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  1. Guys you'll never believe it! I just found a Mother32 for only 75 turtles!
  2. I kinda did Volca Keys acid a few years back, turned out alright. I do miss the Keys actually, it's got a really unique gritty sound. oh shit if the final production model is white I'm getting one for sure.. even though I've got a friend's 606 on indefinite loan.
  3. modey


    Good timing for a bump. I did the t-shirt design for next year's Square Sounds chiptune festival. Sadly they're not available for purchase without a ticket (maybe that'll change though?) but I figured I'd show them off here because it's one of my most idm designs lol also available in yellow on red, fluorescent green on black, and dark grey on black
  4. I'm glad it's back to the "landscape" format. Looks like it's a bit smaller than it was before? Or at least smaller than I expected, around GB Micro size. The new dot matrix display looks pretty cool too. Hopefully we're not far off. It's been really interesting seeing it develop.
  5. Yeah, PNW is great! My only minor complaints are that there's no pitch quantiser, and that everything is restricted to divisions or multiplications of the base tempo. That said, it's primarily a rhythm generator, so neither of those are a very big deal with the addition of a couple more modules.
  6. A few of my utility/generator picks: Pamela's New Workout: a very solid clock utility but goes way beyond that, with LFOs, euclidean sequencing, loopable random generators, etc. Pairs nicely with a quantiser (I use 2hp Tune) so you can use the random generators as melody generators. Mutable Instruments Marbles: generative gate and note sequencing but with tons of modes and options to play with, and can be run at audio rate to get a super digital oscillator. Plus you can load custom scales into it, which can get microtonal, if that's what you're into. And Maths of course.. just watch the video For sound shaping, rather than a utility, I love Mutable Instruments Warps with the Parasites firmware. Lots of different options from waveshapers, vocoders to very nice delays (one of which has an open feedback path). Also I just thought of an interesting first pair, if you can afford it: Pamela's New Workout and Make Noise Erbe Verb. Using PNW's 8 outs to control the verb's parameters can get some very interesting effects, including really swishy drum sounds and pitch shifting.
  7. Just got a notification that the Autechre mixlr account is live again.. I can't remember if it was a legit one or not but posting it here just in case 😄 http://mixlr.com/autechre/?utm_source=new_broadcast_alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=alert
  8. I'm still on 10.11 on my 2016 imac and 10.13 on my 2018 mbp. Was thinking of upgrading to 10.14 on both, but I can't now, right? Is there no way to do that? I never downloaded it when the notification came up.
  9. modey


    What! The Draft 7.30 artwork is a masterpiece. The post-Exai tDR stuff pales in comparison imo (and I'm a tDR fanboy). Also, the Untilted typography works for me, the cap height of the smaller type matches the x height of the larger type.
  10. OpenMPT is more true to the classic style of tracker music, which is great if you're composing mod/xm/etc stuff. Renoise is definitely more suited to more modern production, but when I want more accurate emulation of older trackers I'll use MPT. I usually stick with Renoise though.
  11. I attended an Algorave workshop (which used TidalCycles) at a video game music composers' convention last weekend, and it got me motivated enough to finally actually install it and give it a go. I think a few people in Melbourne are going to start a live coding club as well, which should be nice 😄
  12. just stay away from the weyheyhey sample pack and you should be fine
  13. The delay was one of my favourite things about the volca keys lol Maybe I should get a neutron 🤔
  14. lol this would have fit right in in the Australian early 00s breakcore scene
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