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  1. Because his points amount to dreamed up jibber jabber and logical fallacies. /last post
  2. I get the feeling you don't know what you're talking about.
  3. Wake up, make tea, clean the only pan we have because my roommate cooked last night and couldn't be fucked to wash the fucking thing, like usual
  4. It's him and Tim Exile fucking about on Endless.
  5. The trick there is using an epithet that doesn't target anyone or group. You change the context to make the epithet meaningless, essentially defanging it. I can't specifically remember how Chappelle uses it in that special, but that's generally how that's done.
  6. You've got masculinity and then you have toxic masculinity. You know, the guy that drives a pickup truck with monster truck wheels and often uses violent imagery to make any point. Talks down to women and then gets mad when they won't sleep with him. There's a whole bunch of other examples, but the 'toxic' distinction is what's important. The subject is still masculinity, so it's not sexist. That's like saying "stop calling me male, that's sexist!"
  7. You know when you're in traffic and some guy at the back starts honking? Well, it's some schmuck I went to high school with.
  8. I suppose you could dismantle them and throw them in recycling?
  9. Exploring power violence some more:
  10. Just had some carrots and garlic hummus.
  11. These may not be connected, but it's interesting to think about how shootings have risen as the economic wealth of the middle class has disappeared. I tend to think of social issues first and foremost as economic issues. Having to share less wealth in the middle and bottom classes causes tension in many facets of life, especially in America. There are many ways you can get a racist, but they can't use the "they're taking our jobs!" argument if there is a strong and diverse economy.
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