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Seed Records 3-track Warpmart promo?


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Did anyone else get this release back in the day? It's a blank CDR (I think) promo that was on "sale" at Warpmart for either 0 dollars or like 1 quid or something in early- to mid-2002.


Anyway, I was wondering if there's a tracklist floating around. It's probably some mixture of Posthuman and stuff like that, but I don't know their other releases well enough to ID anything.

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Blank in the sense that there was no writing on it. Not blank in the sense that there was no data on it.



EDIT: HURR DURR (jovially)

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*pulls out post from the dark depths*


if i remember rightly, we did 100 copies of a promo cdr


the tracks were quarter inch hole by ardisson, a track by skoptik (aka cold fusion mafia) which i cant remember the name of, and a track which was a few unreleased (at the time) posthuman tracks chopped up.


the idea was to give them away at Nesh, where we were playing (warp records bash @ elektrowerkz, march 2002) but some lovely type snuck up on stage and pinched a bag that had about 70 copies in it.

the rest were then given away free via warpmart, i think you had to pay p&p, or buy something else.


i also remember that was one of the worst gigs we ever played, haha. laptop crashed halfway through, sound was awful, and we were far to wonky/electronica to be on right after mark bell @ 2am, everyone just wanted to dance. embarrassing!





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