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idea for killer app

Guest epsy

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i posted this on kvr but wanted to get as much feedback as possible. seems like it would make having hands on control of your shit to stop on a dime using midi automation (which normally sucks) would make things go smooth for otto or 8fm type shit


this might probably fall into one of those destroyfx categories for unique useful application, but I have an idea for a program that would function as a workaround for the lack of sample accuracy with midi automation. I don't know anything about coding, but how hard would it be to program a small app that allows the user to draw in automation and then bounces it offline, but that corrects the automation to sample accurate based on the bpm from a host or user specified? obviously it would be a bit pointless without a quantize drop down menu, and the option to export as a wav Is this just something I could do on my own with reaktor and im missing something?

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MIDI can't be sample accurate, and can't recieve it as such. the resolution is anywhere from 8-960 ticks per beat. So 960 ticks per beat is as close as you're gonna get with MIDI.


I hope I understood you correctly... I strongly refrained from displaying the dumbfounded look of previous posters.

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