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  1. Banger album, tin shack or otherwise. Worth raising a nug to (dipped in potato&gravy), for sure.
  2. Great points, thanks everyone. I think perhaps I'm letting it get to me a bit too much; I ended up creating something today that I'm very happy with (little snippit here), which probably could be stripped down a bit more, but actually reflects what @Nil said above re: empty spaces / incomplete melodies. Keeping my Digitone tracks a bit more sparse, rather than feeling like I need to balance each page of the sequencer with the others. I think it's a bit more difficult with the Digitone as it's practically begging to be used for lush melodies. Having said that, I've had some luck with "unwinding" a busy melody by setting trig conditions to various parts of it, ensuring it never gets a chance to play in full. I am also working on collabs, actually had a very Terminator 2 meets Metroid Prime soundtrack jam with a friend the other day 😄 should be editing that down soon. And have been talking to another friend about starting a 2x nord modular (or nord + octatrack) project, which will be interesting! Anyway, a bit off topic for the GAS thread (I'm sure there was a thread about what I'm talking about here a while ago?).. but to bring it back home, I'm getting kinda tempted to pick up one of the Intellijel Palette cases, and strip my eurorack setup right back to a few modules—maybe have more than will fit in the case, but switch things out for various minimal setups—tbh I got more out of eurorack when I was trying to push a small amount of modules to their limits. May be a phase, but selling a few things could help me get to superbooth next year (a vague fantasy!). I think the OP-Z is gonna go too. I like it but the double triggering is doing my head in. That said, they seem to be hard to sell, there's been one on facebook marketplace for weeks, at about 70% of the new price.
  3. Yeah, I think I'm intending for Vague Robots to be the more melodic side of my hardware jams, with the 0F alias being for the more experimental/textural stuff.. though they kinda bleed into each other really.
  4. Ahh, thanks m8. I think my problem is that I have peers and influences who have styles which seem "cooler" than mine, like they have an ear for minimalism and seem to naturally be able to make music that's really stripped down yet still very engaging. I always gravitate towards spacey, dramatic chord progressions, and find I have to force myself to be more minimal, if that makes sense? Maybe I need to just make things as I usually do, but then try to minimise them as much as possible, haha. I'm never 100% happy with my own style, I always have an underlying sense of my music being a bit cheesy, even when I don't intend for it to be.
  5. Just watched Cuckoo's Chipsynth MD video, sounds great! There's also Deflemask for those who are into trackers, which has the added bonus of being able to export a ROM for the MD to play natively. It also supports a bunch of other consoles, and is free! Also, not really getting the Digitone hate, every time I turn mine on I'm inspired to make some unique sounds. I'm not always productive in a musical sense with it (I'm having an unrelated melodic crisis at the moment where I feel like all of my melodies/progressions sound too cheesy, and the Digitone kinda pushes me to make melodic music), but for me it's an amazing sound design tool. Then again, I'm a bit of an Elektron fanboy so it's probably not a surprise lol
  6. That's just a bass guitar.. are you taking the piss or am I missing something? 😛
  7. Yeah I'm not concerned at all. I'm fine with him taking some time to get things right, I'm eagerly awaiting it but if waiting a bit longer means we'll eventually get a device that looks and feels good, it'll be worth it. I remember nanoloop mono taking quite some time to get from prototypes to final product.
  8. The black one.. I would have rather got the white version, but I can't be bothered waiting lol haha! I pretty much only order from Australian retailers, apart from a few Eurorack kits I've put together recently. When you start adding GST and ridiculous postage costs, it really doesn't make sense to order from overseas anymore. I used to order from the ms_tokyo ebay store quite often but their prices aren't that great anymore, especially when combined with postage.
  9. I was tempted to get the pulsar (and am still on the wait list) but I think I'll get more out of the lyra. They're in stock at patchcable so I ordered one.. there goes the last of my tax return 😛
  10. I think I'm gonna sell my op-z and get a lyra-8. I haven't touched it since early June.. and with the new nanoloop device somewhat on the horizon I think it'll fall out of use eventually.
  11. Yeah I'm a bit worried about those rubberised buttons on my Digitone. I guess only time will tell!
  12. I only had one for a short amount of time before selling it to get an Octatrack, but the sound of it is great. The kicks can get really huge / heavy / deep, but it's also capable of getting pretty lo-fi and dirty if that's your thing. I'd say a downside of it is that the sequencer is pretty basic compared to later Elektron gear, with no microtiming, conditional trigs or individual track lengths. However, since you've got a Eurorack setup, you can actually assign the inputs as trigger inputs for two tracks, which helps get away from the otherwise rigid sequencing. From what I remember, it can trigger pretty quickly as well, so you can get into weird territory easily.
  13. Wow, vanilla soundprint compared to a 101? Guess we have different tastes 😛
  14. I can't speak for the current generation of electribes, but yeah the originals were super fun. I'll keep my ES-1 forever, even though I have other boxes that do a much better job of sample playback.
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