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  1. dont think dcom was being harsh at all or needed to apologize.
  2. holly fuck this mix is so good
  3. Sorry friends - this year was a bust for me. Barely listened to anything and enjoyed even less. I was busy and found new music boring and tired. I think the dogshit Huerco S album ruined 2022 for me lol. I enjoyed Soichi Terada's album from this year Asakusa Light https://soichiterada.bandcamp.com/album/asakusa-light And of course the Naked Flames album https://dismissyourself.bandcamp.com/album/miracle-in-transit
  4. definitely the most overhyped garbage of the last 10 years
  5. i would like him to release some of the Karl tracks like Squirrel Poo and stuff.
  6. i do agree with the last part. western europe has passed around this thing for too long
  7. hate this narrative, "Messi wants to win the world cup." boring and uninteresting. doesn't every other player want to do that? why does messi "deserve" this trophy more any one else? This is a team sport, and no one player deserves anything more than anyone else, even if they are absolutely spectacular players like Leo. very ready people on twitter to stop talking like edward said when they're watching the wc
  8. its true tho. fuck them. have always been whiny dirty bastards
  9. where can i find this lol its not even on soulseek
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