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  1. shameless plug but here is a 9 hour playlist of my favorites through the Spectrum series:
  2. lol sometimes I’m reading a thread and a post makes me laugh and I realize I wrote it. Remember when noomi rapace gives birth to a freakish alien thing in Prometheus? that scene was really great
  3. why did i say this? i wasn't listening loud enough
  4. thinking about that hour-long electric people and crying tears of unrealized joy
  5. another great aril track from that era that was on an francois K compilation or something.
  6. oh yeah i watched buck breaking. it ruled. very entertaining.
  7. literally the GOAT. I'm so sad. The original Norm Macdonald Live shows have carried me through a lot of depressed days and hangovers lol. I'll be spending the next 849 hours watching norm clips lol
  8. Have every moment and nuance of this wonderful album memorized. Superlative in every respect. Less is more. One small gripe is that it starts kind of slow— first few tracks are probably my least favorite. Fuknit is goated but there are so many other good ones. Happy memory: seeing moodymann in Helsinki and he ended his set with groove la chord. Fucking destroyed the place absolutely everyone going mental. He was drunk as shit and just fucking around in the booth but it didn’t matter because the track is 10/10. There’s something like 4 pieces of kit on this entire album. Insane. Take note gearslutz
  9. i too rewatched the matrix last week. it fucking rules honestly. there are a ton of great aesthetic moves the production design takes, but easily my favorite is that the "agents", the evil antagonists, are these cookie-cutter corporate suits. It sounds obvious now, but doing that in what is ostensibly a sci fi action film is hilarious, especially when they do the fighting themselves. edit: flol at the threesome story
  10. yeah there’s no way this is getting pressed to wax lmao
  11. and i'll also add the series has sort of fallen off for me after the first two.
  12. track 5 of phantasia I is just fucking perfect. goddamn.
  13. I would love a geographic breakdown of covid deaths overlaid with district results of the last election
  14. sounds like their publicists put them up to it lol so fucking lame
  15. lol @ attaching a really small jpg of that
  16. i like the vox. mike patton is cool and more importantly dissing him is slander
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