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  1. yep. i want to believe it's been recreated, but cool nevertheless
  2. absolutely!! putting together the puzzle piece by piece while listening to the live recording. brutal. in the spectacular IO live show version, besides the MM&MD things, there are some syncopated kicks, stretched snares, and some more weird shit also, and makes me wonder how the f*ck that's going to come up in the Digit&IOS rendition. take all the time you need m8s and have fun about The Bros composing this... makes me love them even more
  3. thank you. at first i thought no midi sequences were present, just the patches and related arpeggios, etc. what you and Digit are doing is truly amazing. a lot of work involved(!). hope you guys are having a great time (i guess you are). [by "stuff" i mean no disrespect btw; just trying to sound cool because i'm not :^)]
  4. excuse my ïgnôràncé but, in the process of merging all the machines together, does the nord stuff include midi notes/sequences besides the patches themselves, or does it have to be done by hand & ear(!)??
  5. yeah, mostly old tunes i reckon he played this track https://youtu.be/lX-fYV_NzIs?t=320 and a bunch others played live @ warp 20
  6. i'm allergic to cats too, but got a cat anyway, nearly 10 years ago. first weeks were hell, but then somehow achieved inmunity to *my* cat's fur. other cats make me sneeze, nevertheless.
  7. hasn't squarepusher mentioned the Yamaha QY700 being used in hello everything or something
  8. https://forum.watmm.com/topic/81109-aaa-ask-autechre-anything-sean-and-rob-on-watmm/?p=2083990 thank you phling!
  9. sam is doing all the hard work while bob just gets on the stage high af keyjazzing the lush pads
  10. holy crap thanks IOS! fucking amazing job!
  11. holy crap so 90101-5l-l and Steels are done with an MPC1000?
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