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Community Answers

  1. 90% of any era's popular music in a nutshell. We only remember the most popular Hobos in the Sauna, the lyrics are all over the place timing wise. Moderately funny I guess? That was some pretty generic techno in the second example - imo (sorry!)
  2. I don't know whether to laugh or cry about that headline.
  3. Exploring some Canadiana: https://www.sfu.ca/~truax/seh.html
  4. What the actual fuck: Arizona State Senator Leads Prayer In Tongues On Floor Before Abortion Ruling
  5. I was confused at first because I thought Rachel Riley was famous for getting stuffed full of donkey dick, but then realized that's Riley Reid.
  6. So Palestine should build a dome made entirely of living things (besides the Palestinians).
  7. Basically had this on all day. Such a good album.
  8. I’ll grab the remastered digital vinyls sometime soon. Always only had pirated versions before.
  9. That was great - and a very interesting update to the book (which was also great). The idea of curated social media feeds is basically happening right now with the algorithms, though they aren't quite as extreme as in the book yet. If Trump gets convicted and serves prison time (big ifs I know), do you think we'll see a receding of such public displays of racism and bigotry or will it get even worse?
  10. A bit cheeky but for those who crave vinyl, here you go. https://www.astrangelyisolatedplace.com/blog/2024/4/1/silent-state-and-the-the-fires-of-ork-reissue We Are The Music Makers | Volume One by Various
  11. Just picked up 1,4,7, and 8 on Bandcamp. Try and get the rest next week's payday. Really liking this series - much more uplifting vibe than some of the other stuff.
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