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  1. Fuck how did I miss this. @Alcofribas what have you done
  2. Like the beat, not so much the vox. I’ll cancel you , whippersnapper on a cruise ship.
  3. Mussolini was installed as PM by the king, used his political power to destroy political enemies and then consolidated wealth and power to his own personal benefit. In a nutshell. So yeah, as I said, the bourgeoisie may benefit under fascism, but they cannot step out of line. I would prefer he didn’t defend a war criminal/genocidal maniac.
  4. You forgot to leave in the most significant chunk of time in the modern world: handing out (in secrete).
  5. Mussolini was not a creation of the bourgeoisie. Your lack of history is showing. The guy who wrote that book you recommended defended Milosevic. Should tell you all you need to know.
  6. Fascism in practice has been to mediate all relations to the benefit of the dictator in power (see Mussolini and Trump's fascism-lite). The bourgeoisie may benefit, but may never over-step their place. Edit: and to bring it back around, the direction that China is heading.
  7. Which of course explains why foxconn continues to increase automation in their plants. @rhmilo think more along the lines of garment manufacture, loads of trinkets and small things are produced through factory automation.
  8. So are you talking about the Soviet government? If that is the case, then sure, but I still think the idea that you have some choice as to whether or not you want to work a bullshit job or receive welfare vs the "choice" of working some bullshit job or being thrown in jail is a significant difference. We have welfare and pensions here in Canada as well, but I'm not sure how that relates to old people needing help with packing their groceries? I've done it as well, but there is also a lot of stuff that simply can't be automated away yet and people doing reconciliation etc
  9. I like that too. I really like the singer's voice in the clip I posted. Sue me.
  10. You're not sure on how big a difference between illegal and legal is? The state (in Canada), while surely playing an important role in the ability for companies to create jobs, is not ensuring that there are enough jobs that you will never be unemployed. While I can't speak for wherever you are, grocery packers are a rarity, usually they double as cashiers and grocery packers, but sometimes old people need help with their things. Low paid office staff are often the most important part in an organization. Can't argue with social media content creators, truly dross.
  11. Not sure what white tuareg volunteering org songs means, but all good. But it's undeniable that ding's posts are the most ethnic kitsch thing in existence.
  12. We all have to suffer through your posts, so the above is absolutely false.
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