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Community Answers

  1. out now 🙂 https://0f-digital.bandcamp.com/album/isometry
  2. I don't mind the AFX/Autechre comparisons, because I still rip off Autechre pretty regularly. The worst one for me is when I include even the slightest hint of a slow minor chord arpeggio and people say "sounds like stranger things!!".
  3. Complaining about small synths has been done to death.
  4. Oh yeah they're not huge analog keyboards with stupid woodgrain sides so they must be worthless, right
  5. Sometimes. I've used it with my Nord Modular, mostly for reverb/delay which the Nord doesn't have. But I also use it almost like a Kaoss Pad, using track recorders and flex machines to glitch things up.
  6. My GAS thoughts lately, now that I have a stable income again: - What if I sold my Monomachine and bought a Syntrx? - I want a Monome Grid but maybe should settle on a Launchpad Mini Mk3 for messing around with custom sequencers in Max/Norns - I saw a $700AUD TR-09 on ebay which would be a bit redundant because I have the TR-06, but omg the toms and cuteness - It'd be fun to have a Kaoss Pad again - It'd also be fun to have a Lyra-8 again.. this time the white version, the black one was a mistake - Maybe I should get one of the next production run of M8s instead of any of the above, so I can keep my beta version at home / make 2x M8 tracks Money is a curse. yeah this. I'm avoiding even watching videos because I know I'll want one.
  7. welcome to vintage style drum machines lol I actually think it sounds great though. I got some ridiculously excellent footwork jams going at my friend's place a few months back.
  8. Awesome! Keen to dig into this. I've been trying similar things because I'm sick of visuals reacting to audio. I want audio to react to visuals!
  9. It means transpose all notes in column up by one semitone. I see you've fixed the issue, but it seems a bit of a long way to do it for just one note, when you could just re-enter the note at the octave you want?
  10. Champion, thanks! I also sadly lost the tons of recordings I made. I really should have put them on bandcamp or something..
  11. 10 years later bump, woo Does anyone have this saved somewhere? I'd love to hear it again, but my hard drives from this time are all dead. Also I'm using it as an example in a uni assignment 😄
  12. My girlfriend made one the other night and it was great. I've also accidentally cut a pear using a knife I'd just used to cut garlic, and then used the pear in a salad. It was an unusual combination but not offensive.
  13. I'm so keen. Buffer Override on main mix comp when!?
  14. Yeah, the pixel density is quite high. I can understand readability might be a bit tricky for some people. With the web display / Touch Designer patch though, you can mirror the screen at any size you like. Obviously doesn't work too well in a portable situation, but it's something!
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