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  1. Well the SF show sold out quick. Goddamn. I've seen each of them at least once, so whatever.
  2. The first thing you do when you get into prison is make someone your fren. Just so they know you're not messing around. After that you can make more and more frens. Get cigarettes. Maybe make frens with a shank for good measure.
  3. I'm sure this news will be taken in complete earnest.
  4. It comes and goes depending on what goes on in your life. I don't play as much as I used to, but I still do casual gaming (GTA/Red Dead 2 Online etc). I realized that I just couldn't be bothered to put in the time to be really good at FPS games anymore. I used to play them competitively nearly 20 years ago. The upside is that I write a lot more music.
  5. Remember how white supremacists love to do DNA tests in order to find out how "pure" they are? The outcome was they aren't. So to showcase their mutual acceptance ... And please remember that white is "all colors". So technically speaking.. 😛 As far as pigment goes, "all colors" is black 😉
  6. "Americans of all race, colors, and creeds coming together..." Every single person in the background is a white man.
  7. Youtube personalities are too damn loud. They shout at the camera like NFL commentators.
  8. I eat a plant based diet. Animals eat plants, I eat animals, thus I eat plants. It’s only logical. ok boomer
  9. RIP Terry Jones. Godspeed, you brilliant fuck.
  10. Vox's Explained docu series on Netflix does a good job of explaining the bird flu from the 90s. Animals and humans in close proximity that share viruses that mutate into versions that can infect humans. This sounds like a similar situation. One more reason to stop eating meat.
  11. Somehow I've stayed afloat out here. I throw a semi regular party called Crash Override. It's usually at The Lucky Horseshoe in Bernal Heights, but might move around if other cheap/free spaces open up.
  12. Making tunes, throwing shows. Eventually planning my egress from SF. Yourself?
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