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  1. Here is a list of bail funds and community resources you can donate to if you have the means: https://bailfunds.github.io/
  2. The purpose of this thread is to discuss Black Lives Matter and the subsequent protests of the movement. Police brutality should be the focus (since that's what started the most current protests), but I'm sure we'll also discuss a wide swatch of other topics related to this. It's a pretty gigantic subject. https://blacklivesmatter.com/ I'll share this video again since I think it hits on a core issue of racism, economics, and how they're intertwined with white supremacy. Please share links/images/whatever to protests and where we can donate or make a difference. I feel a little silly for saying this, but please be respectful.
  3. Here are some police firing at a defenseless woman in my home town. I can't tell you how fucking pissed off this makes me. I don't know these people directly, but they are most likely friends of my friends.
  4. My cousin is in the national guard and they are far better trained than police. I don't have a soft spot for military or anything, but those soldiers see that the dude isn't a threat and so don't need to even threaten force. Police seem to think they need to maintain "dominance" at all times because they're little insecure shitwads. Your cabbage is wilting.
  5. Really glad someone dug up this meme: https://www.captiongenerator.com/1865892/Trumper-Tantrum
  6. It's the same type of person that says "Look, I'm not racist, but..." and then follows it up with something assuredly racist. They think prefacing their speech with an appeal will cleanse them of any wrongdoing.
  7. I'm just joking around. It's a good doc if you're interested in the subject. Frighteningly, it still holds up.
  8. I think, technically, you're a doctor once you graduate medical school. Your internship, fellowship, and residency are things you need to do to be able to practice medicine. It might differ in Ireland.
  9. Yeah, you're repeating what they said in the video I posted.
  10. They wash the meat in ammonia because the guts of the cows have so much bacteria that they would be inedible to us.
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