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  1. https://colindyer.bandcamp.com/album/the-cyberneticist 30 tracks of generative probability music. Two hours and twenty six minutes. All made in the month of February 2022.
  2. Instead of locking the thread we should lock in the users with the highest post counts.
  3. Okay dude. You are obviously not interested in looking at the material objectively. I have shown sufficient evidence to support my claims. Your statements in this thread have been largely either irrelevant or specious at best. You have continued to try to change the debate to consider philosophical ideas over agreed upon definitions. You are arguing in bad faith and I'm sick of it. Good luck arguing about whatever the fuck you think is tangentially related to whatever topic rears its stupid head. /last post
  4. maybe it would if enough people voted on it It does though. No need for a vote.
  5. Still trying to get the hang of dark shots. I also need a tripod and need to get on my roof if I'm going to take a decent photo of this. My windows refract light so there's always a weird glare.
  6. In the simplest way to express it; because there's no structure in a mob. A government is a structure.
  7. This is fucking nonsense. The lived experience does not have anything to do with how socialism is defined. You've taken one too many rugby balls to the head.
  8. You are having a really hard time putting two and two together my man. You are so close. Democracy is required for the working class to make any moves at all.
  9. Thanks. It's been a long time coming, though. She's been slowly deteriorating over the past 15 years. Lost both of her legs to diabetes and had a series of other ailments. In a way, I'm glad that her suffering is finally over.
  10. If your appeal to authority is Zeff, then you're off your rocker. Again, their experience is not relevant to the definition of socialism. You don't define economic systems by asking joe schmo how he feels about it. That gives you their assumption and not the literal definition of the thing that makes them feel that way. That person is angry about authoritarianism, not socialism as it never existed there. Re: your link (which I read when it came out), we're not talking about SocDems vs Socialists. As it relates to this thread directly, Marx thought democracy was pretty rad, though: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democracy_in_Marxism (I'll repeat here that the efficacy of the theory is not our focus) As I've previously mentioned, you won't be able to form a union without democracy. The union is the first step to gaining control of the workplace over the company owners.
  11. My aunt died so I had to buy a ticket cross country. I thought plane tickets were supposed to be cheap right now but it was like a thousand dollars.
  12. All in all, you're trying to change the goalpost for this debate. My argument is that it is established that Burma was not a socialist country. This link that was shared earlier even states it was a dictatorship. Dictatorships are not socialist because of literature I've already cited. It is antithetical to the working class to have a dictator. Sorry bud , but you're wrong.
  13. This is philosophical and not concrete. That is a wikipedia article and we know how those go. I gave you something specific. Also, democracy is essential to forming unions. It is an essential component.
  14. Our discussion is about the definition of socialism. It has a definition. I looked it up and you can, too (*infomercial music*). Whether it's effective or not is not what we're discussing. You guys go real deep in the weeds with your logical fallacies these days. It's comparing apples and doorknobs. This guy doesn't know what socialism is and labels it as authoritarian because the party has the word 'socialist' in it and then surmises that anything with the name 'socialist' must be authoritarian. That is the logical fallacy here. His lived experienced wasn't the topic of debate. The definition of socialism is, which will persist with or without his lived experience.
  15. Yeah, it says at the beginning: They're eluding to unions and cooperatives as far as socialism goes. Not sure why they called those states communist, since they're not. You can refer to the first linked article as to why.
  16. No one can hear the virtues of the working class over the sound of you splitting hairs. BLM is not relevant to this conversation either, so yes. It is frightening how fast you guys lose focus on the topic at hand.
  17. To be specific, you're talking about anarcho-communism. I linked an article above that talks about those commonalities and differences.
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