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  1. This one totally flew under my radar but hot damn this is beautiful.
  2. chenGOD


    dunno about the meatloaf part, but kimchi and mushrooms sounds like a damn good omelette
  3. As dumb as they are, you're probably right. (NK is not a viable economic opportunity in Trump's lifetime). This - the other stuff is nothing burger. Their ability to control oil prices is still crazy, even with US fracking output. Still, at some point in the future, oil will cease to be so important (scarcity won't be the issue, there will be cleaner/cheaper ways to manufacture many of the goods that use oil-based plastic now), so the Saudis are going to have to do something to keep themselves relevant.
  4. Let us know the name of the game when it drops? Or before if possible...
  5. There are literally millions of police-citizen interactions every year that occur without incident. Of course the ones that go wrong receive more attention, but don't let that detract from the majority of cops who aren't fuck-ups. For the record, I do think that the whole closing ranks around bad officers is a reprehensible practice. You have a catch-22 situation in the US (and to a lesser degree in other countries): law enforcement are looked down on, and so it's harder to attract good people to the field. More people who are inclined to abuse power then fill the vacancies, leading to the public further looking down on law enforcement. What needs to happen is to recognize that law enforcement should be striving to attract individuals with critical thinking skills, who can approach policing matters with more nuance than simply trying to further militarize the police. Of course the whole "wild west" mythos of the US doesn't help matters. On topic: that was a really good article from the BBC - thanks for posting.
  6. Looks like it (global population) will probably plateau around 9 billion. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/06/17/worlds-population-is-projected-to-nearly-stop-growing-by-the-end-of-the-century/ An aging population in the future will bring about some very important shifts in economics, none of us will be around to see them of course, but hopefully work on post-scarcity economic models continues.
  7. Thoughts and burgers man, thoughts and burgers. Don't listen to any ye.
  8. ^^^ Art of the Steal: How to grift on the public dime. Donald J. Trump.
  9. This kind of thinking is capitalism at its finest.
  10. And I'm telling you, no one from "the government" is looking at your e-mail unless you are a terrorist, distributor of CP, or have links to organized crime. They do not have the resources to do so, even with the technological advances we all currently enjoy. The analogy doesn't hold because in the living room scenario, someone specifically has to be looking in at you. When you use twitter, your activity is most certainly not private, as twitter keeps metrics on you, and so does Google and Facebook through cookies. These corporations are definitely spying on you. So that paper talks about a recent discovery that this chemical PFAS is harmful in higher concentrations than normal. What has the government done about it? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfluorooctanoic_acid#U.S._federal_government_actions oh yeah and vitality air? https://www.businessinsider.com/vitality-air-alberta-canada-no-health-benefits-2015-12
  11. I am going to tell you that no one in government cares who you are, unless you are a terrorist or a serious criminal with links at a high level to transnational organized crime. Most law enforcement agencies do not have the capacity to analyze even a tenth of the data they hold. You are conflating local governance (in the Michigan example) with federal laws. Is flint's water supply indicative of America's as a whole? No. Don't let perfect be the enemy of good.
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