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  1. You only really need the lightning to USB dongle, but yeah I'm not sure if I can be bothered connecting an audio interface to my phone yet. Maybe if some friends of mine join. It'd be great to record acoustic instruments into it though.
  2. Yeah it was in beta for years. I never got an invite, I guess because I never got anyone else to sign up 😛 Anyway, I downloaded this last night, it's pretty fun. The public jams are a cacophony as expected, but private jams can be created and shared. I'm keen to get some friends involved and work on some loopy stuff together. Shame it's iOS only at the moment; I'm on iOS but a lot of my friends aren't.
  3. I think it's 3-voice paraphonic.
  4. Seriously, Nord Lead 1 or 2 (or their rack equivalents) are amazing VA synths, can get nice and warm sounding with the right reverb, and also into weirder territory with the FM (and ringmod on the NL2). Plus there's the hidden Pelle's mode if you want to get really weird. edit: not sure why people are facepalming my original post. I bought a Nord Lead a few years back for $400 in useless Australian money, that's probably like £100 or something.
  5. Get it 🤘 It's definitely a fun and quick way to get into making stuff again.
  6. Also known as Piggy Tracker.. I should have mentioned! https://www.littlegptracker.com/
  7. I think Trash80's one looks promising, as it's based on lsdj to an extent. He invented the "prosound" mod for gameboy, and the arduinoboy + associated lsdj code mods for midi control, so he knows his shit.
  8. More precision, or at least precision is at the forefront. And depending on who you talk to, more focus on maximising sequences; have a look at early 90s Amiga modules and there are a lot of tricks used to make it sound like there are more channels than the four that were available. Elektron sequencers were basically inspired by trackers, which have had the equivalent of parameter locks since the beginning. oof, you best not be dissing my boy richie* (* I don't know him personally, but I admire his sound design work, and he's just an all round wholesome guy)
  9. Yeah the reason why a tracker workflow works for me is that it's very fast with a keyboard. Then again, people love using LSDJ/LGPT etc on game consoles..
  10. Trash80 is working on a hardware tracker as well, but in a smaller format. Sounds fkn great though.. looks like it has mechanical keyboard buttons on it too! https://www.instagram.com/p/B9isKjUnL2b/?igshid=l0gjagmkl3rl
  11. I'm keen to see what they've done in terms of performance features, as most trackers are pretty lacking in that department. Renoise has a few things, but is still a bit rigid. I did get some interesting performances out of Buzz though, as the pattern format itself was quite modular, I'm wondering if Polyend will do something similar.
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