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cd, (digital audio noise?) around 1993-1996 i think

Guest abreaktor

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Guest abreaktor

i dont really know when and why i bought it. sadly, i lost it a few years ago when relocating. i want to have it again. what i recall is this:


1. cover was black writing on orange base

2. the title contained the following words: digital audio noise (maybe analog?)... i am pretty sure of the first 3...

3. tracks were very bleepy acidy raw stuff.

4. sadly, i dont recall any artist names or a label. heck, it might have been a test cd for a hifi components producer.


any help very much appreciated!

thanks in advance

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Guest abreaktor




sadly, its not. it was a much brighter orange. some very basic 2d art and a bunch of text. memory is a bit hazy there. odd thing was that i listened to that record for a long time even if i was more into punk at ga´bba at that time. i really want to know what it exactly was, and if maybe some big shot was behind that. thank you anyway, burnt friedmann and jaki liebezeit rock! ima buy me some of these.


any other ideas?

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