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  1. I caught the odd TNG episode when it came on TV here, B5 was my jam when it came on TV. I have not re-visited either since and I think I will let them be gilded by nostalgia in my mind.
  2. Picard S2 was a mess, the first season was also a mess. Having 20+ credited producers on it probably doesn't help. And it seems S3 is yet again an overhaul of the story when they collect all the old TNG cast from the celebrity zoo in cons to try to re-heat that old TNG feels. Strange New Worlds seems alright, liked Pike when he featured on Discovery. Discovery is a bit hit and miss but overall alright. I am not a trekkie by any means so I don't really get upset when the new Trek is not the same as TNG.
  3. Enjoyed their stuff so will be checking out the new one. Don't mind if there is some MCing in the tracks.
  4. Agreed on the SSTROM tip. Otider is excellent. The 12" on Semantica is dope as well.
  5. SHXCXCHCXSH - Kongestion out on Avian 11 March ttps://avianstore.bandcamp.com/album/kongestion
  6. Midnight Mass - good Stephen Kingish horror, a bit of a slow burn, but kind of worked and good performances from the actors. The boat scene was intense. Brand New Cherry Flavor - I think the first Rose Salazar joint I've seen where she's not an animated character. She does a good job in it. Weird, but could have been weirder IMO. I don't know if they were going for something Lynchian. But do like the urban horror kind of vibe. Arcane - caught a trailer of it and got intrigued by the art style and animation and it delivered and then some. Was very impressed. All I knew before is that LoL is some online game and show works without any knowledge of the game. The aesthetic pleased me, part Bioshock art deco and Dishonored painterly art. Facial animation were top tier as well as voice acting. Recommended. Foundation - have not read the books. A pretty expensive looking show but it lacked the je ne sais quoi that would have elevated it to top tier. The Terminus story line kinda dragged and the Empire storyline was way more interesting (which I understand deviates from the book among other things). As it is its an OK pretty scifi show with some dumb shit but I love scifi that I gobble any shit.
  7. I like exm but not 45 euros much https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/769a4445-8b7e-4cf7-b8bb-90be59e413c7
  8. Tool has such a rabid fanbase that they can get loads of people to pay through the nose for all kinds "exclusive" shit. And with them being a hot ticket band getting a chance to get tickets early before all of them going to scalpers they will be signing up for the special club. I guess Tool gets most of their income from filling out arenas on tours.
  9. azatoth


    Was good half a movie. Now just get part 2 done,pls. Liked the aesthetics, this part seemed more like a setup of the setting and the players for the proper second movie. The ususal Zimmer zwap-boom type of soundtrack. Can the man still compose melodic themes? Rebecca Fergusson ❤️
  10. The whole UFOlogy and UFO religion is a well researched phenomenon among those studying comparative religion. Depending on how you define religion it has many hallmarks that could be considered religious. Instead of angels and gods, you have benign aliens from space who will save us etc.
  11. So when will truly awful people die before their time? This year it's been only Rush Limbaugh.
  12. i liked cmdr pike in discovery and hope for the best with the strange new worlds show. picard was trash.
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