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a netlabel for re-releases ?

Guest yanG

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hello all, i'm thinking of setting up a netlabel for music that was released on closed netlabels... do you peeps think it's worth it? do you know good records that shouold stay online? i got a couple and i'm sure there's a lot more to discover...


any ideas?

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One of the labels I released on turned from a netlabel into a physical label, and stopped hosting their back catalogue. I would much like to re-release that album just so it's hosted somewhere.

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this was my idea but except for that it is for music on youtube like autotone remixes and black ark songs ripped off youtube and put into mp3s on a web label called tubeways. also other historical music from the web like hampsterdance


rebecca black/arc productions


ark music factory

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Sounds like a good idea....

...It would be nice to have a place that collects them.


There is already, isn't there? It's called Rapidshare :)


Seriuosly though, whether a label is 'closed down' or not, it may not be legal to host recordings that belong to such a label.

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