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  1. yeah, but that means they'd have to SELECT THE NOOOTES
  2. as long as he brings the pulsar, I'm fine with that
  3. I'd love to see Max4Renoise actually. I've always thought it'd be a better fit than Ableton (though I understand why that particular partnership happened).
  4. Yeah I've caved and sent the pre-order email. It's 100% my kind of thing. Dunno if I'll be able to afford it by the time it goes into production, but that's a problem for future modey.
  5. 8 years Renoise for me, but uh.. nearly 23(!) years of trackers total. I actually haven't been using it much recently, in favour of hardware, but I'm getting in the mood to write some prog again so maybe I'll get back to it when I have some free time. Yes, this 100%! I think everyone would benefit from analysing old Amiga MODs, it even applies to channel economy in Elektron gear; people complain about not having enough tracks, I just think they're not using them properly.
  6. New update adds portamento, multimap, and parameter randomisation, among other things!
  7. ah! here it is: https://memoryglands.bandcamp.com/album/sttc
  8. They delivered the package to the wrong address. I opened a dispute saying it never arrived, they gaslighted me saying "the driver delivered the package to your letterbox" (my letterbox is part of a high fence all around my property and not big enough to fit a parcel), I had to push it further, saying that there's no way the driver could have delivered it without either leaving it on the footpath or throwing it over the fence. They got back to me saying the driver would return to the address he delivered it to and attempt delivery again, and at this point I was doubting it would even show up at all lol. It finally got delivered on Friday, I didn't question the driver about what happened, I was just happy to have it!! I've now learned my lesson and will be using a parcel locker, instead of getting things sent to my house 😛
  9. I don't know which one I'd rather keep if I had to sell one.. that's why I've still got both lol just get both?
  10. lol sheathe: "portable sequencer or lush FM workhorse?" bitroast: "why not neither?"
  11. sick! My copies finally turned up, after some very stressful drama with Australia Post, lol 😕 So if anyone in Australia wants one, there are two still available!
  12. just listen to 80s/90s king crimson instead
  13. Very different use cases for both imo. OP-Z's main advantage by far is the portability, for sure. The synthesis isn't deep at all, but it's one of those "greater than the sum of its parts" machines, where you can kinda blur things together, either in the tape track, or using the compressor/overdrive/send distortion. It has one of the best sequencers I've ever used, at least from a step sequencer perspective. The step components are a genius idea, and amazing for semi-generative music. It's a tad fiddly though, and can get a bit frustrating due to the occasionally double-triggering buttons, but it doesn't bother me as much as I expect. Digitone is definitely capable of getting way more lush, especially with the very pretty built-in reverb. It's a typical Elektron box in that it's built like a tank, and the trig keys feel great and are satisfying to press. The sequencer is a bit more limited than the OP-Z but it's still great. Synthesis-wise, it wins over the Z though, obviously 😄 you can go all the way from subtle bell tones, through to subtractive synthesis, and LP5-era Autechre sound design. It almost sounds like a Nord Lead at times, due to the pairing of FM and resonant filters. The downsides though, are that there is no portamento (yet), no arpeggiator on the MIDI tracks (yet), and playing the same note twice cuts the previous one off instead of routing it to another available voice (most noticeable with long attack/release sounds). All three have been talked about on Elektronauts though, so I'm sure they'll be fixed at some point in the future. They're both amazing machines though, and I'm sure you'll be happy with either one.
  14. I haven't really had the need to do it; everything I make on the OP-Z stays on it, basically. I can understand why people would use that feature though. Regarding the chord track, it's properly polyphonic, so any notes you enter will be sent via MIDI. Not sure about the master track transposition, but I assume it changes the outgoing MIDI as well, since the OP-Z is partly designed to sequence external devices as well.
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