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ive never heard of this guy before but this looks interesting. the content that is. the film itself looks a little too indebted to errol morris.





Nicely done 'Z_B_Z'.

There is definitely a central theme going on down here.

For those with the eye's to see and the ears to hear.


it's amazing what a few 1000 years can make people forget.


i am awake and dreaming.



nice post. Truth +6

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Looks interesting. Want to watch.


LOL, apparently this Ruppert guy is going through a very long and expensive sexual harassment case at the moment. I can't decide whether that detracts from any of his ideas, but he believes the case is being dragged out to give bad-press to the film.

He believes that this film will be the last hurrah of Peak Oil theory.

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Oh Christ, after perusing 'round his website I suddenly don't like him at all nor care about anything he might have to say.


It doesn't help that he's a hack, and that he's surrounded by hacks who write like this:


We are already concerned that securing a good wood supply next year at a reasonable price will be difficult. Demand is soaring as more people purchase wood-burning heating systems to supplement their oil or gas budget. The sight of a neighbor (who isn’t poor) already wood scavenging before any real fuel crisis has arrived is not a promising indication of what is to come.


This may very well be my last winter in suburbia.


Seriously. What a bunch of douchebags.


If the economy collapses, and these guys survive, I'm not sure I want to be a part of the new world.

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my god this guys personal life is in shambles. i hadnt heard about the sexual harassment suit but apparently at the end of the film it states that hes close to financial ruin and is just a step away from eviction. maybe this is due to the suit, although i read that he attributes it to the failure of a recent book..



oh well.. the cinematography looks nice anyway.. :dry:

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Guest Rightsidedrive

These guys could be a bunch of fear mongering hacks out for some cash, but hey, the downfall of this country will happen eventually. The question is when.

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