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  1. oh god was it grant lmao
  2. cant decide if allison pill is good looking or not
  3. god troon was such a knob. i hated him so much. i regret nothing
  4. i have one point from delet. "for continued abuse to troon." lmao
  5. if we preordered can we download on bandcamp>
  6. *cypher talking on the phone to trinity* "All I post is what hello spiral wants me to post. If I have to choose between that and Joyrex, I choose Joyrex." all kidding aside, this basically sums up what we're talking about. a retarded braggadocious post about inside jokes for other chatmm people to giggle about on discord. im sure there's already loads of pearl clutching regarding my previous post ITT. as I said earlier, this kind of childish behavior, btw enforced by the rest of the internet via reddit, discord, etc has done way more damage to the uniqueness of watmm than banning any single member. well maybe theo and lion lol.
  7. chatmm going "down" and then the creation of the discord was a huge mistake. I don't even think it was a "mistake" per se, but it happened, and I'm sure Joyrex is "we have to go back"-ing every night before bed. JR is a control freak about watmm and hates when others are seen to be taking a slice of whatever he thinks he controls. In this instance I agree - chatmm is a fucking disaster, impossible to read, filled with fake personas and characters (which aren't funny) and run by posters even more craven than papa. It's not about music it's about who's in or out. what cwmbrancity said. and at the root of that is hello spiral. his behavior and others and the creation of the chatmm discord has done more damage to the vibe of watmm than any one member banning. also this and getting rid of the subscription might change that obviously. but for some reason joyrex can't afford $70 a month. Honestly joyrex if you made me a mod / admin i would cover the fees. this is how i feel
  8. i think there should be no subscription
  9. lmao. yeah the subscription model is not great. i'd be keen for even a ZAZ around here these days.
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