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  1. my multila 2020 remaster vinyl repress came yesterday. holy shit this one sounds fucking amazing. fantastic press, great remaster and of course, timeless perfect music.
  2. well one thing we know for sure, all this scary covid-19 business will certainly give him the gumption and stick-to-itiveness needed to finish those tapes we all gave him money for several years ago!
  3. it sounds raga. You don't want to go raga on this stuff.
  4. ive been all over the EU and the netherlands had *hands down* the worst food of them all. far worse than finland, the baltics, even poland
  5. this is alright. not sure it needed to exist but i dont mind it
  6. on a lazy saturday i once watched all her movies in that kind of immobile, brain-dead horny state than only a truly exceptional hangover brings. she needs .. a DP. ... director of photography of course
  7. that's probably true, doesn't mean they could have been better with less TJ miller
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