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  1. Already Been Vaped, the brown stuff you are left with after vaping. There is still some good stuff left and it's already been decarboxylated so it will be good to put in edibles if prepared. As is tastes awful.
  2. I have something like 130+ g of ABV. I was thinking of making cannabutter of it, but how much butter is needed?
  3. I think Trump has been huffing his own conspiratorial farts, Pence can't do shit to about the vote.
  4. Damn shame about Doom. Rest in Power. 😞
  5. azatoth

    Brexit :(

    Same but with Juno. Bleep is expensive and has higher shipping cost.
  6. Democrats simply cannot wield any power. They are too worried about decorum and not upsetting Republicans for some odd reason. Biden epitomizes this.
  7. azatoth

    Brexit :(

    Gammons are gonna torpedo it aren't they.
  8. azatoth

    Brexit :(

    So will this deal allow me to keep ordering records from the UK without paying customs whatever other fees
  9. Lovely. This got me also to listen to some esem from bandcamp
  10. I think the Jedi and lightsaber stuff will be kept in the spin-off series Ahsoka. Luke was the only choice that made sense and got his Vader at the end of Rogue One moment. I guess s3 will be about how Din gets out of having the Darksaber and there will be minimum Jedi stuff. I do like that in The Mandalorian the Force and Jedi stuff is more myth and old folktales than an actual thing. As it should be for most of the beings in the galaxy.
  11. I mostly listen to "alternatively" sourced filez locally. Don't have Spotify. Bandcamp I use to preview tracks and occiassionally buy from there. Youtube for previewing tracks as well. Don't really use Soundcloud. Will be listening to more vinyl once I move and settle to a bigger place by the end of next month.
  12. Yep, The Mandalorian is now Star Wars, forget about the PT and ST. With the million other SW shows coming up I do hope they manage to keep the standard high and even improve.
  13. I've enjoyed all the stuff Noah Hawley's been involved with so I'm game with whatever he does with Alien. It's not like it could be worse that with the brilliant Sir Ridley has done lately. (not that I mind the Prometheus thing, they are alright good looking scifi)
  14. azatoth

    Brexit :(

    Oh, I am sure there are people who are going to make a killing on the ensuing chaos.
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