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  1. agree with dcom, some nice moments but nothing as well constructed as session add on here
  2. i was on the fence but once i saw billie eilish explain it to me i was convinced
  3. he got all those sales in one day because he's hot right now. why not see how far it gets after 1 month and then slap it on spotify after the buzz dies down?
  4. yeah have to imagine the total sales from a 18 euro digital would be less than a 9 euro digital price
  5. people still care about this careerist LA hasbeen? lol
  6. telex are some of the very best. curious to see how this will sound... as far as I can hear the original LPs don't need any sort of remastering.. but whatever. don't really need this but i ordered it anyway. i love them that much. and yes their eurovision performance is one of the greatest moments in electronic music history. dan lacksman looks like rich evans
  7. what if we complied some roughy sketches and tracks we’ve made and send them to him. as a sort of soft encouragement. They are called demotapes after all
  8. not what i meant. there was talk of putting out a collection of his music on some cassettes but that seems to have died down which is sad because i think it would be a great thing to do
  9. is anyone making the double cassette release of his music?
  10. SHOPPED! thats dean ween
  11. first he doesn’t want a sub forum, then the Trojan fader style album cover, and now this!? Chris!!
  12. not really. the mission impossible films are exciting action films. you expect some stunts, quick edits, a very simple "plot" that serves as a framework for more stunts, maybe some kisses along the way. it's "absurd" because the stakes are "so high" and we know Ethan Hunt will stop at nothing to complete his mission. sometimes that means holding on to a jetliner taking off. Also.. I will say that nothing in any mission impossible movie is as absurd as a housekeeper keeping her mentally ill husband locked up in a korean war-era bunker conveniently hidden below her employers house but that they
  13. double dosing blue chew. a chewable tablet of sildadnaliffil
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