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Chris Moss Acid's Rhythm Trax & Loops ADVERT

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Guest Laughable Butane Bob

HAHAHAHAHA I want to do this for my group, I need a british guy to read aloud what I want, who's down? Shit, I'm just going to fake the accent.





omg ace haha

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Guest six hundred n

D'oh, I thought they were all your tracks the first time I listened. I thought you'd added a vinyl distortion/noise effect to age them.


Which tracks are yours?

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here is what i do.


additoinal drum programming\sequencing (i.e all the samples over my beats {albeit mostly house 4/4 style})


edits (bits of cool basslines and percussion off a few acid tapes i found)


production (making everything sound good enough to shake an ass to)



here 2 low quality (56kbps) examples of the perticular style of beats and loops i will be unleashing. (bare in mind all beats released will be in 224kbps >< and all the ageing you hear is from the tape rips but dont believe everything you hear!! :O


dont expect amazingly crafted tracks

do expect lots of drum/bass/sample tracks which loops alot, for dj backing beats


the main thing is to party like its 1987, decent heh?





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