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  1. Perry Mason finished and it was indeed a great piece of television. Hopefully they can keep it up for the second season. Recommended if you haven't yet watched it.
  2. Would it be possible to have an OS using AI to keep things running and correcting errors that might occur and adapting if new hardware is installed. Or would it be unfeasible and pointless?
  3. If Trump loses the election I am sure he will complain and point fingers at everyone but himself as he always does but he's a spineless coward and he'll end up doing jack shit in the end.
  4. I think I got irreparable brain damage watching that interview. Like how in the wild fuck does millions of people think that man is any way fit to be president.
  5. I am basically looking to minimize the amount of boxes needed, so was thinking that the USB audio interface would be the one box needed. It should be able to take input from a TT and the PC. Or is this gonna need som ekind of A/B thing in between. That thing whosebrain posted seems to fit the bill but seems to be 2nd hand and a bit more than I was looking to spend.
  6. So my question is the following, this is hypothetical as I have not yet acquired any gear. I want to be able to have my PC and my turntable connected to one source that can pipe both to active speakers. Is there an USB audio interface that can handle the sound from my PC and also take a connection from a turntable (pre-amp if necessary in between the TT and audio interface)?
  7. So they are really going full fascist now. America has always been weak for fascism but it's getting pretty blantant now. And Americans are fine with this it seems. Either too brainwashed or fine with it? Either way it's bad.
  8. The racist dogwhistle is a bullhorn now. And America has had fascist tendencies well before Trump, they are just being more exposed now.
  9. That's probably it. Can only hope that the rot inside the US will collapse their empire sooner rather than later.
  10. America is too dumb to exist, like seriously. Other countries have nutjobs too but at least they are in the margins and are for the most part ridiculed, but hoo boy America, these nutjobs are in influential positions on all levels of government it's a serious threat to the well-being of everyone on this godforsaken rock.
  11. Knowing how dumb the electorate is in the US, it is still possible for them to re-elect Trump even if his polling is low now. Considering how much can happen in the next four months anything is possible.
  12. pagan black metal from suomi finland perkele. i am not really that versed in bm but i like this, has very melodic guitars
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