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  1. not when its a guy who's been weird to fans for about 7 years
  2. uhhh.... obviously not. it's her fault for not quitting the first time she had cancer under obama. but she was a girlboss who slays is the thing
  3. one of my biggest problems with him is that he is heralded as a crackerjack impressionist. when in fact he's very bad at impressions. even at rob brydon level where the impression is a caricature. he;s even bad at that. and it's certainly not funny
  4. dude, nebraska watches anything if there's any sort of t'n'a in it regardless of quality, film or otherwise
  5. just listened to all the wagon christ albums in a row. tally ho is the best one
  6. the embodied energy of PV arrays is fucking stratospheric.
  7. do they talk about kricfalusci being an underage sex pest
  8. yeah probably gonna stick to digitals on this one... I have traveller but i don't play it that much on the decks
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