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  1. https://kfor.com/news/local/oklahoma-police-chief-arrested-in-meth-investigation/
  2. This is a great follow up to TPAB. I kind of think on that one he looked at big picture structural issues and like you said on this one, it’s examining a lot of personal level things (probably a mix of happening to him and observation of friends and fam). Lots going on on the record.
  3. Brown Album hits all the way through. Basically from the Brown Album through to Middle of Nowhere the brothers Hartnoll were producing top notch techno. The Diversions EP in 92 as well was fucking great.
  4. This is basically what Kendrick did on "To Pimp a Butterfly". He took the narrative construct that was outstanding but somewhat linear and fairly one-dimensional on "Good Kid MADD City" and flipped it to that type of structure where he's examining bigger structural issues in society. This seems to have taken it to the next level - I'm on my first run through now, but I'm enjoying this a lot.
  5. Yeah you don't really sleep - you just time travel - you regain consciousness 3 hours later with no recollection of what just happened.
  6. Try watching government budget analysis meetings for the cure to insomnia.
  7. It could be rheumatism - some autoimmune disease? Yes much more common in women, but men have a risk as well..
  8. So you were born in 75/76? SAW 85-92 was released in 1992, so definitely not before you...??
  9. Thanks, didn’t know he had a second one. Red Notice was great.
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