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  1. azatoth


    i must have been more stoned than i thought last night...i swore i listened to two hours of ae after the boc mix
  2. azatoth


    that's just the first part, they did two 2hr sets, right?
  3. azatoth


    so where could one acquire all of the ae sets from the weekend?
  4. i like this breathy one....what is it? reminds me of demdike edit: oh there it is...nice thx
  5. i guess it's a mix of stuff that they got inspiration of. who knows, maybe some of the tracks have been sampled in their productions.
  6. azatoth


    watched that bob lazar docu. was vaguely familiar with his claims from my younger days, but never really followed up on it until now. i don't know if i buy it. if you are investigating an alien power source to reverse engineer it, i am sure you would probably have more than two guys working on it, no matter how compartmentalized you want it to be. understanding how it works could have huge implications. or then by the time lazar was there it was near to be mothballed because they had tried for decades to figure it out and never gotten anywhere. or then ol' bob just spinning a tall tale for his own amusement.
  7. baffling the stupidity on both sides of the pond. reality is way more twisted and crazy than any political satire show could ever be and unlike fictional stories, i am afraid, the bad guys get away with it all after causing suffering to countless people all over the world.
  8. i already forgot that tool has a new album coming out...hope it's good, either way it will sound like tool.
  9. Perhaps it not being so Star Trek-y is why I like it. Never was a big fan of ST to begin with. Sure I watched TNG and Voyager when it was on but that's because I like sci-fi in general. With that said Discovery could do with better writing. It's rare TV shows are good straight out of the gate, it usually takes a season for it to find its legs and voice. Discovery changing showrunners mid-season probably contributed to the mess.
  10. While shlocky and badly written at times, I can appreciate it as a very slick looking show and having classic sci-fi tropes and went all epic and crazy. Captain Pike was on point and I want a show about him and crews adventures on the Enterprise. Discovery can fuck around in the far future like some Mass Effect game because some of the episodes could have been a Mass Effect DLC because I like shlocky scifi and when it's well produced it's even better.
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