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  1. It’ll be better next season.
  2. Mindhunter. On S01E08, pretty interesting if at times a little tedious with the dialogue. Maybe tedious isn’t the right word. Stilted? Also I don’t know what it is about Netflix series, but I much prefer the image quality in Amazon Prime originals.
  3. Have you ever done like way too many hallucinogens? Like after you take them you’re like “fuck, I’m going to be really fucking high for a really fucking long time, and I have to go to work in 12 hours, but I’m still gonna be only halfway through the trip, but fuck it i already ate the drugs and what the fuck was that fucking duck talking about shit I need a cigarette I’m gonna have to go to 7-11 it’s bright in there need sunglasses fuck I’m already pretty high...” That’s what’s going on with that.
  4. Just seems petty and childish to me, but I guess I shouldn't expect too much from the 4chan/reddit/twitter/fb/ig crowd given the level of political discourse in America (other parts of the world too, but since we're a thread about 'murica). Like I thought it was originally used to describe women with a complete lack of self-awareness who would want to speak to the manager about too many ice cubes in their ice water with ice, but now it's just lost the humour that was there originally. Just my opinion of course.
  5. I broke my brain reading through comments on this twitter feed: https://twitter.com/schumannbot/
  6. The thing I worry about with this kind of stuff, along with polls for Biden giving him a double digit lead, is that people get complacent. Y’all need to vote in the bigliest numbers ever. It’s a good job Trump doesn’t make policy decisions for municipal police forces...
  7. the full video puts things in a different perspective though... but 2 questions: 1)why is everyone always yelling in America? 2)are we just calling all white women Karen now? I thought it had a specific meaning as in a middle aged woman complaining to management over some trivial thing?
  8. That's gone straight to the wishlist - would buy but need to repair the auto. Next month! Lovely sounds 🙂
  9. Yo if a wire hangar is poking a hole through your U-bend, that is ridiculously cheap plastic you got going on. It should be flexible PVC, and no wire hangar is poking through that without significant effort.
  10. It’s worse mate. He’s Irish.
  11. What if we thought the BLM movement was important but a lot of the discussion around it is hyperbolic and doesn’t contribute to finding solutions?
  12. Are you suggesting that the Crews tweet is that sort of talking point?
  13. The Washington examiner is a well-known right wing rag. Not worth the paper it’s printed on.
  14. jeSuS wASn'T mUrdereD by FASCISTS dIdn'T DIE on the crOsS so yoU cOuLD be A socialist
  15. I advocate for you to go live in one.
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