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  1. zephyr nova I think. But yeah name change was definitely a level up in long winded gasbaggery
  2. i can't find anything. seriously. it's not a perfect app or whatever but it's fine. why don't you just tell me
  3. what are the dubious aspects of it? it's no better than the mobile view (in some ways it's better) and it sends me push notifications when people quote my post
  4. good to know. I would never waste my time watching b or c movies just because a british 7/10 was in them, but now I'll definitely skip. thanks
  5. considering sasu has made some of the greatest electronic music ever, which would put him high in the running for greatest music worldwide.. this album is 100% not worth it and skippable. I'm better of listening to Multila again than this.
  6. fat lizard is like the only good craft brewery i've ever had outside of the US. i was shocked at how good their ipas were. and i love their can tops.
  7. i wonder how @Alcofribas feels about this
  8. Still doesn’t mention what pronouns to use. rrose may not be a trans woman but still go by “they”
  9. i'd be careful sayin that if i were you
  10. if this was to be released on rephlex, (via MEN) then the music is 100% toms. Grant has confirmed that when rephlex closed all the music rights went back to the musicians. Hence why aleksi and Ed and boggy and others are selling their rephlex years on bandcamp. Not sure you legally need Richards blessing
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