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  1. This is great. Like it. A new Autechre album always makes my head spin in a good way. ecol4 lovely
  2. Why couldn't they release both of them at the same time if they are going to release another album.
  3. Got the vinylz last week, this is indeed good shit. Liked Traveller already but this is further improved. Top banana.
  4. azatoth

    Brexit :(

    Norway and Switzerland doesn't have the same caliber of cunts deciding things as the UK.
  5. Ah yes, you are the one that believe it's BS that they program their synths and effects in Max and they use some more "traditional" DAW. Gotcha.
  6. What's your beef with Autechre and their DAWs, mr. Sausagewater
  7. Doesn't Zimmer have a stable of composers and producers who does his stuff and those that have gone to do solo composing all sound like Hans?
  8. Masters at their craft is what they are. Singular in their sound that none can match.
  9. This is already going to be one of my top ae albums.
  10. sounds like something from oversteps
  11. The whole dog and pony show with Trump driving around in his car and then coming back to the WH is like a tinpot dictator trying to show strength. And the the unclear messaging regarding his health from the WH is similar to what Soviet did when one of their leaders were sick or dead. What a joke.
  12. I predict digitals dropping upcoming Friday
  13. If this would have been a Veep episode the White House would have gotten food poisoning. Reality keeps delivering in 2020.
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