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  1. Yeah, still working on it! I've got some other synth sound design to do (including some actual paid work!) which is taking priority a little, but I'm hoping to get it finished in the next few weeks.
  2. I want the white one, actually.. maybe I could get the MS20M and paint it white lol
  3. I'm still eternally tempted to get an MS20 mini (or.. a real one). One day..
  4. fuck how could I forget, one of the best Australian bands ever to exist imo
  5. Genesis (Gabriel era; Collins would occasionally sing lead) Scar Symmetry (clean vocalist and harsh vocalist) Australian Crawl (fuck you I love Australian Crawl)
  6. Yeah tbh that's why I haven't actually been tempted enough to actually pick one up. Sometimes having that much freedom/that many settings just stifles me, it's weird. But in terms of what it can do that others can't.. I think it's still a lot more advanced than what you mentioned—doesn't it also have a wavetable engine that can be used as FM operators? I'm sure I saw/read/heard that somewhere.. As for max, well not everyone has the time/desire/knowledge to build their own patch emulating an FS1R 😉sounds like an interesting project though.
  7. I like STO. Pretty basic but it sounds nice. I'm also considering swapping my Elements for a Plaits or Braids (or maybe just Rings for the pseudo-polyphony). Oh nice! I'm always tempted by O_C when it comes up in sale groups, but I think two menu-divey modules are enough for my small setup.
  8. I've noticed this in DEP ever since Miss Machine tbh; it's clear that Puciato is a fan. Not a bad thing of course! holy fuck that logo is giving me a design boner
  9. Roli lightpad block might work nicely for that, not quite the same feel, but would be nice to set up with say, a Max patch.. hmmm
  10. They're pretty rare here in Australia, I only really see one come up for sale locally every couple of years. Then again, a lot of things here are rare lol 😒
  11. Nice! I'm somewhat tempted to get a couple of those pico modules, just because they seem to be a decent price for what you get. But.. I'm determined to build some stuff of my own.
  12. You're disadvantaging yourself with this mindset! Sure, it may take a little while to get used to how things interact etc, but you should definitely give it a try. I'm going by memory here, but here's what I think it should be like: Start with a single voice (looks like it's pretty much just a simple oscillator and a VCA with an ASR envelope), then turn that into a pair that can modulate each other, mixed into a basic filter ("sharp"). That pair then can turn into another pair, perhaps with a bit more cross modulation to make things a bit unpredictable, and then a control for the release of all four voices (I think that's the "hold" control?); you can add a switch for each pair to multiply/divide the signal going into the release to simulate the "fast" switch (again, I've only barely played one so this is going from vague memory). If you then duplicate this group of 4, adding some more cross modulation (all of this modulation should be switchable) you're nearly there.. after that it's just a matter of adding a couple of delays, a distortion, and an LFO routable to delay time/oscillator pitch. It likely won't be an exact copy, but you could probably get something with a similar feel. I'm actually tempted to try replicating it myself, perhaps on my Nord modular..
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