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The Manic Mix


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After weeks of building up a "manic playlist" of tracks that strike me as being very energetic, or hyperactive, I have decided to melt them all down and pour the oozing, pulsating fluid into a big mixer. That didn't really happen, but I did make the tracks into a really good mix, packed with insane material. We range from schizophrenic beats, to zany and frantic classical music, to onslaughts of hard noise, to happy little melodies that'll send your brain into "manic" mode.


Camicolusion is not responsible for any episodes of psychosis that may result from listening to the contents within. I hope you enjoy listening to The Manic Mix as much as I enjoyed making it :biggrin:




As well as uploading it to WATMM, I have enclosed a Megaupload link for anyone who wishes to share the mix with someone outside the forum.



The Manic Mix.mp3

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It's been two weeks since I posted this mix. Looks like only 2 people have downloaded it, has anyone heard it yet? I'd love to get some feedback.

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