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  1. I would like to see them proper live, no crap festival gig, in my neck of the woods but not holding my breath. I guess they need to arrange their international tour around Keenan's wine harvesting season.
  2. Big fan of SR. IMO he is in the same echelon as Aphex and Autechre. Been doing it for a good while and has consistently put out quality material and has shaped his own unique sound over the years. Will be getting this.
  3. mmm tasty...squahpushah yah daddy
  4. gave this mix finally a proper listen and it's the stuff that got me into sqp in the first place. lovely.
  5. rip syd mead https://boingboing.net/2019/12/30/syd-mead-1933-2019.html
  6. I will probably suffer through TROS out of a sense of duty. The new trilogy was a big tube of focus-tested slop, pretty and well produced but that's all. The Mandalorian is where Star Wars should be looking at. Small stories, fresh perspectives. But I guess everyone's so dulled to anything more subtle than a hammer.
  7. The slave-owning galaxy brain framers never thought what happens when the checks and balances fails when one party is supporting a corrupt president and has control of the senate and has no intention of acting as a fair juror.
  8. The Mandalorian is like those western old serials, you know like the kind the OT is based on, and samurai movies. Gunslinger saves a child, because he himself was an orphan once, goes from town to town, does odd jobs/beats bad guys to get by. He probably has a place where he is taking the kid to. Maybe the Mandalorians have some sort of ancient arrangement with the Yoda-species yet to be revealed.
  9. survive another revolution around the star...that's about it for plans for 2020
  10. damn right. where am i gonna order my records from now?
  11. so when will scotland become independent and when will ireland unify as a result of all this? which is more likelier? what happens to wales?
  12. could someone explain what "centrist" policy means? to me it sounds like keeping the status quo.
  13. "Got Brexit done!" "Why is everything so expensive? And where is the NHS?" *dies*
  14. hope everyone who can, votes for Labour. A vote for the LibDems is a vote for the Tories.
  15. a very fine album it is indeed. feels like they have taken some of jazz' idiosyncrasies and applied them to studio wizardry.
  16. Their albums on Perlon and ECM are dope. Will check out
  17. the new tracks certainly sold me...take my money
  18. intrigued..tom kinda lost me after ufabulum.
  19. I've liked the Mandalorian so far. Call back to OT Star Wars and the serials that inspired it. SW was never high-brow, it's stupid space western fantasy. The short run times is odd, but I don't mind... it does somehow feel like a really high budget fan film, which I guess what anything Star Wars is nowadays.
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