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Yamaha SU700

eh Speedy

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the Yamaha SU700 sampler.


do any of you have one or know someone that does?

what do you think of it, and what kind of fun things can be done?

wish i spoke and understood more technical music making talk, but i don't.

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Guest Adjective

i have the cardboard miniature version

sounds a little thin


but not really, sorry


i would also like to know about anyone's experience with this one

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I have the SU200, to be fair it was awful but it was basically the first peice of gear I bought with my own money when I was about 12 - big nostalgic value for me.


It's probably MUCH better if you have a memory card with it, the annoying features include NOT being able to use effects like loop remix when the samples in best quality. Loop remix is awesome by the way, it kind of got me into glitch in a minor way a few years ago. I used to do my drum tracks with this and it's a good little peice of kit for messing about with, I should think you could do some good stuff with it but I've no idea if it's good for money anymore. I pretty much know the 200 inside out, but I heard the 700 was much better so I'm not sure how much this will help.

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