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  1. This a good album got the japanese version with a live cd. >single and legless are also worth checking out
  2. Meshuggah is nice in doses. Things get a bit samey at times, but they are none the less talented musicians. Don't get bothered by the vocals. I used to be averse to the growly/screechy vocals, but I got used to it since diving back into metal the last couple of years. There are so many talented bands out there and each have their own take on the stuff that have come before and are not afraid to experiment, so opting out just because not liking the vocal style would lead to missing out on kick ass music. I do prefer instrumental tracks still.
  3. Remember the outrage when Obama saluted some marine with a coffee cup in his hand...or wore a tan colored suit?...
  4. Yeah, the Mandalorian is how they should take Star Wars forward. Smaller stories, bigger universe.
  5. Unless Disney allows the directors and writers to do their thing they've been hired to do with Star Wars, it will be milquetoast by committee boring pap. I want fresh perspectives on the galaxy far far away. I'd be glad to to not even hear about Jedis or even the Force in the next installments. Or place it even further back in time and have brand new characters and happenings or go way into the the future. Fuck the fanboys who basically want to see the same shit over and over, just in a different order and same characters with different names.
  6. includes the word 'capitalism' so it's immediately bad.
  7. landlords are only allowed to put their heads under a guillotine
  8. belgian psych sludge postmetal. good stuff
  9. can't wait for that rocket to escape earth!
  10. i dont think i've ever played any civ game...i am not good with those type of games...and i am not so good at civilization either it turns out...maybe we live in a civ type sim...shit
  11. i know danny carey is a beast but... damn ha, i wonder what crazy drums he would do along to autechre...
  12. I concede that. lets say hundreds of thousands are malnourished and thousands die due to lacking health care.
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