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  1. I've made some of my (imo) best stuff using cheap (or free) gear/software. I buy synths because they're fun to mess around with.
  2. Unsolicited advice: don't buy a new one. Big brand guitars (ie. Gibson and Fender) are overpriced for what they are, and have been for decades. For the price, you'd probably get more out of a nice condition (or even something a bit worn with character) second hand Gibson from the 90s or earlier, than whatever they're pumping out these days. Back to your original question though: I've played a few Epiphones and they're great. I have a $150 super entry level "LP Special" that I use as my doom metal guitar, it sounds awesome and is nice to play.
  3. Is it really that hard to design basic generic modules rather than ripping off Roland ones though? I thought the remakes were kinda cute at first but it's starting to get ridiculous.
  4. If only the white one also had white sharp keys. That said though, it's still fkn awesome and I want one.
  5. Very true. I have the SY22 for that though 😄 I'm really keen on this because it sounds legitimately lush and very much in line with what I've been getting into lately. I'll give it a few months of cooling off time before I go selling something and potentially regretting it though, haha.
  6. Yeah honestly thats a main reason why I want it. That late-80s to mid-90s rompler sound really does it for me, and it looks much easier to edit than the original synths from around that time. Does the Argon8 contain full length samples or just single cycle waves?
  7. don't care, sounds great, I love Barker's stuff edit: I don't hear anything pre-recorded in there? He's definitely building it up on the spot, I don't think it makes sense to completely design every sound from scratch if you've only got 10 minutes
  8. I never really had any horror stories from online dating. Everyone I met was either mostly pleasant/attractive or just a little dull. The real horror is how many women go to the effort of putting "only contact me if you're taller than me" in their profiles. That's some real bullshit right there. What if I wrote "only message me if you have comically huge breasts"? I still maintain my stance that women can't call themselves feminists if they're turned off by a shorter person. Having said that though, I've dismissed women on dating apps based on their music taste, so that may be similar.. but at least that's a personality thing.
  9. Ha, aimless generative music is basically all I'll be uploading this year 😄 https://weeklybeats.com/0F
  10. It's different, for sure. I like it because it's more interactive/social than just messing around by myself in my studio, which can get lonely sometimes. I've just started a restream.io account, so I can stream to a few platforms at once (does twitch allow for music streaming as well or is it just games?), which should open things up a bit.
  11. yeah this I told myself I wouldn't do it again this year, but I just uploaded a track for it. I've established a goal to do more streaming this year, so the majority of my uploads will be excerpts from my streams. Hopefully mostly using Orca as well..
  12. Yeah Pilot sounds great, but again the lack of documentation is a bit weird. I've managed to figure most of it out, except for the 4 "membrane"/drum channels, which don't respond to envelope commands in the same way that the other channels do. The Norns build has a few weird bugs, so I may actually stick to the desktop version until they're fixed. I'd love to get stuck in to lua scripting and build my own squarp-alike but that's for another thread 🤘
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