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  1. This would be my choice. 4-part multitimbral, very nice architecture, plenty of patch storage, multiple outs.
  2. Yeah I've been saying that for years and nobody listened lol. I got the Virtualizer Pro, it has awesome reverbs and also a really great vocoder.
  3. RIP m8 I didn't have much interaction with him over the past few years, but we did collab once and he seemed like a wholesome guy.
  4. I've seen quadraphonic but not 5.1. I doubt this would be either; I doubt anyone who would buy this would have the kind of setup that could decode such pressings.
  5. can't wait to drop the needle on that sudden fucking alarm sound that pops out of nowhere after 5 hours of almost silence or whatever (FWIW I do love the concept and packaging etc of these albums, they're just not that great to listen to lol)
  6. It makes absolutely no sense to have these albums on vinyl lol
  7. lol I feel like people wanting to make that super tight EDM stuff are gonna have a bad time with hardware in general. It seems very much suited to DAW production.
  8. lol I can definitely understand that perspective after spending the past year writing code and then trying Max again. I'm gonna persist, mostly because it'll probably be useful for my studies this year, but yeah sometimes it feels like the things I've been making in max could have been made much easier with a few lines of code.
  9. Definitely. Especially when you're using only four channels and have to think about where things can fit; looking at some of the really proggy MOD files where tons of stuff is crammed in is a real inspiration imo. I've probably posted it before, but this video covers it pretty well: https://youtu.be/NFudy2HAh4k
  10. Another vote for Buzz. I used it pretty much exclusively for 10 years, it's great.
  11. The modwave sounds delicious. I *just* got one of the new MS20 reissues today though, so I think I'm gonna be forced to hold off for a while 😛
  12. Looks like Untilted era to me. Typography nerding: the "t" is different to the LP5/EP7 typeface and the text is thinner overall.
  13. The tutorials on the site are great, they start from the very beginning and get into a lot of useful functionality. Lua is a very easy language to pick up as well. Funnily, I just started dipping into Max again and am finding that it's way more fiddly than just writing some code. I'm finding it really hard to get around the order of operations, and having to explicitly wire up things that I could fairly easily write with a few lines of multipurpose code. That said, I'm still pretty new to it, and have spent almost the past year using text based code so maybe I just need to think a bit dif
  14. Yeah, good point. JUCE is a whole world of pain in terms of even just getting things set up. I'm at the point with Window now though where it works as a straightforward 16th note sequencer in VST form, so it's only a matter of adding the remaining features and a few others. And I did want to make some basic synth engines to go along with these, but that's a long way down the line. Standalone with MIDI I/O only would be a breeze though 😄 Yeah the collision stuff is maybe not the best implementation. At every frame for each ball and for each line it measures the distance from each point, a
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