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Snack Master - Chill Tracks Vol. 4

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(album cover taken from the music video below)

Hey everyone!  I have a new EP coming out May 14th called "Chill Tracks Vol. 4".  It's five tracks of mostly IDM and synth-pop kind stuff, including the song "Glassy", which I made a silly little music video for:

Fans of Syro-era Aphex might like the song "Dec 2023", and fans of BOC might like "Slow Grind", so I'm looking forward to releasing those songs as well once May 14th rolls around!

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This finally released today:

Also, I have some download codes for anybody that wants 'em (see attached image).

(And just to be clear, I did send the person above who pre-ordered the album some of their own download codes for other albums--I wouldn't want to make them order the album only to give out free copies to everyone else).



Screen Shot 2024-05-14 at 5.37.08 PM.png

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