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  1. ooooooooooooo you're gonna have a good time,, just doing a bit of camp!
  2. it's like he wrote a bunch of sufjan songs but then took out the lyrics
  3. this one was a grower for me i have to admit. even the talking parts. nice atmosphere that took me a bit to get into. one of my favorites from last year.
  4. oh and the northman was kinda mid unfortunately. which means disappointing because I really enjoyed the Lighthouse and the Witch was fine. Sort of wish they had gone with a less boring and obvious "plot" or "legend" because even before the movie started it was clear what the plot points would be and how it would end. There was an attempt at a twist that sort of worked but it didn't really matter or change anything at all except maybe it gave him the poise to get more slav pussy. Part of the fun of the Lighthouse and to a lesser extent the Witch was their original stories inspired by historic tales, but that they weren't a retelling of a story like Hamlet that everyone knows. None of the actors were that good; Ethan Hawke was terrible. I don't understand what's up with that woman Anna-Taylor Joy. She fucking sucks at her job of saying lines and moving her face. There were some cool shots but also some clunky set pieces. They really tried to go for that first Indian raid in Revenant for the viking attack but it just was no where near the mark. Eggers still has a decent way of incorporating some surreal imagery that is in keeping with the realism of the rest of the film. In the Lighthouse they were real costumes and practical effects, this time it was some weird and muddy CGI. Oh an also there's a part in the middle where skarsgard stops and looks at the camera and recites the 14 words and does a heil hitler while burzum plays.... serving some serious white supremacy vibes. not a good look, my dude
  5. it looks pretentious and overwrought and worst of all, british
  6. 101010101001000101001001010100101000100010001010101001000100101001
  7. cool another schizo thread
  8. awesome. adding to my spotify playlist now
  9. the highest level, correct take is that Jerry is actually the second best, and funniest character on the show. second to only elaine
  10. yeah can't wait for them to say "championship is more competitive and exciting anyway" around this time next year
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