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  1. I'd buy a re-issue of Drukqs and Rushup Edge, But keep your money Waprblerp
  2. Glad that the earlier reissue had a great cover, that one is awful. Musics dope. Check it out if you haven't.
  3. Yeah, it was fun, but as usual it ended the usual Marvel way with different colored "lasers" being thrown around, complete with a pillar of colored light going up to the sky. I get that the MCU has certain beats that are required, but had hoped the Marvel series would be more nuanced and stray away from the fomula a bit.
  4. I will be 39 this year and I am seriously considering taking drum lessons once the plague has calmed down.
  5. I do hope they make a collab album because I really like that track. ERR is worth checking out. It's dark folksy stuff but does have some doom and shoegazey vibes. She had a collab with sludge metal band Thou which is worth checking out.
  6. That reminds me of all those pietà paintings and statues
  7. It's a relief that living shitpile (no offense to shitpiles) Trump is finally gone. I hope Biden can actually push through some legislation that would make it more difficult for another candidate like Trump to win again. Making sure voter rights are strenghted across board would be a nice start.
  8. Already Been Vaped, the brown stuff you are left with after vaping. There is still some good stuff left and it's already been decarboxylated so it will be good to put in edibles if prepared. As is tastes awful.
  9. I have something like 130+ g of ABV. I was thinking of making cannabutter of it, but how much butter is needed?
  10. I think Trump has been huffing his own conspiratorial farts, Pence can't do shit to about the vote.
  11. Damn shame about Doom. Rest in Power. 😞
  12. azatoth

    Brexit :(

    Same but with Juno. Bleep is expensive and has higher shipping cost.
  13. Democrats simply cannot wield any power. They are too worried about decorum and not upsetting Republicans for some odd reason. Biden epitomizes this.
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