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  1. iphone and don't feel like i should have to go to that level of use to avoid ads. Which is why I don't use facebook for much at all and tracking is blocked across apps.
  2. https://underworldlive.com/news/2021/10/22/dark-long-drift-2-dark-train-free-download/ A) sign up and download this. B) Does the headline mean Drift 2 is in the making? I fucking hope so!
  3. His post-match press conference was top Mourinho trash talking his own team.
  4. Oh I use it on the computer lol. Not on my phone though. Also, that only blocks in browser, not in the app, which is where I use Facebook on the phone.
  5. With all the noise around the upcoming Dune remake, this article on David Lynch is a pretty decent read: David Lynch Folds Space: Because He Is the Kwisatz Haderach
  6. Man I’m just happy my friends are out doing something fun with the knowledge that not everyday is like that for them. Facebook has ads to reel you in. That’s the part I don’t like (because of the privacy implications and targeted advertising), but I mean one of the things I was discussing literally had the word “Better” in it (your home and garden could be better), so I don’t know. it would be interesting to hear more of your take on it?
  7. So you’re saying jealousy is more impactful when someone knows the object of their jealousy personally.
  8. I’m curious why there wasn’t this sort of outrage around shows like “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” or magazines like “Better Homes and Gardens”. Not in terms of the misinformation capabilities, but in terms of lifestyle comparison and the impact on the psyche. After all, they showed the same things.
  9. @Squee that kind of makes sense but still, $3200 a month is nutso for a mortgage (imho bbq) Anyhow glad you turned your FWP into a FWS!
  10. Jesus fuck, $3200 a month is ridiculous. And 40k short of the loan you wanted? What fucking kind of system are they running in Denmark? We bought in 2019, put down just over $40K and ended up with payments of like $2600 a month which is still kind of extortionate. Now sure, Ottawa isn’t a shiny metropolis like Copenhagen, but fuck, housing must be insane over there.
  11. chenGOD

    Now Reading

    Finally finished Stephenson’s “Fall: or, Dodge in Hell”. The way he describes the tech in the first part it’s so weird how present it is. Like it should become less obtrusive. The story is an interesting take on biblical creationism, but the ending lacks a little. However, there is so much good material in here, and it combines a lot of Stephenson’s ideas and characters from his previous works. Totally recommend.
  12. I think he's talking about neuroplasticity. Generally, younger brains are more able to create new neurons and neural pathways. But even us olds can still do it, we just need to make sure we don't get stuck in a rut. So new experiences are key. Learning languages. etc.
  13. Lol: “I know my people … I’m not from here.” WTF. Apparently he was fired though (but was he rehired just down the road?)
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