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  1. adventures beyond the ultraworld. come on are we gonna split hairs here?
  2. this is my best attempt at the plot. Please correct if I am wrong. normally I don't care about plot but it's a bond movie so it kind of needs to matter a little. And yes of course there are suspensions of disbelief all over the place in a film like this because it relies so heavily on tropes but some adherence to plot logic is required.
  3. bond plot made absolutely no sense at all. villains motivations entirely unclear and confusing. beyond massive plot holes it was still pretty fun and kept me engaged for almost 3 hours. new 007 character was pretty bad at acting unfortunately... i would say this was as good as spectre. skyfall and casino royale are much better.
  4. seeing it tonight. looking forward but my god it's long! I think Casino Royale is one of the best bond films, and whichever one Deakins was DP for has that insane scene with all the reflective glass in the office tower that is seriously some of the best modern camera work I've seen. Forget which film it was in tho... Skyfall maybe? Anyone I don't really remember Spectre and I didn't see quantum of solace.
  5. i know the idea that without trump the USA is still a functioning democracy or whatever is just laughable and sad.
  6. many saints was fucking stupid and bad. nothing made sense and lots of really shitty, hamfisted fan service. the guy playing silvio was unspeakably bad. pretty sure this was a troll movie from david chase. a giant middle finger to all the annoying sopranos fans and he gets a huge check from HBO. tony and janice have a younger sister
  7. have had a very hard time with cylob recently. disgusting with salsa
  8. lol holu fuck that live set is so good
  9. the man does a thing and he does it very very well
  10. lol dave makes the worst decisions ever
  11. put my order in. can't go wrong with these. unless warp fucks up the pressing or something.
  12. more shameless plug for my phantasia playlist. For those who don't want to sift through every release:
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