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Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Live in New York


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*Includes a free CD version inside!* Earlier in 2010 Francois K recorded the Moritz Von Oswald Trio live in performance at New York's Unsound festival. The results are laid out on a heavyweight gatefold 2LP also featuring photography of original artwork by Cosima von Bonin. For this special live show Carl Craig and Francois K join the trio, contributing modular synth and live effects respectively, on four extended sound & rhythm excursions. They maintain the heavily dubbed and improvised nature of last year's 'Vertical Ascent' throughout, developing pulsing sequences which slink between jazz, techno, dub and krautrock with an unrivalled urgency and intuition. The recording also incorporates environmental sound from the club, which rather than detract from the show, lends a trippy mid ground perception to proceedings. Driven by Sasu Ripatti's controlled percussive clatter, the ensemble set a deft groove which is duly splayed into fantastical dub shapes by the men on the mixing board, daubing the surface with splashes of Sun-Ra infused cosmic interference and Can style tropical breezes. The effect is acutely psychedelic and dynamically dancefloor orientated, in the most esoteric sense of the phrase. If you're familiar with their recorded output you'll be stunned at what they can do in a real-time, live situation. Very highly recommended - and strictly limited to boot.


Bleep has it too with samples

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Guest ruiagnelo

Great. I watched them playing live at my city and loved it. Didn't know Sasu Ripatti was such a good percussionist.

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