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korg electribe sampler.


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Im going to sell my electribe gold colored es-1 esx (or sometihng like that). Its like a sampling drum machine with ability for melodies if your crafty but mostly good for grooves. Perfect condition, no box, w/ manual, not all of original samples, has breakbeat slicy type thing thats hard to use too. Details later, im in USA.

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Guest SamWhite!

Yeah, I'm a noob with samplers. no good for a starter with low budget like myself? (don't lie you cunt) How do yu change samples, via computer or what? Also, pics plzz.

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Its not for sampling really everything and everywhere, but you can record small samples easily with the recording mode. Then they make it easy to trim them down too. You get course and fine control of the start and end points and You can destructivly change them to this somehow, I forget how. Samples are availible to browse with the huge dial. You put a sample to one of the 8 pads. or the slicer pad (if its sliced). Oh yeah, you can do stereo or mono samples, or a chopped sample, which you have to configure how to map. I havn't really mastered that part. I tried to put the amen break on there, but the slicing was wack. You can route effects through it too like a pedal. It has a bunch of cheesy patterns still on it (they dont work right because I deleted samples to make room for some drum samples and synth samples I put in it) and a few patterns I made. Ill try to do an ebay soon. You put the patterns together to make songs in the song mode. Its kind of confusion because all of the functionality is put into the limited interface (but its got some nice knobs for ptich, filters, effects, delay (fun), amplitude, etc.) but the buttons have multi functions depending on weather you are in a certain mode or have the shift key pressed. you can do swing on the patterns to add more flow or false triplets are possible if you limit the steps in the pattern. rolls and such are there too. Automation is useful and easy to do. You can either record the patterns by beating the pads or by punching it in the timeline. Its pretty easy, but youll have to read the manual if you want to do everything. Anyways, im not selling this yet so hold tight. You can probably check a photo on musiciansfriend.com and if its something you really want to get now you can PM me.


EDIT: what I mean is its not a tradidtional sampler but a beatbox. It does oneshots only. Unlike the synthesis ones and the hybrid ones they offer. And this can to melodies if you record pitch automation with trigger n' hold, but it doesn't always turn out exactly how you want it. It is possible to edit it manually but its a pain in the ass.

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Guest Cosmic Jet Robot

Errr. The ESX-1 is not gold! :embrassed:


Probably the ES-1 or ER-1.


Maybe it is a different Electribe?


Here is a gold one.





The ESX-1 is such a beast, I don't think I will ever sell mine.



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Guest Vegeta897

Think you need to go back to preschool, buddy. That is brown, not gold.


He's talking about the ES-1 mkii. Not the ESX, or the ER-1 mkii.


I own all three mkii electribes.


The ES1 is fantastic for its price. I'm almost tempted to buy another...


Edit: K, I just realised this thread is from 2006. Stop bumping.

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