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Guest Dirty Protest

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Guest Dirty Protest

Is anyone playing this? Ive been playing Championship Manager since the Amiga and this has got to be the best one yet,after a couple of shit years when the match engine was introduced.

Im cant bring myself to play the next game, as its in the cup against Man U who sit 9th and Alex is about to get sacked and if I beat them chances are he loses his job, the sense of excitment I have about this is giving me stress I dont normally get in my real life (I remember being stressed in 1999, when some money I was expecting didnt come and I couldnt pay the rent, thats about it really). I got a feeling my new signing Abel Taarabt is going to win it for me, he always comes good when its needed. Ken Bates has left and ive convinced the new owners to buy back Elland Road, its a blissful fake bubble of a spreadsheat im living in =)


People should get this and we should start a WATMM league, then we can waste our lives on mass. Its on Steam for Mac as well, so whos up?

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Played random titles since the Amiga, but consistently Football Manager since 2004.


I've got the demo and have played it for 30 minutes at the most. I'm going to wait 'til I'm addicted before I buy it, but I just haven't had the opportunity.


I wasn't crazy about last year's. I didn't get into the new tactics system and subsequently played '10 a lot less than I played '09. '09 was a great year for staying up all night tweaking training regimes and leading Blackburn to the Champions League.


We'll see, but I can't see myself getting into this one. I'm hoping to buy a new laptop in January though, so I'll probably buy it on a whim when I'm standing there in the store loading up.

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Guest Dirty Protest



also: they added dynamic league reputation!!! but what the game really needs is dynamic team rep. or is that already around?


No thats still its biggest flaw. I took Leeds up to 7th in the Premiership in the new year and I couldnt even get an unregeistered Wilson Pelacios to join my team to try and push for a UEFA place. On the plus side, you can reevaluate your proposed league placing mid season, so I had my team down to avoid relegation and was able to get an extra 15mil off the board come January. The only player ive been able to get with any pedigree is Juan Rodríguez from Deportivo. A scarred legged Calum Davenport on a free has been my most important signing so far, he pretty much pulled me out of the Championship.

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