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  1. Based on nothing more than the information in this thread, I have purchased this item
  2. Killer idea for a thread. It would be this Knowing the backstory might help. Pasted from BC:
  3. Looks great! I think I’m in for trying out the CD box. Curious if anyone has any suggestions for the best place to buy for the USA. Looks like boomkat has it, but the shipping may be pricey…
  4. The last couple ones (basically since he stopped doing more straightforward “dub techno” 😐) haven’t really clicked for me. This one seems… fine? I dunno.
  5. The attack isn’t quite right, but it reminds me of the Mellotron choir sound
  6. Anyone have the OLPC tracks, or know where I can get them?
  7. Whoa, this sounds amazon. Completely unfamiliar with this guy, got a recommendation where to start?
  8. Great topic. 1991 is before my time, so my opinion doesn’t really count, but for pure enjoyment, maybe Kraftwerk — The Mix. Love’s Secret Domain surely deserves a mention as well. Next: let’s do 2001
  9. Just a couple things that I’ve noticed recently: Speedy J Lots of Coil Popol Vuh Lots of Ryuichi Sakamoto Galwad y Mynydd Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci and of course lots of my favorite “smaller” / more independent artists are rightfully missing Milieu / CH Donnacha Costello JK Donovan Hikaru etc.
  10. Fascinating! These are the exact records that now have crispy, updated, 3000x3000 artwork on Apple Music as well. I snagged ’em thx sen
  11. Oh hell yeah. I’ve got all the CDs I think, but new scans of the classic artworks that are actually decent this time? Awesome.
  12. Whoa, what a cool object! Hopefully someone snags this, looks great, and I bet delving into this series via a giant swamp of cassettes would be pretty fun 🙂
  13. Oh man, kudos on your folder hierarchy starting with label first. I would love that, but too much work for me though.
  14. I used a large iTunes library for a long time but that app is ruined now so I’ve moved to using Plex. Everything from the iTunes days I have encoded and tagged in Apple Lossless, and Plex reads that just fine. For new stuff I either download or rip to FLAC, tag it, and throw it into Plex. Plex is running on a small Synology NAS that I keep in the corner of our “office” room at home. I can access stuff over the network anytime I am home, but I don’t have the server exposed to the internet.
  15. I agree. I listened to this for almost the first time a while ago and it was pretty amazing. It sounds like a million bucks.
  16. ascdi

    SUN RA

    I am in this thread! It’s a golden age for appreciating Sun Ra with all the cool shit coming out these days. Love it
  17. I could check myself, but anyone know if the Bleep downloads have been corrected?
  18. I love the earlier Splitradix EP! Will check this one out for sure, didn’t know it existed
  19. Lopatin: Uncut Gems 🤔 Sun Ra: Egypt 1971 💣 V/A Pressure Sounds: Rubadub Revolution 😄
  20. The true scandal here is I now have no idea where the original little rubber end nubs for my Model:Cycles are EDIT: FOUND THE NUBS
  21. ascdi


    Looks great! Can I subscribe to a thing, or follow a thing? Otherwise I will forget about this immediately.
  22. I’ve been wondering the same thing. Haven’t seen it in a US store yet, been checking every couple days. I agree that Behringer is an asshole, and I couldn’t ever imagine buying anything by them again, but I got the other acid clones on a lark and they are SO fun. Basically the most fun I’ve ever had making music, and I probably wouldn’t be making any music at all anymore if it wasn’t for that. So, it’s a mixed bag. For me, I’m glad I decided to snag them, even though on one level it feels bad. YOLO and all that 🤷‍♀️
  23. One of my favorite albums of all time. Giving a little side-eye to all the included remixes, though. The original track list plus associated b-sides are basically perfect, in my opinion.
  24. You could probably write a PageRank style algorithm for this. The pretentiousness of a given release is some function of the number of other pretentious releases, artists, and labels the press blurb mentions. What NO I didn’t listen to the samples
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