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    Definitely my favorite track out of both SIGN and PLUS. Going to have to give those both another listen soon.
  2. David Lynch is so talented that he could have had a career as the best director of lesbian porn.
  3. Fortunately, I just found a headphone out (1/8"). Not the best, but neither is tape.
  4. I would really like to have one of those 90s Walkmans to play tapes, but I'm kind of stuck with this CD/tape/aux combo things from the early 2000s. Its only out is through speaker wire
  5. You should google the definition of morality while you're at it.
  6. It's faster as long as you don't use Comcast. I use ethernet for my main computer because the connection is so tenuous.
  7. Good stuff. Also saw that William Fields commented on your IG story, congrats!
  8. Some guy was walking his dog and it took a pretty nasty dook right in front of my building and he started walking away (right next to another pile that someone left), so I opened the window and said "Hey yo clean up your dog shit!" and then the guy starts cussing me out for several minutes. Californians are nuts. Somehow I'm the asshole when I'm trying to hold him accountable for the mess he made.
  9. Thanks for making the thread. Hope everybody is enjoying it!
  10. Sometimes I think the tendency to want to construct a completely and utterly indestructible argument in order to point out that something is stupid is rather stupid.
  11. I have many thoughts here but the words "that is so fucking dumb," I think, are the most appropriate.
  12. Whoops, I made a mistake. I meant The Competent Man.
  13. Also, The Confident Man is a type of character that is perfect at everything and self sufficient. Not a confidence man (a con man).
  14. I was speaking broadly about patriarchal norms in western civilization, not about him specifically. Peterson would be an example of a shitty role model that probably had shitty role models.
  15. It's interesting that he builds a philosophy where he often uses clients as his source of truth of how people inherently are, but he's only seeing the consequences of what people have been through. That isn't causality. There's a reaffirming loop here. Odd for a guy that wrote two books on how to be happy. I think it's undoubtedly true that many boys and young men really suffer from shitty role models. Largely role models that are plain absent or because they had shitty role models themselves. I was thinking about the trope of The Confident Man the other day and how it never re
  16. Is there a list of logical fallacies and inaccurate claims he's made?
  17. Ugh. I have an acquaintance that got into this dipshit. I thought I was thoroughly insulated from this fucking guy.
  18. Setting up another goddamn covid test. Another mild sore throat, with no other symptoms. Wish there was a way to skip the lengthy hotline preamble about every protocol.
  19. Over discord? Am I going to have to learn how to use discord?
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