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  1. definitely not on board after bonny bear ruined the last MoM album lmao
  2. have to say im enjoying this! slept on 'round these parts for sure. this is "Hi-Def" late night working music. sounding very nice on the headphones.
  3. so this is basically samurai masu beatsu II or outtakes from that album. (I'm talking about rave till you cry) At the very least, these are tracks from his 1999 "era" where he collected a bunch of his stuff and put out 3 outstanding releases on rephlex. To that extent this is great - a fourth meditation on that style and era of bogdan's music, named after his custom shirt he would wear while doing gigs in the later aughts i think. imho it doesn't flow as well as samurai or even boku mo wakaran, but there are still some excellent moods and moments that only boggy can conjure. I'm so happy he's back releasing again and I hope we don't have to wait too long for the next one and that it's a further exploration of the alright style he left us with over 10 years ago!!!! surely mr basil's got stuff like that in the can. B+
  4. yes it was a very cynical cash grab centered around nostalgia and the "star power" (can't believe im saying this) of jordan peele. because of two average and not scary movies he's suddenly an authority.
  5. remember when he made that robo-motorcycle movie lol
  6. dr lopez


    yeah the aging limmy bit is so fucking funny
  7. yeah i had a great time in the theater because i was drunk, but then at home i sobered up and thought it was average to below average
  8. what about replacing the PSN shit with your discogs username so those curious can look people up on discogs
  9. yes yes let the dick measuring begin
  10. i just want dersh to go to prison
  11. im not holding my breath but yeah. anyway remember when saudi arabia tweeted about doing a 9/11 on canada
  12. i guess this is like a radio-logg situation or something
  13. i wish there was better singing because the general concept is cool
  14. it seems someone made pokemon themed hamburgers why is that so hard for you to understand?
  15. good show to watch while being on twitter
  16. i love this album. GORDO said it sounds like dan deacon which honestly really fucking GORDOed up the thread a whole lot but thankfully i'm still able to love this album without thinking about bromst or whatever retarded shit dan deacon makes. boggy is a pure force of good positive energy and if you dont think so i dare you to listen to alright track 8 and not get very excited indeed
  17. i got mine today. really great!!! im just listening through now but i'll come back with more thoughts.
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