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  1. I couldn’t get into it at all tbh
  2. where can i listen? I can at least do the courtesy of listening after he got sad because i said he's only ok. (not bad mind you, did not say he was bad)
  3. upsammy... sounds like um jammer lammy
  4. lol i also remember tivo'ing wonder showzen in middle school. grew up a lot watching that show. chauncey humping a box of mother nature's private parts after her sex change operation was great when i was in 7th grade lmao
  5. i remember watching xavier on tv in high school lol. what a great show. a year later i learned that a friend of mine actually did the mocap for xavier. so fucking hilarious. last episode is amazing. "I'm having our incest baby!" as he's shitting out purple ice cream. good stuff.
  6. yes i pay too btw. not because i want "more privileges" or get anything beyond the paywall. I do it basically as a donation because i love watmm. for the love of the game and the music the downloads should be accessible to all members, not just paying members. It's not a problem to me to keep the already existing live sets in the DL section behind a paywall. A watmm archive that costs the yearly fee. but to new sets that come out -- that's open and for everyone.
  7. yes it's your site, so you need to cover the costs. it's your site, your hobby, and as such you have the responsibility to pay for it - I think that's why people find the "you, the user, has to pay to use this website" comment you keep repeating really disingenuous. It's your site when it's convenient for you, and it's everyone's site when you need contributions.
  8. damn that sucks. vinyl sounds great apart from agelast which had some clipping and distortion that wasn't intentional. also the colored vinyl is standard black with a small disc of color pressed on top and bottom. the edges are black it's kinda odd but cool.
  9. yeah rammstein rule so hard but their albums have basically sucked since rosenrot
  10. fuck. now i have to listen to it again and get sad about everything else
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