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  1. corona has made me rethink not only my longterm financial portfolio allocation strategy, but it has made me apply that same form of thinking to the rest of life. not only should we be financially stable, but we should be materially stable with physical assets to fall back on, like land and a house which is owned rather than rented, even if it's just a trailer you live in on a tiny sliver of land. like social capital, the interactions and relationships you have with the people in your community who can hook you up with food if you get fucked. and like longterm storage of medical supplies, as well as even personal medical knowledge. i feel like my education in the US was truly woefully lacking. I actually don't know anything, I'm basically mentally degenerate and completely ignorant on pretty much every topic. this is especially concerning because i actually have a pretty good education and always got a's and stuff, but in the end i am a fucking moron who doesn't even know how to grow a potato or rig up a water filtration system for your piss, or whatever other things preppers do not only do I feel this should be applied on the individual but to the greater society. if we're still using stupid metrics like stock market performance to judge economic health after we exit this crisis, it's going to not bode well for climate change readiness. clearly we need smarter metrics being the primary health monitor, like how long each community in the country could isolate itself and be completely self sufficient for example. why doesn't each neighborhood have its own communal garden to grow the majority of its food, which everyone takes turns taking care of or which is a group activity? this is like an enthusiast type thing but it should be a standard thing. why doesn't everyone know a little bit of everything ill end my rant here
  2. coronavirus socialist activism discussion YT livestream from prominent US socialists
  3. Marx said the most advanced technological nation will lead the communist revolution
  4. It's not about this, it's about what this is a test run for. Climate change.
  5. How many artists are as progressive as AE, as in they change their style at a rate this significant each release?
  6. https://revolutionaryleftradio.libsyn.com/thinking-through-the-crisis-coronavirus-capitalism-and-the-future All Episodes Thinking Through The Crisis: Coronavirus, Capitalism, and The Future Thinking Through The Crisis: Coronavirus, Capitalism, and The Future Mar 20, 2020 On this emergency crossover episode of Red Menace and Rev Left Radio, Alyson and Breht discuss COVID-19, what the best models are predicting, what the response of the US State and capitalist class is, what the Left can do, what the future looks like, and much, much more.
  7. “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”― Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
  8. dont touch your face wait why does my nose itch wait my entire face is itching, has it ever itched this bad before? i cant remember now maybe one itch is safe, if its through my clothes wait is my washer machine infected?
  9. All this means is that the conspiracy theory is epistemically unfalsifiable. That fact does not mean by itself that it's true, or even likely. You can always fall back and say it was produced in an undetectable underground biological research facility, but there's no proof, there's no actual evidence of it. The fact that it can't be disproven doesn't mean anything. If anything, it means that our society is programmable just as much as any computer, because our bodies are. The fact that this theoretically could be done is scary and should scare you. And it should make us completely reorient our society around that eternal risk. As long as we have bodies, this same risk exists.
  10. anarchist perspective on COVID-19 https://crimethinc.com/2020/03/12/against-the-coronavirus-and-the-opportunism-of-the-state-anarchists-in-italy-report-on-the-spread-of-the-virus-and-the-quarantine
  11. even the forest isnt fucking safe. i went to a garden nearby and a guy passed me on the trail, coughing just as he passed me.
  12. COVID-19 mutual aid groups to get involved with https://itsgoingdown.org/c19-mutual-aid/
  13. Citations Needed Podcast Episode 105: Pandemic, Pelosi, and the People We Consider Human
  14. buy delivered groceries so you don't have to go to the store, there's lots of canned food on Amazon Fresh for instance
  15. I see okay. Could it not be said that the reactionary nature of bourgeois feminism is counter-productive to the feminism of the masses, since class interests affect the material well-being of women more than anything else?
  16. I know, I posted that pic merely because it's the one I had which contained bourgeois appropriation of revolutionary social movements (LGBTQIA+ in this case). The Occupy Wall Street part on top isn't really related/relevant. As for your last paragraph, I would agree with the Rosa Luxemburg quote in my OP that such bourgeois exploitators aren't relevant to feminism and are in fact nothing more than appropriators of its revolutionary potential, and reactionaries. Are you saying they still have valid feminism even if they are CEOs because of intersectionality?
  17. Everything can be subsumed by capital. Revolutionary movements by Che Guevara t-shirts. Anti-capitalism by movies like Office Space. Social interconnection based transcendence of previous dominant paradigms of communication by Facebook. LGBTQIA+ parades by JP Morgan [1] Mark Fisher talks about this in his essential book "Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?" [2] but I can't find where in order to quote it. The reason is because capital is a simulacra of reality, a quite literal digital representation of reality which can be manipulated by the capitalist to obtain more capital. A model for the territory which we choose, collectively, through ignorance or what ever, to follow, which results in the de-realization of material reality and the upholding of the class dichotomy, with a thin layer in between for the media and the cultural aspects of consumerism. [2] https://libcom.org/files/Capitalist Realism_ Is There No Alternat - Mark Fisher.pdf [1]
  18. https://www.marxists.org/archive/luxemburg/1912/05/12.htm The exploitation of women's labor is one of many clear proofs that capitalism is broken and must be transcended. Not only are forms of labor which don't produce surplus value from which capitalists can extract profits not valued by the cultural value systems generated by the cultural hegemony of the ruling class of a capitalist society, but, in modern capitalist societies, economic growth is entirely dependent upon that form of labor (reproduction) being performed as much as on any other forms of labor, or rather, more specifically, the requirement of exponential population growth to provide gains in real estate and commodity demand and labor pool supply, indicating a severe contradiction within not only the modern instantiation of global capitalism, but the ethical substance of the internal structure of capitalism itself. And this does not even begin to capture the relevance of the forms of domestic labor disproportionately performed by women. It is clear that in order for liberation of humanity, liberation of women must come first or simultaneously. It should also be clear based on Rosa's brief statements that the liberation of women in particular suffers from the same class antagonisms as the liberation of laborers in general. Not only must women contend with the general class antagonism placed upon them by the ruling class, but with the social confusion and hegemonic potential generated by the spectacle of the bourgeois appropriation of feminism by bourgeois women and with the support of bourgeois men - i.e. the liberal desire to place women into positions of exploitative power such as CEOs and the military - despite the ethical requirement for the eliminations of such social positions entirely.
  19. as someone who leans towards anti-authoritarian/ancom tendencies, ML leaves a bad taste in my mouth but I'm also uneducated on it, and note that at the end he does encourage people to withhold votes from Biden in favor of Gloria La Riva (Party for Socialism and Liberation, the largest US communist party which is also ML), take from that what you will, not sure about my take on it. but the rest is spot on in my view
  20. really good discussion of COVID-19. in general this guy's podcasts are extremely good (note, he's a marxist-leninist) https://revolutionaryleftradio.libsyn.com/unlocked-coronavirus-contradictions-and-the-dictatorship-of-capital Summary: Things you should do: -Offer free service to immunocompromised people to do their shopping etc -Five demands for the government Free healthcare No work No paying and no debts Suspending rent, mortgage payments, utility bills, loan repayments, foreclosures, evictions, and parking enforcement Free everyone from jail (people who haven't been convicted yet and are being held until trial) and end bail requirements Deactivate ICE Release detainees on the border in detention camps Homes for all, open up unoccupied homes (there are many more than there are homeless people) to anyone who needs them . Will free up tent cities which are at high risk
  21. Why are you denying that he's obviously a fascist? Look how he treats Mexicans
  22. Trump is moving economically left of Democrats and it's the first sign of a fascistic takeover of the US, if Trump's election alone wasn't already all the sign we needed. Coronavirus is rapidly modifying both the output of the means of production and the material conditions of the proletariat, and Trump is exploiting this by appropriating left-economic positions in a temporary and disingenuous way. It's the first stages of fascism. Given his inability to criticize neo-Nazis, I wouldn't be surprised if his radical right advisors are already literally plotting the Fourth Reich. https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/488227-trump-orders-hud-to-suspend-evictions-and-foreclosures
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