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Whats that Amen break?

Guest idrn

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Guest welcome to the machine

well, the amen break is only gonna be the drum break from amen brother by the winstons. so whatever edit you're talking about can be derived from that, so here it is ;)





versions i've heard with a really clangy dirty ride sound like theyve been distorted and copressed muchly in the high end then eq'd to bring it out...

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you're talking about the firefight break, otherwise known as the "tramen" as trace was the one to process it. from what i can gather it's just an amen he distorted and compressed, people sampled it from him.

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If you're interested in break science, The Grid on the Dogs on Acid forum is shit hot. Thousands of rare breaks and all that, and they know a lot about layering and general break production. After all, they make DnB. I don't make DnB, I'm not a massive fan of DnB, but christ those guys know their breaks.


I got a Tramen from there.

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