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  1. Trump Boys Try To Find Rodney King for Dad
  2. So this guy's career is just plain over, right?
  3. Work on Keystone XL pipeline suspended as Biden is expected to revoke permit https://www.cbsnews.com/news/keystone-xl-pipeline-suspended-biden-revoke-permit-2021-01-20/
  4. A recruiter from a rather large social media platform contacted me about a position on their VR product. I gave them a salary requirement that I thought was reasonable, but when I looked up their glassdoor info, it was laughably low for developers. They were supposed to call me yesterday but I think they just threw out my resume
  5. San Francisco started rolling out a waitlist-type notification system. You take a short survey and it lets you know where your place in "line" is. That's good, but only one city supervisor is pushing to have mass vaccinations provided by the city. If I call my insurance provider, they tell me that I need to talk to the city and if I call the city's public health department, they tell me to talk to my provider. Lots of shit to take care of logistically. More on topic: being talented doesn't mean you're especially intelligent. Also, being intelligent doesn't make you immune to disinformation
  6. There are some interesting moments on it, and I like the kind of glitch hop vibe on a couple tracks, but there are some transitions that happen that make me question why they're there at all. Like that transition to a sad violin on one track. It's almost as if he thought there needed to be something there but didn't know what to put in. There's something missing as far as emotional substance goes.
  7. Dissent is an American tradition. It's good that the minimum wage is being updated to something you can live on (although still not a "livable wage") but wouldn't it be better if the minimum wage was an equation that factored in the local economy rather than the entire country as a whole? Rural Kentucky, West Virginia, Utah, etc. will have a hard time paying people $15 an hour.
  8. There are some neat tracks on here. Put it in my wishlist for the next BC Friday.
  9. Didn't they announce MIDI 2.0 last year? https://www.midi.org/midi-articles/details-about-midi-2-0-midi-ci-profiles-and-property-exchange
  10. I'd bet on the shaggy cut being the look for the first part of the decade.
  11. Sure, okay. You just make statements that have no bearing in the overall conversation. Gotcha.
  12. E) Ranked voting. That would solve a lot of the "I can't vote for who I want, I have to vote for who other people think will win" mentality.
  13. This is straight up fucking stupid. The role of a corporation is to make as much money as possible while spending the least amount of money to get it which has historically caused much exploitation and inequality. Remember how laborers used to not have a weekend? If anything, the government is a check on corporations. There have been a few randos and watmmers that have come and gone. Like usual, they'll come in hot and say a bunch of dumb shit but they get smacked down because that's not the culture around here.
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