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  1. yeah this map is very stupid, not accurate, and this type of normie stuff is antithetical to watmm, regardless of whose site "it is"
  2. ive tried really hard to model my life and behavior on THC in that movie, and as a result i've ended up a lot more like giamatti
  3. yeah. maybe poch will go there and we can get a better coach. spurs playing like FUCKING SHITE rn
  4. hateful eight was garbage. one big troll movie. yes yes i'll shoot on 70mm but it will be inside a cabin the entire time. lmao. hollywood was good tho. brad pitt surprised me
  5. can't imagine something more normie than watching a wu tang origin miniseries
  6. hey but like what about that sample in me and mr jones with the german guy talking. does he say "it's as though werner herzog were the voice of insanity itself" ? I can never tell...
  7. look. some music producers have intellectual disabilities, and i'm glad their music is getting out there. representation matters.
  8. i for one categorically disagree that filmmakers have to make films according what madamechaos likes
  9. apparently there are a few red vinyl warehouse finds up on dgohn's bandcamp....
  10. im on a wired connection in downtown manhattan. notifications take a good 8-10 seconds to load. switch forums about a second or two. chrome browser on a pc.
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