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  1. doesn't seem like there will be a CD tho... 😞
  2. interested in this. ive listened to the biggies before but i don't own any of their records. this could be a good way to correct that
  3. So if the mortality rate is low and would only affect the infirm and elderly... are you saying we could eliminate boomers and OAPs in a few months????
  4. *seeing someone with terminal flu* god i wish that were me
  5. im still younger than most people on watmm were when i started posting 12 years ago lmao
  6. feeling bullish on bernie. the more they attack him the more popular he gets
  7. 3+ year bump on this but I completely agree about the bonus tracks. They are almost better than the album. At the very least they make this reissue worth it. I could listen to When I leave finely tuned version for hours. Geir has major skills in all departments.
  8. he was good until scarface and then somehow he couldnt STOP YELLIINNNNGGGGG
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