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  1. ????? i had to take an angry walk around the block to cool down after i saw this post
  2. "kim jong bonkers" lol good lord he's such a boomer edit: he's still a king tho.
  3. decent film that provided a few chuckles. Jeffery Wright is indeed a good actor but I enjoyed the affable but unscrupulous literary agent the most. Thought the white characters were completely broad and unserious, which I took to be a sort of not-so-subtle inversion of cinema's long racist history of black roles being dehumanized and existing as negative stereotypes (or the "magical negro" ofc) That is a fine directorial decision, but it sort of ruined the otherwise sensitive and nuanced feel of the film and unintentionally less funny. Keith David remains a king, my other thought.
  4. thanks alco. feel absolutely no need to see this. wasn't going to do it before but now reading your post i can certify this as a 0% rotten on d-lo tomatoes. Men was one of the worst movies i've ever seen
  5. when you have to type out on your website "The only time I have ever sent lolicon to anyone is within this specific dynamic.".. you're ngmi
  6. im a bigger autechre than you
  7. xeroxing my erect penis and sending it to carsten
  8. welp i guess he sent loli to a 14yr old or some retarded shit like that and now has taken all his music down.
  9. dr lopez

    AE_Live 2022

    wait actually im listening to the ones from 2016. nvm
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