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  1. You keep moving those goalposts around. If everyone bought local, it would reduce consumption of oil, removing the ability of the current corrupt government in Venezuela to bribe enough of the military to keep them in office. What I was talking about with the bold was: you asked a question (why don’t we have something) but you also provided the answer (we want something, but I think no amount of work I ever do can enact change). You think MLK or Gandhi said “fuck it, there’s nothing I can do?” I’m not asking about your age (and how ageist of you to think that you must be young to be in college), I’m more interested in what sort of education you have/are pursuing. But good on ya with the assumptions, champ.
  2. You don’t think municipal/county level governments can do anything to encourage local farmers markets, community gardens, improve education, reduce reliance on cars, change policies on policing, or provide better social services? re: your comment in bold - 4 years ago, you were empathizing with a cop doing some stupid shit during a traffic stop. Feel free to ignore this question, it’s simply out of curiosity’s sake, but would you tell me if you’re currently in college/university? If so, what year?
  3. Local government has much more power than you realize. You’ve already given up though. That’s why I said you’ll be a supporter of free markets in <10 years. Edgy MRA/redpill -> Edgy anarcho-communist -> edgelord free market absolutist.
  4. chenGOD


    You ever think that your 10 might be different than others? And the only one close to shit on my lists was chocolat, thank you very much. now go sit in a corner until you learn to like the thing.
  5. Got it. You are not interested in working for real change. Cool beans.
  6. Did you vote strategically or ideologically? Have you considered running on a more moderate platform so you can achieve some of your goals? How are positions of municipal councillors captured by corporate interests? Can you explain and expose that?
  7. When was the last time you voted in a local election? Have you thought about running for local office?
  8. chenGOD


    Then pick 10 that do. Jesus fucking wept. American Psycho; Memento; O Brother, Where art Thou?; Gangs of New York: Secretary; Punch-Drunk Love; Donnie Darko; Human Nature; Mulholland Drive; The Royal Tenenbaums. And there's still 16 more years from 2004 to now.
  9. chenGOD


    I'm trying to show that there are a lot of good, entertaining, and potentially thought provoking films being produced in America, so quantity is a necessary part of the equation. I don't think you should be throwing stones, I've seen how you rate shit in the various media threads
  10. There are a number of countries where capitalism with regulation works pretty well. The American experience is not universal. As well, even in recent history, America was on a path to better regulation of wall street and the banking industry after the stupidity of repealing Glass-Steagall. Dodd-Frank was a decent starting point. Strengthening the Volcker rule would have provided more protection to clients. Unfortunately, the US decided to elect a showman-fraudster as president, and the resulting roll back of even those small steps is threatening the economic stability of the US. But keep telling yourself that electing democrats wouldn't have had a progressive and beneficial effect and things would have been exactly the same as they are now. Keep telling yourself that voting in local elections doesn't help (like electing David Soares as the DA in Albany didn't help people of colour and poor people there) and doesn't change anything. How many times does it need to be said - change happens slowly, with sustained effort. The US needs a starting point, voting in Biden-Harris and then taking both Congress and Senate in 2022 are good starting points. Voting for more progressive candidates in local elections (where third-party write-ins are actually possible) are starting points. You want Scandinavian style healthcare (fuck even Canadian style healthcare) and social policies? Work for them - the system does actually work, but it takes effort.
  11. chenGOD


    I didn't include a single one. Sorry there's not enough rape or existential grief for you in that list.
  12. In 10 years? I don't think capitalism will be radically different. Will unfettered capitalism be the dominant economic model in the US? Well not if you guys keep voting in consistently more progressive candidates - especially in local elections, where states and municipalities have a huge say in what sort of businesses they want to attract. Will socialism be the dominant economic model in the US? Probably not, but hopefully you'll at least have a good path established for universal healthcare, and some improvements to the safety nets.
  13. chenGOD


    From the year 2000: From 2001: From 2002: From 2003: So that's just 4 years, then I got bored. I haven't included any franchise movies, no mega series (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings), very few comedies, one war movie (more a black comedy than a war movie), almost no action movies, and very few independent movies. They are all however, produced in America. There is a lot of good cinema in there. So yeah - edgy and untrue.
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