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  1. hmm...... not totally convinced by post-alright! boggy. I love that he's come back, and the first three albums on rephlex I hold in extremely high esteem, but he's a different guy and the world he's re-entering is really different than it was in 1999. or even 2007. I will of course order this and listen to it but the preview tracks don't make me too excited.
  2. 247 365 by Naked Flames this was one of my favorites from last year and I don't think I saw it posted here or on watmm. Chain Reaction meets rave put through vaporwave filters because it's made by a kid born in 1999 (!) I think the CD even came in a metal tin. Lots of fun with some great builds and emotions. What a world it is....
  3. can’t believe artie outlived norm and saget wtf lol
  4. both of the boggys are gone??? From “Covid”??? this is so fishy boys…
  5. https://mitchmurder.bandcamp.com/album/salary-man-simulator-3-remote-business Salary Man 3 just dropped. "They're just milking the franchise at this point"
  6. all i'll say is that aleksi has brought me more musical joy and good feelings than anyone else on the new releases front page so why would i stop listening now
  7. yeah the right click save as argument doesnt really work either... we all pay for bandcamp downloads when we could just as easily pirate the music and not pay for it, but we choose to pay because we understand it's supporting artists. this is the same reason people are buying NFTs. to support the artist who made it rather than just "steal" it.
  8. you can sell digital art (not music) on bandcamp? Like a 3D digital object or an animation?
  9. this sounds like you're getting mad at people wasting their money on something stupid like an NFT. I'm of the opinion that they can waste their money on whatever they want. I'm certainly not buying any, but i'm also not buying a hyper exclusive record or turntable that i'll never open or use. Sneakerheads are far more pathetic than NFT nerds to me, esp because of the geopolitical situation that sneakers are created under- ie tremendously exploitative labor conditions in the global south. Can you explain more why this is "100% a scam" ? I have friends who are digital artists and now feel they can sell their legitimate art on a worldwide marketplace and receive compensation commensurate to physical media artists for the first time. The NFT blockchain system, however flawed, is allowing that. Personally I think that is kind of interesting and something new. They are not scamming anyone, they are selling their art. Of course there are grifters making dumb meme nft shit but there are grifters everywhere and in every market. I think a lot of people who think crypto is a scam or is "dragging real cash into fake markets" has simply tuned out or ignored the immense levels of grift, theft, scamming and bullshit that is *already* happening in every other market in the entrenched world of global capitalism. The NFT "scams" are a drop in the ocean in comparison to the rampant, legal (!) money laundering in the government defense contract world. Or pharma. or subprime mortgages. or literally anything else. super boomer energy to get mad at crypto and NFTs when our world is literally defined by corporate grift
  10. yeah literally no difference between the turntable and a piece of digital art. why is that so hard to understand for people? I'm not some sort of over-zealous freak about crypto and NFTs but there is just as much silly fuss against them as for them. The only remotely convincing argument about NFTs are the environmental impacts but now I wonder what are the embodied carbon emissions for one of those turntables vs one NFT on the ETH blockchain. I've studied co2 in shipping and supply chains for construction goods and it's never a good look to claim a digital item is somehow less "green" that one made entirely of plastic and expensive metals and shipped all over the world lol I suppose he's objecting to many speaking about NFTs on investment terms instead of artistic ones and I understand that. I would like to direct him to the art market of the last... i don't know.. 100 years?
  11. i replaced these flacs with thomas fehlmann's record this year and was much happier! great GAS album!
  12. its true we have reached unprecedented levels of banter club
  13. the new one memoryland from this year is also good!
  14. yes. the mixing on ufabulum and beyond is so flat
  15. there should be a term for this old dinosaurs of the industry like WV or Tom whose ears are probably just shot to complete shit in their advancing age and as a result their new music has totally wack mixing choices. Beethoven effect? Although I would say that Beethoven got better as he went deaf...
  16. what a man. I'm sure i've said this before but i was in his last undergraduate class before he retired. An amazing man and learning the classics of experimental composition direct from the horses mouth was about as perfect as it got. RIP alvin you true artist!
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