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  1. I keep getting emails from Nancy Pelosi asking me for money and saying how disappointed she is every time she asks. For those of you that live outside of her congressional district, you should be aware she's pretty fucking awful as a representative. Fuck off, Nancy.
  2. Damn. He was one of my favorites on DS9. RIP.
  3. Knives are cool but people that sell knives are pretty weird.
  4. Do any of you guys have any recommendations for refactoring best practices? I've never had to do it before, but I'm getting to a point with my scripts at work where it would be far better to have the experience.
  5. I like future retro designs, but that thing is pretty ugly.
  6. Great EP. Going to enjoy listening to Finally Early for the 7,000th time. I think his soundcloud page has a couple tracks that aren't on an any releases.
  7. Aside from all of the political and military atrocities, this is one of the most embarrassing things about being American.
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