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  1. One last thing @cyanobacteria You asked earlier why I referenced central planning, because of course you have said numerous times in this thread and elsewhere that central planning can work. It can, but it is less efficient than a well-regulated market, and the links I posted that came from a Soviet educated economist which show that central planning doesn't work you conveniently ignored.
  2. That is an interesting question: do we want a microsoft? A heavily regulated microsoft might not be bad, considering their software (as much as I dislike using it) does power large amounts of economic activity. And Bill Gates apparently was one of those who could actually code (the quality of his code is in dispute, but apparently you couldn't bullshit him) and run a business. Corporations and corporation-like business arrangements have been in existence since 3000 B.C. in Mesopotamia, for example, (see p.15 of the linked PDF), in Assyria (see linked PDF), and so on throughout history. Ye
  3. You have some weird fetish where you think everyone who think Marxism is not the "greatest gee-willikers just the best way to ensure prosperity for all" must think that capitalism is 100% infallible. This is obviously not true. the issue is that Marxism and central planning will not improve on this lot, on the contrary, it will make it worse. Here is a very good easy to understand PDF about why central planning has inefficiencies that lead to the downfall of the state, using the USSR as an example. https://carleton.ca/vpopov/wp-content/uploads/CPEs-IO-and-structural-inefficiencies.pdf, (I
  4. @cyanobacteriahas been pretty explicit that private property would still be allowed in his Marxist wunderland, which I believe included running small stores. So if I read you right, you're saying they're already capitalist. I can't speak about your personal experiences, but in my own experience I know and have worked for owners who do work in the trenches. Considering the above statistic of 99% of firms in American being small businesses, with the majority of those firms having fewer than 100 employees, it is not implausible for owners to be doing a lot of that. My uncle owns (a
  5. Would many people have jobs without private ownership of some industry? Do you think for example, a Microsoft or BMW or Royal Dutch Oil comes about through communal activity? Corporations are sadly, almost a natural outgrowth of business activity. I'm sure I've said this elsewhere, but the book "The Company" by economic historians John Micklethwait and Adrian Woolridge describes how similar structures to corporate activity have formed throughout history, with a key inflection point being in 1555 with the formation of the Muscovy Company (these same authors argue for more oversight and regulati
  6. Do you agree or not that Marx’s basic premise for beginning the transformation to communism is the violent overthrow of the bourgeois?
  7. I wasn’t sure whether or not to post this here or in the Florida thread but I guess here:
  8. Do you think that document supports the claim that the USSR was democratic? I already gave a lengthy (for an internet music forum) rebuttal to this which clearly shows how the CCP is not democratic, and how anti-union (i.e. how anti-worker democracy) China is. Even in the US, the differences between the Republicans and the Democrats are quite clear. There are communist parties in countries all over the world that participate in democratic elections. Your penultimate sentence is very instructive; it shows how unwilling you are to participate in open dialogue, but wo
  9. https://foreignpolicy.com/2021/05/07/china-bhutan-border-villages-security-forces/ China building villages for Chinese residents in a foreign country with no consent from said foreign government.
  10. You have repeatedly stated in this thread that the Soviet Union was the most advanced socialist state the world has ever seen. Stalinism was the complete antithesis of democracy. You have also claimed China is communist because they say their stated goals are communism. The CCP is a one-party state where no democracy exists. The last link I provided with the fellow from Karl Marx university describes how classical socialist parties attempted to gain power and transform society, and it was not through any form of democracy. Theory is useless without a means of putting it into pract
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