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  1. I purchased and enjoyed the first album "Kila" on mu. That was back in 2015 I think. I listened to Hyperflux but didn't remember it. I will listen to this one and see how I feel.
  2. Vinyl sounds good. Because it's just an LP the bass sweeps are a bit weaker than the 12" and digis but still great. Incredibly fun record that I love very very much.
  3. hard sell claiming that electronic music needed "reinvigorating" in 1995
  4. it's oh so quiet is a tough listen these days, especially because the modern things -> enjoy would have been a much better transition lol
  5. thats exactly what i mean. it's the best pop album of the 21st century. regard anyone who doesn't love it with extreme suspicion.
  6. it probably means something like "friend" or "delicious meal" in hungarian
  7. it's cool how everyone involved in vespertine never made anything remotely close to its quality ever again. and im including the inuit womens choir
  8. track is alright but that's gotta be one of the worst artist name / track name 1 2 punches ive seen in a while
  9. Charmed was pretty great but I didn't care for the collection that came out after that sadly. I will check this one out. Really incredible sound to their work.
  10. we stay together is his best release. too bad the repress doesnt have the great photo on the cover
  11. *extremely deep and depressed sigh and exhale* im still here
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