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  1. Listened this to a lot when I got it, I've lost most of my Squarepusher collection somewhere in my house currently so I haven't listened for a while. If I remember correctly it loops round quite a bit to make it longer but it's got a good groove to it.
  2. I couldn't make it, such a shame but I don't live in London and it's not easy to get in from here.
  3. After using Renoise for so long and loving every minute of it I don't think I could use Reason for any length of time any more.
  4. Yep that's the record, I looked for existing rips that were uploaded maybe about 9 months ago but I didn't find anything.
  5. Lol avril 14th, it's likely to be unaccurate. I've always been tempted to write out my own actually, although it has to be adapted slightly for solo piano. The full thing is very possible duet though.
  6. Yeah but if it wasn't so badly produced it wouldn't add to the whole "feel" of the tracks. I've always maintained (I don't know if anyone agrees with me) that some of Aphex's tracks are boosted in goodness purely because of the nice "warm" production. It must be recording to tape half the time, I don't know - it's just nice... I don't like this really clean production that comes off of stuff like Infected Mushroom for example, it's kind of cool going "whoa that sounds nice" but it takes the soul away from the music sometimes.
  7. Nice one. Mystery solved, *nothing to see here* (this thread can now be used for doing text impressions of sfx in "children talking")
  8. That's bizarre, I've heard of heaters picking up strong signals though. There's a specific type, think they were called "bar heaters" or something but they have a good ammount of metal on them and pick up radio signals.
  9. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEANT DAMNIT CAUSTIC I didn't know there was ever originally a digital copy of it.
  10. I think Hexagon and Domino are pretty catchy. Yep. That's the only digital copy of it. orly I think I have a vinyl rip of it.
  11. Indeed! Which is why is BLOODY HARD to figure out.
  12. That's what I have so far, I'm wondering what the bits in the middle say as it's might confusing with his accent.
  13. Can't stop listening to this album (again). The production is so dodgy throughout it kind of adds to the entire flavour of the album. Also the track titles are so well named, I'm sorry but being completely fucked on vodka really does sound like the track to me ___!_!_!_!_!> I heard the rumour that they made the entire album in 3 days and were taking shrooms or something, it's probably been exagerated but I can imagine there being some serious drug influence when they made the tracks. Anyway, </appreciation>
  14. Don't entirle understand your question, but I always go for a good compromise between size and quality. 44.1khz 256kbps ... for mp3 I always use 44.1 and 32-bit float for WAVs if I don't want any quality loss, kind of to keep as a lossless copy somewhere.
  15. Reason reminds me of Sony. Oh no, with this Sony camcorder I'm afraid every measurement is very specific so you can ONLY use Sony accessories
  16. Around the amp, that might actually help and I don't see it affecting the sound quality.
  17. That's what I did, I had a whole Audacity timeline full of all the speach and then music as well - it worked if you were careful with the syncing but they leave the music on the video so you get two sets of music over each other.
  18. Josso


    www.ebay.com Warp ones are a rip off for what they are, thin material - small logo and they get messed up after a while. I bought a fanboy type t-shirt off Ebay and it's a massive logo... I've had it for ages and the logo has not got messed up by washing it, it also cost less. I'm pretty sure there's always one going.
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    Check your PM
  20. Such a shame that you can't dub over the music as well as the talking, I had such a badass one - it was like Caustic's but they got in the car and there was Drukqs playing.
  21. Pretty good for the drums. Technology has made a lol attempt at recreating 303 again though.
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