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  1. my honest answer would be to listen to a bunch of jeff mills and mike banks sets from the 90s, write down all the tracks they play, listen to those and then see what else those artists have made. go from there
  2. like where to start at all?? or "modern" techno (don't know what this means but it sounds bad)
  3. sick. the djarum one is sooooo good. fuck and the gescom one. Ok.. what happened the first time i listened to this? I must have not been paying attention. These are all great. How have I never thought that more club oriented ae would just as perfect as possible.
  4. i played it again and it was fun while i was working. 2nd worst orb album of the last 5 years
  5. yeah that photo of debbie harry where you can see her area is awesome
  6. janelle monae is brutally hot but her music is bad and general public image is pretty annoying what with the whole i date androids shit. bummer
  8. the fappening vids of her were good
  9. agreed. Note: Rian Johnson died on the way back to his home planet. to me it’s this: 1. empire 2. new hope 3. half of phantom menace 4. Jedi 5. force awakens 6. Other half of phantom menace 7. half of last Jedi (the Rey and kylo bits) 8. Rise of skywalker 9. other half of last jedi 10. revenge 11. Clones
  10. it seems like a very "safe" doc - not really trying to answer any of the huge questions looming over him like where he got his money, how close he really was to the levers of power and the big players in the world, seems to focus more on the victims, which is very important but I'm still hoping for a real loose change style youtube doc that really takes it ALLLLLL in.\ tl;dr it's netflix so they're kowtowing to the clinton foundation, bill gates, steven pinker, etc
  11. id start a social media presence for her chest if i had the chance
  12. i know for a fact i am both smarter and better looking than riley roberts. how dare you
  13. i'd like to date AOC. after seeing her bf i know she goes for totally below average guys. i have a chance
  14. JRPGs are all ridiculous and often make no sense, bizarre choices, hammy dialog, very schmaltzy writing - to me, they have a self-acknowledgment of how over-the-top they are, especially the JRPGs from Square. Kingdom Hearts epitomizes this. I never get this sense from Western RPGs or stories in games like bioshock - there's a very irritating self-seriousness that turns me off. That it's "about something". Even the "funny" RPGs like GTA the writing is really shitty and self-regarding. The torture scene in GTAV comes to mind. Far more cringe than Sephiroth being emo for hours, because after all... it's a fucking stupid video game.
  15. it's a little bit more strategy than that.. plus there's a bizarre, moody and hilarious story attached to the battles. and in ff7's case, definitely one that has entered into pop culture canon in both the east and west. for me the og 7 is still held back by the graphics (and yes i played the shit out of it as a kid) but it holds up. its on the switch for like 10 bucks. fun game
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