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Until The Light Takes Us


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It was excellent, saw it a week ago. I've always been fascinated by the early black metal scene and this documentary gives an excellent perspective on it. Don't expect an hour and a half of just the shocking stuff (skull necklace story for example) but you can read that elsewhere. In fact the best part of the documentary is that they actually debunk the satanist stuff; you might actually find yourself empathizing with Varg Vikernes and his past goals to a certain degree. Fenriz is strangely likable, even admirable. Everyone else is demented, and the dude from Satyricon is made to look like a tool, which he is.


Beyond classic black metal, the soundtrack has BoC, Mum and Black Dice.


Don't forget to mute the stupid ambient sounds




Those stupid ambient sounds are the best part of the trailer.

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