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  1. @Cryptowen Good to see you. My girlfriend and I broke up three weeks before the lockdown, so I feel my social ties were cut for me.
  2. We do tiered voting for certain positions (city supervisor et al) in San Francisco. Certainly makes me feel like my vote isn't wasted.
  3. Just pretend that you did it on purpose and the cat will still respect you.
  4. I wonder what they were talking about that got him all hot and bothered.
  5. Benign and harmless aren't words that come to mind. He's the guy that famously wanted to lock up ravers. It's more like this: let's say I have a laundry list of 10 things I want and Biden can deliver on two of them. The opposition, however, actively wants to take all 10 things away from every citizen forever. Voting Democrat gives us the chance to fulfill parts of that laundry list instead of throwing all of it in the trash right now. So like I said, this election is a choice between shooting yourself in the leg and shooting yourself in the head.
  6. I've never quit a job without some kind of back up, but I have enough experience in my field to where that probably won't matter. At any rate, it's a gamble right now. I should wait to see how this election pans out and if the economy is going to bounce back.
  7. Have seriously contemplated quitting my job and just getting another one in a few months. Getting pretty sick of all of the obligations I have there. It also feels like I'm not really learning anything related to where I want to be professionally. Need that health insurance though
  8. Bought baby's first Moog. A DFAM. Moving up in the world.
  9. I bought a Cuisinart ceramic frying pan about a year ago and it's been great. It's been easier to clean than any non-stick teflon pan I've used, but I basically just fry eggs, tortillas, and the occasional stir-fry dinner. I have a glass casserole dish I bought from Safeway and it's alright. Good for lasagna.
  10. I had seen the "Second Bad Vilbel" video but hadn't paid much attention to it, but then a friend showed me "Gantz Graf" sometime later and I was just blown away.
  11. Guess you could say they... ...Overstepped a few things I can't respect an article about Autechre that doesn't mention the brilliance of Untilted.
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