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The Dub Techno Sound of Detroit

Guest placid

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Guest placid

following on from my Berlin mix i thought I'd play some dubby technoey bits from Detroit …mainly consisting of Steven Hitchell, Rod Modell, Mike Huckaby and Octal Industries, it offers, for me, a more refined sound than Berlin, but just as effective, huge expanses of sound, delays and reverb and basslines,


NB: - This is best heard on a system with bonus oomph.


anyway enough rambling. here's the tracklist


CV313 - Seconds to Forever - Echospace

DeepChord – hr-01 - Hierophant

Imax - 3am - Octal

Model 500 - Starlight [soultek's Falling Stars Mix] - Echospace

Convextion - Miranda (Echospace Remixes) - Matrix

DeepChord - DC13 - Deep Chord

CV - Movement - Octal

Mike Huckaby - My Life With the Wave - SYNTH

Deepchord - DC12 - Deep Chord

Octal Industries - Automatik - Transistor Rhythm

Claude Vonstroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit? [D e e p c h o r d Remix] - Echospace

DeepChord - DC14 - Deep Chord

Mike Huckaby - Radiance - Deep Transportation

cv313 – Dimensional Space - Echospace

Deepchord - Departure - Octal

CV313 - Seconds To Forever (Reshape) - Echospace (meant to play the next track but the record was running out.. hey ho)

DeepChord – Electromagnetic Dowsing - Synth

DeepChord - Vantage Isle - Echospace

DeepChord - Dc13 - Deep Chord


Oh and here's the link -

http://www.acid-house.net/DTSDetroit.mp3 (available from midnight 04/08/11)


I make no apologies for the amount of Deepchord on this mix.


As usual, all done in one hit on 2 x technics just under 2 hours @ 320 kbps - 275mb


I have a page on FB now as my group got removed , then reinstated, then removed, I decided to give up with it.

I am now here, for mixes , gig updates and general banter


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