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"htfr are well dodgy. i would go elsewhere....chemical or juno etc"


"mate htfr is a fucking joke, believe me!!!!"


"htfr are complete shit...avoid like the plague."


"htfr are up their own bum holes. Twats."


"Hard to Find are complete fuckin cocks.. Not only are they cocks but they also sell "original pressings" in the form of lightweight shite vinyl bootlegs. I've paid the going rate for rare vinyl on original release and got general release on a different label thats common as fuck."

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Massive drama on dubstepforum recently, there was suddenly a load of Skream's mix of In For The Kill on there. Believed to be bootlegged, pressed up by HTFR. Wouldn't trust them with an order. Use Redeye instead, cheap P+P, next day delivery.

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