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Wheres essines

Chris Moss Acid

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ive missed the last 8 games for the pens coz i kept forgetting it was on.



MAF broke his finger so we got old boy curry in goal tonight. and for the backup the pens got Alexander Pechurski who was a former Magnitogorsk youngster, its only for 1 game then he goes back to tri-city, pretty exciting if he plays though.

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how are you watching this? do they show this on sky in UK? i tried to watch canucks games when i was living in eastern canada, but even on satellite they locked western games out from my viewing region. could only view leafs or habs games. sucked.


anyway, looks like you guys are on a winning streak right now. whereas the canucks are on a losing one.


it would be nice to see one of my teams win after man city lost to everton yesterday.

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Guest Ron Manager

all about the Avs. Back on top in the Northwest!




We had one of the best captains ever.



or for ye olde schoole






NHL needs more support in the UK.

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