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Community Answers

  1. I'm sure my wife will understand missing a mortgage payment as I catch up on Aleksi's output....
  2. Jesus those guys sure get riled up any time someone take shots at ol' tiny hands.
  3. I mean the implementation of Apple Music (I don’t use Spotify but I imagine it’s very similar) is a lot better than the cludged-together workarounds that existed before, (curated playlists based on your listening habits is pretty neat, streaming without having to set up a server at home (fuck trying to set up a stable shoutcast server ugh), etc etc) but this guy is really a fucking dick of the most giant proportions.
  4. Phwoooah a finer example of aryan fertility you’ll never see. Hop on board the train ladies and buy your ticket to ride.
  5. I’d say you’re bang on. The people who spend all their time hunched over screens in basements won’t be reproducing. Social interaction is icky.
  6. Oh that must be it: they saw my LinkedIn profile which highlights my skills in handing out (in secrete).
  7. Apparently I have a career path. 2 “young fellows” have sent requests for informational interviews because they “found my career path interesting”. they may be sorely disappointed when they find out it mostly consisted of copious amounts of alcohol and drugs and floundering about trying to do something easy while making money.
  8. Why not just put pornhub on auto play and see how long it takes you to get tired of porn playing 24/7
  9. Off topic, but those words will forever be associated with this song for me
  10. Uhhhh stay away from Tennessee I guess.
  11. Never mind the dialogue, the whole fucking film is implausible. I “liked” your answer, but Reservoir Dogs holds a special place because it was so fucking refreshing when it came out. That said OUATIH is probably tied for #2 with Pulp Fiction.
  12. Everyone understands it. But there's also a desperate longing deep in the English psyche for it to come home.
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