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  1. Performance art at its post-neo-cultural-marxist finest.
  2. No stalking involved, cross my heart and hope to die. The dude was sitting next to me less than 1m away.
  3. I’m clearly old. I don’t understand young kids. I’m out watching the nba playoffs at a bar. Table next to me, smoking hot girl and some dude. Out drinking soft drinks and waters and the guy is spending most of his time watching YouTube videos on how to slice vegetables. tl;dr I’m old
  4. Kid in front of me on the plane threw up all over herself. Luckily it was only an hour flight but good lord it stank. Gotta feel for the parents but damn.
  5. I volunteer, nay, demand, I be among the first to live there. I offer years of experience moderating watmm as my first (and only) leadership quality.
  6. US immigration detention centres caught serving spoiled food as investigation reveals nooses in cells
  7. Yeah Biden polls really well in places like Ohio, Pennsylvania. Shame America isn't ready for "Socialist" Sanders, but the simple analysis is - white people in places like Pennsylvania will vote for Biden cause he's a moderate, and won't do as much utterly stupid shit as Trump, now that they've learned that Trump is fucking poison to America.
  8. I meant like a yogurt culture. But if you want to continue being an insufferable elitist snob, I guess that works for you.
  9. IDM is a culture (or more specifically, a subculture within dance music). Not a meme.
  10. That blonde on the pitch was really the most exciting part of the match. Also, Van Dijk has to be your lot's player of the year.
  11. What a boring as fuck first half. Sissoko clowning it up and then 40 minutes of nothing. One of of the worst CL finals in recent memory. That 3 weeks off really hurt both teams. Liverpool took their limited chances well, but that early penalty really allowed them to park the bus.
  12. Next time you roll up to exxon, your gas is going to be "freedom enriched" Think about how lucky y'all are! (unless you're a woman in Georgia trying to get an abortion, then fuck you).
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