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  1. The answer to this one (in context) is clearly American Psycho, go on to describe in great detail how you appreciate the scene where Patrick Bateman is explaining Huey Lewis and the News in depth to two hookers while also instructing them to eat ass. Then casually drop "Oh and the decapitation of his coworkers was great too".
  2. The Orb RDJ Autechre Squarepusher Mike Paradinas John Coltrane Thelonious Monk Miles Davis Sun Ra Oscar Peterson Sonic Youth Dead Kennedys Beastie Boys Beck Joy Division Wu-Tang Clan De La Soul Nas (yes mostly for Illmatic, but that album is close to GOAT) MF Doom Kendrick The Beatles Pink Floyd Neil Young Jimi Hendrix Bob Dylan A neat exercise in really thinking about the music that has featured heavily in the soundtrack of life. Of course hundreds of other artists along the way, but these are the ones that I find myself revisiting most often.
  3. Well shit. consider me humbled. 4 more years of trump it is.
  4. Huh...looks like fears about a non-peaceful transfer of power might not be so ridiculous after all. I really hope come 2021 there's video of military police dragging Trump out of the White House, his toupee falling off and his fat ass on the way to federal prison.
  5. I assume here you mean el trumpo thinks the DPRK is a massive market to be tapped?
  6. Why would you wish that on the people of North Korea? They have enough problems of their own to deal with...
  7. What about this poll? Or this Economist/YouGov poll that puts Warren and Biden neck and neck? (p.132 of the PDF - good poll that has lots of interesting breakdowns, like Warren leading Biden by 7% in families with income $100K+)
  8. The poll cited polled 402 Democrats/democrat-leaning independents and had a margin of error of +/- 6.1% It's a bullshit poll, and terrible reporting by CNN. And all I can think of is: this guarantees another 4 fucking years of Trump.
  9. I mean, trump ain’t exactly in peak physical condition. Pot, kettle, black?
  10. Lol middle window top right: “Free health insurance for working people.” Passenger door second line: “I don’t like paying taxes.” No disconnect at all.
  11. I think we can discuss without using the word "autism" as a slur though? Maybe I'm just old and naive and idealistic, but not quite sure why we have to be flinging insults around anyways? I mean we can joke about silly things that people have said on the forum in the past (lord knows I've said my fair share), but I don't think it's wrong to expect discussions without throwing around terms that can be pejorative and hurtful. Example - I can say I think it's idiotic to expect a vote for Trump will bring about more stability in the US. But it wouldn't be cool to say "You're an autistic incel if you vote for Trump." Does that make sense to anyone else? ( @beer badger none of this was aimed at you, just used your post as a jumping in place).
  12. Moderation and deletion of content only takes place after covenant. There are numerous protocol for said covenant some of which can't be revealed, but I can tell you that there is a lot of Iglesias, Julio.
  13. Texas Bracing for Blue Wave in 2020 Interesting article on a potential game-changer down in Texas!
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