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  1. It’s excellent and I love the radio station interludes 😂
  2. The thing that got me back into making music, besides the pandemic, was picking up the two Behringer acid boxes clones (the 606 and 303 clones). They are super fun, sound amazing, are really stupid, and you can legitimately record an acid track from beginning to end in only slightly longer than the actual runtime of the track using them. The other thing I realized is that, at least for me personally, although it is somewhat disappointing to have nowhere near the free time to write and perfect the next drill n bass masterpiece or whatever, it is _almost as fun_ to just record down some jams. I really enjoy just stacking up a little audio journal of a bunch of jams. This pleases me. I don’t know why! I experimented with uploading some, it didn’t really do much for me to do so. I send some to friends sometimes. I dunno. The funnest part is just… having them? Listening back to them sometimes? I got a decent Zoom recorder so I can push record, record whatever I’ve got that seems interesting, and then when it’s done, I just turn off the lights and go to bed. Later I take the files off the SD card in batches and clean them up or whatever. I sort of agree with the sentiment earlier in the thread that the days of writing an electronic album in your bedroom and then having that mean anything to you in terms of a career, or for it to even result in significant acclaim such that your life may change in any way, are mostly over. But I actually sort of think of that as a good thing. A lot of the unhealthy ways that musicians relate to their music (for example, obsessively wanting to perfect it) are in my opinion essentially because we’ve been trained for so long to think of music as a product that must be packaged up to _compete in a marketplace_. If we’re not competing for ears or dollars anymore then what does it matter if the build up of my intro is more finely tuned than the build up of your intro? What if a song “goes on too long” if you’re not trying to sell it to anyone? Or if “acid is played out”? Or any of the typical measurements of a track? My tune isn’t “mastered well” enough or whatever? Well like… mastered for whom? And why? TO WHAT END?? I guess this might sound silly but I think once you stop thinking of songs as products to be sold you sort of have to start questioning everything about what seemed to be the practice of even being a musician, at least from before. Better to just zone out and… EXPLORE THE SPACE??
  3. Oh, completely agreed, my list was just having some fun. LOL how did I become the bad guy in this thread, hahaha
  4. Great idea for a thread! Here are some random thoughts (just my opinion) 1. don’t sample artists in your same genre (agreed) 2. don’t sample things that are already sampled 3. don’t sample lossy sources 4. don’t sample SEX SOUNDS. Way worse than blade runner samples, y’all. SO MANY electronic tracks ruined by sexy lady sounds. Ugh 5. don’t sample rappers rapping more than a few words 6. don’t sample other people’s versions of breaks 7. don’t sample other people’s 303 linez 8. DO sample the 808 state loon sound 9. DO sample the hoover bass sound 10. DON’T sample reggae (hot take here) 11. DON’T sample the door opening sound from Doom (distracting, makes me think I am playing Doom) 12. DON’T sample Autechre or Boards of Canada. Just don’t do it 13. DON’T put an annoying sample in your tracks just so people know it’s you (looking at you Terror Danjah) 14. DON’T sample video games (looking at you Burial) EDIT: oh yeah 15. DON’T SAMPLE VINYL CRACKLE. WE GET IT
  5. I bought it. It’s good! Don’t know all the history, but that manifesto page makes some decent points, if in a bit of a pretentious way. 🤷‍♀️
  6. Based on nothing more than the information in this thread, I have purchased this item
  7. Killer idea for a thread. It would be this Knowing the backstory might help. Pasted from BC:
  8. Looks great! I think I’m in for trying out the CD box. Curious if anyone has any suggestions for the best place to buy for the USA. Looks like boomkat has it, but the shipping may be pricey…
  9. The last couple ones (basically since he stopped doing more straightforward “dub techno” 😐) haven’t really clicked for me. This one seems… fine? I dunno.
  10. The attack isn’t quite right, but it reminds me of the Mellotron choir sound
  11. Anyone have the OLPC tracks, or know where I can get them?
  12. Whoa, this sounds amazon. Completely unfamiliar with this guy, got a recommendation where to start?
  13. Great topic. 1991 is before my time, so my opinion doesn’t really count, but for pure enjoyment, maybe Kraftwerk — The Mix. Love’s Secret Domain surely deserves a mention as well. Next: let’s do 2001
  14. Just a couple things that I’ve noticed recently: Speedy J Lots of Coil Popol Vuh Lots of Ryuichi Sakamoto Galwad y Mynydd Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci and of course lots of my favorite “smaller” / more independent artists are rightfully missing Milieu / CH Donnacha Costello JK Donovan Hikaru etc.
  15. Fascinating! These are the exact records that now have crispy, updated, 3000x3000 artwork on Apple Music as well. I snagged ’em thx sen
  16. Oh hell yeah. I’ve got all the CDs I think, but new scans of the classic artworks that are actually decent this time? Awesome.
  17. Whoa, what a cool object! Hopefully someone snags this, looks great, and I bet delving into this series via a giant swamp of cassettes would be pretty fun 🙂
  18. Oh man, kudos on your folder hierarchy starting with label first. I would love that, but too much work for me though.
  19. I used a large iTunes library for a long time but that app is ruined now so I’ve moved to using Plex. Everything from the iTunes days I have encoded and tagged in Apple Lossless, and Plex reads that just fine. For new stuff I either download or rip to FLAC, tag it, and throw it into Plex. Plex is running on a small Synology NAS that I keep in the corner of our “office” room at home. I can access stuff over the network anytime I am home, but I don’t have the server exposed to the internet.
  20. I agree. I listened to this for almost the first time a while ago and it was pretty amazing. It sounds like a million bucks.
  21. ascdi

    SUN RA

    I am in this thread! It’s a golden age for appreciating Sun Ra with all the cool shit coming out these days. Love it
  22. I could check myself, but anyone know if the Bleep downloads have been corrected?
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