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  1. karin dreijer has not and will not ever make anything as beautiful and powerful as vespertine. there are some things in this world that are simply untouchable.
  2. first album is possibly better than anything post-volta but come on, let's be serious here. it's ok to be wrong
  3. so this shit is tomorrow. not as excited as I usually am. Plus qatar ecuador is a hell of a shitty first game.
  4. nice. great album. kinda of disappointing the stuff after this hasn't been as good.
  5. lol ^ and the PS is so funny hahaha. classic rephlex
  6. aleksi is so good it's insane. instead of slagging off the new releases because you can't keep up, just let him keep weaving his magic and listen when you're ready.
  7. member measuring contest. who have you seen live? anyone you're still desperate to catch before they retire/pass on? I'm sure collectively it's an impressive list. I'll start: Aphex x3 Autechre x3 Kraftwerk x3 Squarepusher x2 Aleksi Perala x2 Vibert Meat Beat Manifesto Atom TM Andy Stott Venetian Snares JLin Actress (lame DJ set) Bjork (lame DJ set) Plaid A Guy Called Gerald Amon Tobin Juan Atkins / Model 500 x2 Fred P x2 Ron Trent Hieroglyphic Being Moodymann (did vodka shots with him) DJ Stingray (did vodka shots with him) Oneohtrix Point Never DJ Rashad (at possibly his last show ever RIP) Pierre Bastien Seefeel Soichi Terada Mouse on Mars Surgeon NHK Koyxen DJ Diamond Jan Jelinek (worst show i've ever seen, so sad) LCD Soundsystem The Books The Knife Karin Dreijer And I just saw Tenacious D a few weeks ago LMAO. There's other "rock" oriented acts i've seen that I'm leaving out, tried to just keep it to watmm-adjacent stuff. Still desperate to see Underworld and The Orb live but they might be past their prime these days. Anyone else?
  8. i used to ring up all my produce as bananas at the self checkout because they're the cheapest item by weight. INFINTE SPINACH
  9. nice. always wish the tracks were longer
  10. even her fast songs feel ponderous these days
  11. I purchased and enjoyed the first album "Kila" on mu. That was back in 2015 I think. I listened to Hyperflux but didn't remember it. I will listen to this one and see how I feel.
  12. Vinyl sounds good. Because it's just an LP the bass sweeps are a bit weaker than the 12" and digis but still great. Incredibly fun record that I love very very much.
  13. hard sell claiming that electronic music needed "reinvigorating" in 1995
  14. it's oh so quiet is a tough listen these days, especially because the modern things -> enjoy would have been a much better transition lol
  15. thats exactly what i mean. it's the best pop album of the 21st century. regard anyone who doesn't love it with extreme suspicion.
  16. it probably means something like "friend" or "delicious meal" in hungarian
  17. it's cool how everyone involved in vespertine never made anything remotely close to its quality ever again. and im including the inuit womens choir
  18. track is alright but that's gotta be one of the worst artist name / track name 1 2 punches ive seen in a while
  19. Charmed was pretty great but I didn't care for the collection that came out after that sadly. I will check this one out. Really incredible sound to their work.
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