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  1. azatoth


    shit, essines in tha house
  2. Tool has such a rabid fanbase that they can get loads of people to pay through the nose for all kinds "exclusive" shit. And with them being a hot ticket band getting a chance to get tickets early before all of them going to scalpers they will be signing up for the special club. I guess Tool gets most of their income from filling out arenas on tours.
  3. azatoth


    Was good half a movie. Now just get part 2 done,pls. Liked the aesthetics, this part seemed more like a setup of the setting and the players for the proper second movie. The ususal Zimmer zwap-boom type of soundtrack. Can the man still compose melodic themes? Rebecca Fergusson ❤️
  4. The whole UFOlogy and UFO religion is a well researched phenomenon among those studying comparative religion. Depending on how you define religion it has many hallmarks that could be considered religious. Instead of angels and gods, you have benign aliens from space who will save us etc.
  5. So when will truly awful people die before their time? This year it's been only Rush Limbaugh.
  6. i liked cmdr pike in discovery and hope for the best with the strange new worlds show. picard was trash.
  7. 50+ euros for a 3LP is a damn steep price, but since these two are my favourite RH albums and I don't have them on vinyl might as well splooge on them and be done with it.
  8. I really hope the JWST launch and deployment is successful. It's sure to make groundbreaking discoveries.
  9. Not at at all familiar with Halsey, but enjoy NIN. This is a solid pop album. The way Halsey is singing is I guess how all modern pop is sung and is sometimes grating. TR & AR production is tight as expected and I wouldn't mind them doing more forays into more poppy shit, hopefully with a vocalist with a more original sounding voice.
  10. azatoth


    If WB really believed in it they would have filmed both movies at the same time. I don't trust these fuckers.
  11. Geogaddi will always be special to me, it was the first album I anticipated from BoC after discovering them. Incredibly dense and layered album. Still a monumental album. I might give it a spin later today.
  12. Was only familiar with Nicholas Jaar from a track that featured in an episode of Legion. Gave listen to Psychic l when saw that this was on the way and promptly ordered both. Good shizzle. Very chilled and suitable for background music.
  13. Does not inspire me one bit that trailer. The original Ghostbusters is a perfect movie, all the pieces fell right in place, and to replicate that is a fool's errand.
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