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  1. Yeah that emergency brain surgery a few weeks back wasn’t a good sign
  2. that means its good, hoss. gotta work for that gold
  3. after that dwell article on jack's home i got so happy. he's living the dream in norcal, amazing house, still has his synths, lots of custom hardwood shelves for his records, happily married. good on you jack. seems like his wife is very successful too which made sense because being a relatively obscure IDM artist's IDM artist doesn't really buy you a gorgeous villa in marin county now does it. maybe all those radio babylon 12"s really added up or someting
  4. been thinking about this. I've listened to impo-star and ope-cooch recently and they're good. not my favs but some great moments. i was initially greedy and wanted them all to be like the last 30 seconds of critical soul vibrations. that perfect combination of late 90s breaks with those mid-century samples and horn hits. Jack's ability to "age" a track with a sample or some technique is second to none. I don't know if I'm making any sense, will think on this effect and explain later but seriously how can anyone be an IDM fan and not think that MBM are "up there" with the best. it's stupid.
  5. god i wish he had actually followed up on putting hillary in jail
  6. RUOK is my second fav MBM album. it's incredible. I used to think the second half was poor but i've changed somewhat. It's still a bit repetitive, especially in comparison to the developed compositions of the first half. RETROGRAD.
  7. just listened to them all in order. r plus seven is really really fucking good to me. the ones after are diminishing returns, although as i said this new one is better than age of. As for the pre-WARP era, replica stuck out as well below par, save the first and last tracks. Sleep Dealer and Up sound worse than most of EKT. cringe level bad. Returnal was better than I remember, but to me the highlights are Russian Mind, Zones Without People and Betrayed. I know the tracklists are all buggered up but those three have the best collection of the rifts tracks. Some happy trips down memory lane list
  8. Hi Everyone! Took some time to read through this thread and listen to the album. It's just fine to me! Not really very interesting. Those new parameters R now plus 7 years old by my estimation (get it!!!!?). But hey, I'm still a sucker for the artwork, the timbres, and some of the "fun moments". Generally his "concepts" that supposedly underpin his work are fucking dumb as shit and have now completely fallen into the classic trap of over-wrought "post-" anything. He's sticking with it because that kind of talk and posturing makes critics' jobs easier. They can churn out some twaddle about this
  9. extremely unfunny. fred armisen is comedy poison and Tim has burned just about enough of his goodwill with me by being a crying twitter wimp and Hollywood cuck for the last few years. Mister America was the beginning of the end. A lot of people are mad at him about the MDE shit but I don’t really care about that, Tim has just been a huge pill ever since he got pizzagated on his podcast lol. John c Reilly can do whatever he wants and I don’t care. He’s in the hall of fame regardless. Still, this misadventure is an embarrassment and career nadir for all of them.
  10. i didn't really like these... sorry everyone
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