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This one is about breaking up with a girl.


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It's lucky I ignored the title of the thread because I was so close to not listening because of it.


I'm writing this as I'm listening:


It's actually a pretty damn good track. It's just a shame that midi-piano kinda ruins the "beauty" at the beginning of the track, you know?

I really liked the transition between the quiet melodic part and the amen-break fuckery.

I'm not much of a drum'n'bass/drill'n'bass guy anymore but this is pretty damn good.

What happens with the ending? It sounds like there was more but you cut it out? It kinda ends mid-sentence...

My only complaint would be that it should have been a bit longer, the midi-piano needs some bitch slapping, and it could have used a break somewhere among all the amen fuckery. A break like the one where the girl talks about relationships, because then it could have exploded into something even more aggressive, you know?

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Dunno, my hard-drive corrupt during the making of it, I recently rescue the hard-drive and feel like leaving it with that silly piano because computer said so.




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