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Premier League Predictions: The League

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Rules: A correct result is worth ONE point, with a correct score earning THREE points (yeah , like Mark Lawrenson , sue me)


I will keep score i guess , League will be updated after every football weekend.


This weekend: (Day 1 of league)


Arsenal v West Ham

Blackburn v Chelsea

Everton v Stoke

Fulham v Wigan

Wolves v Man City

Man Utd v Tottenham

Aston Villa v Birmingham

Newcastle v Sunderland

Bolton v Liverpool

Blackpool v West Brom

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My predictions for this weekend.


Arsenal v West Ham - 4-0

Blackburn v Chelsea - 0-1

Everton v Stoke - 2-2

Fulham v Wigan - 1-0

Wolves v Man City - 1-2

Man Utd v Tottenham - 3-3

Aston Villa v Birmingham - 0-0

Newcastle v Sunderland - 0-0

Bolton v Liverpool - 0-2

Blackpool v West Brom - 2-0

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