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  1. https://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/cops-in-us-shoot-double-amputee-as-he-fled-on-stumps/news-story/3229bdc61a2f0131431f99ef195c5600
  2. I really like about 80% of this. I don't know what the fuck those drum fills are but I'm probably just old and cantankerous.
  3. Just get up there and throw on this mix and pretend you're twiddling some knobs Then follow it up with a load of Bogdan and finish with this. Then piss all over the rug, set the curtains on fire, and exit stage left.
  4. This has dropped and it is some wonderful ambient/classical crossover. Beautifully soothing music.
  5. Busy month for Uwe, he released the first in a series of 12 "Wavetables" here.
  6. Soft Opening out now: https://nn-audio.bandcamp.com/album/soft-opening
  7. cruel and unusual punishment, but fitting for this absolute g.
  8. Got a bug, though it was RSV, may just have been the flu, it turned into bronchitis. Two and a half weeks of feeling like shit and coughing like I smoke 3 packs a day. It's rough out there.
  9. I wonder if an appeal would be upheld due to the fraudulent claims made by the company. (Crypto is still a scam)
  10. Why are so many of you browsing without an adblocker?
  11. chenGOD


    Apparently I have five more times to go before I reach that stage.
  12. chenGOD


    Hey now, 20 years ago I was 28 with zero sensibility thank you very much. @lyst Not much to add here that hasn't already been said more eloquently by others, but been divorced twice (once for getting married too young, once for very long and painful reasons) and married a third time. If you want to drop me a pm to chat or anything, I'm around.
  13. Big shout out to Michael Carrick and the fantastic transformation he's accomplished at 'boro. I told my dad (born in Middlesbrough) Carrick would do wonders for the team.
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