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  1. hope everyone who can, votes for Labour. A vote for the LibDems is a vote for the Tories.
  2. a very fine album it is indeed. feels like they have taken some of jazz' idiosyncrasies and applied them to studio wizardry.
  3. Their albums on Perlon and ECM are dope. Will check out
  4. these guys are dope af
  5. the new tracks certainly sold me...take my money
  6. intrigued..tom kinda lost me after ufabulum.
  7. I've liked the Mandalorian so far. Call back to OT Star Wars and the serials that inspired it. SW was never high-brow, it's stupid space western fantasy. The short run times is odd, but I don't mind... it does somehow feel like a really high budget fan film, which I guess what anything Star Wars is nowadays.
  8. I think it comes down to different cultural context for the n-word between someone born and raised in the US and someone who isn't. Europe has it's own brand of racism and the n-word doesn't have the same history as it does in the US.
  9. will deffo check this out, samples sounded lush
  10. this is a dope af album. ear candy
  11. when i found out that rrose was sutekh i was like wtf.
  12. just listened it on my commute to work. sounds like rrose for sure. but needs more listens to get a proper impression
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