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  1. so, both of these windows are pretty small, but the actual chat i find to be to cluttered for its size. if it were more simplified (like the initial "Rooms" window to the right) it would be so much more straight forward. it's also kind of silly to open the chatmm dialog, then have to click on the chatmm room. i mean, if there's only one room, just make it one window, right? just make it less clicks and less formatting options taking up the limited real estate. basically, if i could just click on the dark gray CHATMM box at the bottom right of the screen and it just pulled up the chatroom, i think more people would use it. uploaded pic to show what i see, in case my old (OLD, OLD) computer is translating this badly or something. also, someone else just said something and i can't even read the whole message~! ALSO, i wanna hit ENTER to send message. 😞
  2. dang, that last post is gonna be tuff 2 follow! so, i've mostly published ambient under the name Ourson for the past 15 years, but only recently have i begun to post my beat work. i'm sure some old school watmmers will remember the Plantre moniker.. here are two very recent pieces i'm quite proud of: also on soundcloud and if you're still listening, i run the Earstroke net label. (free electronic music since 2005~! Wisp, Milieu, Skytree, Beak, Ghosthunt, all kinds of old watmmers & more~!) thx~!
  3. sorry for old quote, but.... this is in Rochester, NY, very close to my apartment been reading this thread for days, i've been cracking up, thanks watmm
  4. just make it bigger. it's too cramped. all of the text formatting options take up a 1/4th of the window. i really think that's the only thing wrong with it. i do miss the old chatmm, even though i'm just a lurker edit: smoke em' if ya got em'
  5. holy fuck there's some real talent in this thread. jealous and wish some of you would make me an album arts.
  6. hello, i know i don't show up much around here anymore, but i've just published a new album that i'm proud of and i think the lot of you would appreciate it, so here it is: https://plantre.bandcamp.com/album/common-synthesis it's kind of a more poppy/idm throwback to the early 2000's electronic music. lots of movie samples and amen break. feel free to judge harshly, curious what the electronic music community has to say about it. thanks for listening, hope you are all doing okay. - L
  7. 3 short new tracks from April i was proud enough to post. been writing a lot of stuff like this, hoping to publish more soon thanks for checkin'~!
  8. Ourson - Night Lily minimal noise drones for television static. an A/V project, ongoing. thought i'd post this here since bandcamp lifted their fees today. i hope you guys are well/staying safe. the visuals for title track. made in OBS:
  9. found (most of?) the tracks on Dorian's youtube and made a playlist:
  10. old ass bump~! could someone please share this with me? i don't want to never hear this again. i wish Echidna would let me post this album on Earstroke or something. so many of my favorite albums are lost/unreleased stuff like this. would really appreciate if anyone who has this would share. thanks a ton~!
  11. Super Mario Maker 2 is all i play and have played this year other than Breath Of The Wild. been working on my S rank in vs mode and chasing the leaderboards on endless. it's the best game ever while also being the worst game ever. i truly love it.
  12. a sort of generative guitar-based concept album that i'm continually adding to. as i post this, this is my day 3. i'm not sure how long i'll keep adding to it, or what any of it means, but it's happening and i thought i'd make a post about it here. thanks for listening. https://ourson.bandcamp.com/album/calm-caller
  13. good guys~! they used to handle my distro~! nothing but great things to say about Norman Rec's~! will be doing business with them again A+++++++++
  14. https://plantre.bandcamp.com/album/frozen-waterbugs hi. posting this here because a few of the OG watmmer's might remember Plantre from way back. thanks for listening. https://plantre.bandcamp.com/album/frozen-waterbugs
  15. u wot m8? i mean, thanks dude~! good to hear from ye. sometimes i still rifle through kaen.org looking for The Prodigal Son, no lie
  16. hello, i don't post here much anymore, but i wanted to share this in hopes to raise a little rent/milk money as i'm quite broke, hungry and a bit down and out at the moment. so, i'm making my entire discography available for under $17, (75% off) that's 14 albums, about 12 hours of music, give or take, that i've poured my heart into over the past 12 years. the sale won't last past friday i think, so grab everything now while it's super accessible! it would help me out quite a bit. to access the discography, go to a release page such as this one (my most recent: - https://ourson.bandcamp.com/album/simple-sanctuary - and click "Full Discography" thanks to anyone listening, and a big, warm hello to the old school watmmers i used to pal around with on here. thanks for your time~!
  17. would love to know what you think. https://ourson.bandcamp.com/album/winds-of-oth [bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=1250254299 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false] thanks~!
  18. if there is, i don't have it. gotta get ahold of Adam! lol @ 3 year response time. also, crazy coincidence, i was listening to Accelerating To The Sun while working on the site today and man it still freegin kills. i'd love that one on vinyl!
  19. https://ourson.bandcamp.com/album/simple-sanctuary fans of my older "Warming Plant" may appreciate this.
  20. i'd be totes gravy with that, please and thanky THANK
  21. hi, so i joined Discord, but i wasn't sure whether to use my sign in information, or my sorta rude profile name (Luke Fucking Hazard) which, i'm not really keen on anymore.. so i just used "Luke_Hazard" - will i still be able to join/post in Discord, as long as JR or another mod allows me in? thanky thank edit: guess i found my answer, so, in other words, JR, please approve my non watmm-user id Discord account! thanky THANK
  22. there are new Earstroke shirts here, but there's only a week left to get one. https://everpress.com/earstroke-records https://everpress.com/earstroke-records https://everpress.com/earstroke-records edit: also i really appreciate that there's still fans of Earstroke here. really, watmm is where it all started. so, thanks. and if you missed out on the original shirts the above posters mentioned, right now is your chance to get the 2nd generation design. and it would help me out quite a bit. shipping to the U.S. is a little pricey, because they are based outta London, but if you are in England it should be a decent deal. again, only a week left. this is another design by Wordsalad! again, thanks for the honorable mention and interest that still resides in these here halls. edit 2: and yes, i realize this post is seven years old, i wanted to tell watmm about the new shirts, but i knew i'd be accosted for spamming. not sure if there's a good place here for this kinda stuff..
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