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  1. Damn. Bill Rieflin was one of those names that would continually pop up when I read liner notes as a teenager. He was part of so many things that I liked, his name kind of became a reassurance of quality. Requiascat in pace.
  2. I kind of want to walk into people's homes and say "Alexa. Initiate self-destruct sequence."
  3. So I drank and smoked weed all day. It was pretty tight. I'm going to order some Indian food. Maybe Chinese. That Frontline doc is so fucking infuriating. I just do not understand people that willingly put listening devices into their homes. Did you really need to sacrifice all of your privacy to save yourself 11 seconds from looking up the weather?
  4. Trying not to just drink and smoke weed all day.
  5. Solid argument. No one ever really loses at King's Cup. Whadya know it comes in mist form now.
  6. I made this today and I'm a little proud of it.
  7. The Polyend tracker looks neat, but I don't want to have to go through the process of relearning how to work in a tracker. Good price point, though.
  8. He never won the majority. He won because of gerrymandering and the electoral college.
  9. I 'member being annoyed by it too. I think it was an OS update or some security update.
  10. "Hey, so what topic do average people hate talking about more than capitalism?" "Feminism." Later that day:
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