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  1. gotta have enough room for pot noodles https://lannerchronicle.wordpress.com/2020/10/14/aphex-twinq-magazine-november-2014/
  2. we're talking about eight sides of vinyl, and it's not happening on the outer tracks, it's only happening on Cipater and Arcoyear2 - the opening tracks on two different albums pressed at the same time. it definitely sounds like an issue with the records themselves. i have an original pressing of Chiastic Slide and i don't remember having any problems with it.
  3. oh shit now ChenGOD's written a thesis
  4. just re-reading some of the news articles going around in 2010 when richard casually announced that he "has six albums already completed". everyone on the techno scene was hyped, and there were loads of threads about it in here. if you were here in 2010, you'll remember just how exciting this was. we were all running around guessing what these albums could be, what they sounded like. and of course it was impossible to know - that was the magic of it. well, here we are. how do we fare? this material has surfaced in various places. first we had the Noyzelab Interview Tracks - released alongside richard's SYROBONKUS article in 2014 - which included a handful of modular tracks. rich uploaded more of them to his Soundcloud page - highlighting them with a playlist which has since been listed on Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/release/6288378-Aphex-Twin-Modular-Trax then, of course, we have the Mt. Fuji Tape from 2017 between these various sources, i'm confident that just about all the material from the first and second "already completed" albums has now been released. sadly we have yet to hear this MfM remake. a lot of people were expecting a release of this album in 2016, when richard announced "a re-release of a very special album from twenty years ago" (does anyone have the exact quote?) but this was later revealed to be a reissue of "Mike & Rich" with seven new bonus tracks (eight if you ordered from Planet Mu). to be fair, we DID get a release of another unreleased album - the Caustic Window LP, which for years held a similar legendary status and which, unlike Melodies from Mars, had never been circulated online and was completely unheard. still, i'd love to know what a modern, Analord/Tuss era remake of MfM would sound like. richard did remake a track from Analogue Bubblebath 5 (again, another similar sounding album) which he uploaded to Soundcloud, and it sounds like this: (the original is "Track A2" from Analogue Bubblebath 5). here i think richard is refering to Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-2008, released in 2015. it looks like he had a long-time interest in releasing the tracks which appeared in countless live sets in the decade leading up to Syro. ODS is a release which explicitly aims to release live tracks from a certain period which predates this 2010 interview, and the compiling of tracks on ODS may actually be based on the album richard is refering to in the above quote. let's not forget that Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-2008 is definitely an album which changed and rotated, even after its release - it was quickly reissued with a bonus track, and then again with three more bonus tracks. we all know what this is. warp co-founder Steve Beckett couldn't have put it better himself when he announced as early as 2009 that "We're definitely going to be putting out a new album by him - if I can prise it out of his hands." (link - https://exclaim.ca/amparticle/aphex_twin_definitely_putting_out_new_album) we all think of Syro as the huge, mainstream success of an album which took years and years of engineering and fine-tuning. richard described it himself as "my pop album, or as poppy as it's going to get". we waited years and years for releases like these. Syro fulfilled the dreams of so many aphex twin fans, not just as a brand new studio album, but as a release of holy-grail live performances such as The Manchester Track (which we've been talking about since 2007) and many others. he did this for us because he loves the fans - because we wished for it for so long. just look at this! "aka the manchester track". source - https://warp.net/updates/syro - the original announcement, written by richard himself, just to make absolutely sure that we knew what we were getting. so, after all this time, it turns out that when richard announced he had "six albums already completed" - a wild, unearthly claim which barely anyone believed at the time - was not only true, but is now visibly confirmed as at least four of them have been released. richard doesn't describe the sixth album, but the extract from the 2010 interview ends with a mention of "loads of tracks which don't belong anywhere" which, of course, we saw during the SoundCloud era. now, in 2022, we still have so much more to be excited about. richard has been talking about remastering cassette tapes from the SAW85-92 era, building custom-made cassette decks in a process which is not only exciting, but intensely personal as he has stated numerous times meanwhile, there is a whole new generation of god-tier tracks from live performances - tracks which are as lush and groundbreaking as ever. for the love of god, PLEASE check out this recent YouTube channel by the name of Unlimited Joy, which is collecting dozens and dozens of unreleased live tunes: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6pnIDH1oWqeRxMwWZ-w-xA what a time to be alive. eternal love richard xxx
  5. that absolutely sucks 😞 i hope you find a way to keep enjoying music.
  6. shout out to Metaz form8. the lead into sch.mefd 2 is devastating, one of the peaks of Ae's discography.
  7. no beautiful women flying around a disused factory on four tv screens at once in the back of a truck? pass.
  8. reading thru the DANK MEMES thread at 4am and wanting to make comments and funny observations about them, except you can't really do that because the thread is so big and i don't have my own memes or anything of value to add. after scrolling for a while i find a meme in there which is so lit woke blin dank that i saved it, went to a photo print site and i have now actually purchased a high quality poster print of the meme. i could only afford 7-day shipping and i'll probably black out at 5am, fuck.
  9. it's a "you're wrong/but what about" post. 240p youtube quality.
  10. yeah. so, in the Ae subforum we're all for people posting walls of text about the details and/or emotions of Ae's music. but... a wall of text to criticize and take down another user's post? is the a sub-sub forum for people who intensely scrutinize people who intensely scrutinize Ae? i'm used to a certain level of introspection and this just isn't doing it for me, being completely fixated on another person and all.
  11. Coming back to my WATMM Blog after nine years. I have a new interest in the things I was writing about in 2012, and since I hate social media with a passion it just makes sense to pick up where I left off. Here are some of my thoughts: I never changed my avatar. It's probably annoying people by now lol My life completely turned to shit in June 2021 and I'm sure I'll have loooaaads of fun writing skyscrapers of text about that I'll be writing about my dreams in here. A journal of dreams is called a "Noctuary", and the Dial M reference ties in really well with upcoming posts (there's gonna loads of little thought connections going on, I guarantee they will be even more insufferable than my dreams). Also the word "upon" is a napkin folded up like a cone. There's a Tom and Jerry short where they're running around on a table with Thanksgiving dinner, and the napkin on the table is "upon". I heard the phrase "once upon a time" banded around with no meaning (in the way the letter "sigma" is used) and I figured the word "upon" was the napkin.
  12. cross-posting with the "Music that has made you cry" thread. i was with my family going about a tour of a very well-to-do, traditional cottage house. like in a Beatrix Potter story, but the house was huge inside with all the decorations and dimly-lit cosy furniture. we came outside one of the back doors - a path of grass enclosed with trees and outer walls. me and my sister were still kids, and i was trying to tell her about the bells - at the top of the blackened, stone wall, very high above the back door, there was a kind of copper apparatus with springy/clockwork parts. these are the bells used to produce the sound in "Sleepy Seven" by Bonobo. she didn't get it. we went back into the house but the passages were all low and narrow, also it was now a video game with gems/rings to collect. i came out into a bright, white room. a small, quaint hotel all painted white, with a river tearing away nearby. all the rooms were tiny and the door frames were narrow and very tall. i came down some concrete steps into a tiny garden with large poppies. she was lying in the coffin. i began to cry. everyone loved and respected her. always dependable. she gave a air that made you want to shape yourself up and be a better person. her legacy is the music she produced. she composed Lichen (from saw2), Quino-phec (from SOSW) and Sleepy Seven (by Bonobo). these pieces of music began playing all at once, in a harmony that i can't describe, like one sound. it was devastating.
  13. many songs i could post, i'll start with this because i had a dream about it just now when i was about ten years younger i was very, very emotive about the subject matter which Simon Green is eluding to in most of his albums (which he never, ever mentions in interviews, suprise suprise.)
  14. Catalog 3 was released in 1989 public release in 2144 confirmed
  15. i dreamed this was happening....
  16. everyone pile into the WATMM chat >>>>>>>>>> https://forum.watmm.com/chatbox/room/1-chatmm/
  17. getting a super hi score on the chrome dinosaur minigame and then the connection works again ffs
  18. Dragon

    Perlence losid 2

    fun fact about perlence losid 2 - this track is the only thing called losid. there is nothing else in the whole world, not in any language, which uses this name. if you google it you get this track on youtube, and results about anagrams. autechre are the masters of short, made-up words, hands down.
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