some knobs to twiddle (it has a "balance" knob, not much variety of sound)? The circuit's simple enough. Modding it is a way to take it from a glorified metronome with nice sounds to a semi flexible drum unit (or a $100 606 ripoff). I've done the drum machine to noise box kind of mods as well, e.g. circuit bending an RX5. Not a particularly useful mod, but it still functions just as it did before, now it just has a bunch of switches that fuck it all up.
  16. I think officially it was at one point a fully functional unit, but was somehow broken at the show. It seems suspicious that only the audio part of the circuit was affected, as the leds/display are obviously working. Also suspicious that they couldn't have it repaired or even ship a new one in. More likely is that it never made any sound and they just brought a non working prototype. It looks good though. I dig the wood panels. A clap would have been nice but I'm in the process of modding the hell out of a boss dr-110 and that thing has a great clap. The metallic percussion deal has the potential to be pretty cool, but who knows. Demoing a drum machine with no sound is fucked.
  17. I peruse the general music forum far more often than I check out the subforums. And although I think a vsnares forum would open up discussion of his music in a more general sense, rather than just talking about him when he has a new album coming out, are there enough vsnares threads to warrant a subforum (although a subforum will surely bring about more vsnares discussion, and that's a good thing)? Like someone mentioned earlier, there's really not a lot going on in several of the artist sub forums except around release time(afx discussion will continue at a steady pace into eternity whether he ever releases anything again or not I'm sure). I do like the idea of label subforums. I think combining several artists into a single subforum will both make information/threads easier to pinpoint, and the variety of artists will sort of keep the forums active. And labels usually release music of a similar type, so that will lead to some thread cross pollination/people hearing about artist they might like. But it doesn't really matter to me either way. I just typed the words forum and subforum far more than I ever thought I would. p.s. can we have a boc sub-subforum inside the boc subforum? Just for fun.
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qWPCoayhjY
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